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Old 14th September 2005   #1
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Default Charlotte--as you have never seen her before

(We barely resisted the temptation to title this post, "The Charlotte Coyle Images That were Too Hot for Torrid!")

As many readers have noted over the past several months, the images from Charlotte Coyle's Torrid shoot were truly radical and groundbreaking, and represent the very cutting edge of the industry, because they feature--like no images before them--a visibly full-figured model who is beyond gorgeous; who is the living incarnation of wild, passionate desire.

And, as the public is slowly realizing, if plus-size beauty is ever to regain cultural dominance, it will not be through demeaning "reality" campaigns, but with images of models like Charlotte, whose attractiveness is so great that they can supplant any and all media brainwashing, and compel the public to reassess its understanding of feminine beauty.

However, thrilling as Charlotte's Torrid images were, the following information is sure to elicit a gasp from every reader of this forum.

We have just discovered that Charlotte's Torrid shoot yielded several images that were, astonishingly, even more daring than the ones that appeared on the company site. And like artworks that have been hidden from view for centuries, locked away in castle vaults, or secured in church reliquaries, those images have never been seen by the general public.

Until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are thrilled to be able to share with you an utterly priceless treasure-trove: the never-before-seen, most-daring-of-all masterpieces from Charlotte's Torrid shoot. This discovery is the plus-size modelling equivalent of locating a lost poem by Byron, or the balance of Beethoven's Tenth Symphony.

And if you didn't believe that Charlotte is the most exciting model in the industry before, you will certainly believe it now. Because if Charlotte's previously-seen images simply pushed the envelope, then these break through it entirely.

First, here is an extraordinarily bold close-up of Charlotte exhibiting one of her trademark ice-on-fire expressions. Not only have plus-size models never been allowed to present themselves in such an overtly alluring manner, but few possess the beauty to justify such a presentation--and none have ever projected allure as convincingly as Charlotte does. Here, we see all the feminine wiles of fashion advertising put in the service of plus-size beauty. And when the day finally comes that the world is exposed to such imagery, the hegemony of the androgynous standard will be over.

If the above image only hints at the fullness of Charlotte's figure, then the following image glories in it. We have previously seen several images of Charlotte against this pink-curtain backdrop, but none that were as visually challenging and arresting as this one. And yet, what makes these images so unique, so far in advance of anything else the industry has ever produced, is not only Charlotte's Classical proportions and stunningly glamourous appearance, but her unprecedented ability to generate a sensual gaze that matches and surpasses anything created by the Giselles, or the Lindas, or the Claudias of the straight-size modelling world.

It is expressly by prohibiting images such as the one above that the media was able to suppress plus-size beauty, for so long.

Moving into a midnight mode, here we see the full-length version of an image which, until now, was only available in a cropped form. It is the womanly shape that Charlotte reveals, as her outfit conforms itself to her dangerous curves, that makes the image so subversive.

It is not possible for women with figures as luscious as Charlotte's to be this gorgeous--or so the public has been led to believe.

But, like Alexander the Great cutting the Gordian knot, these images sunder a century's worth of curve-o-phobic media myths at a stroke. The following image is, if possible, even darker and more sensual than the one above, an even wilder embodiment of midnight desire.

But stepping back from the dizzying attractions of the above image, we return to a vision of Charlotte in a style that may appear slightly more casual and restrained, but is no less subversive. The soft pink lipgloss is, in its own way, just as enchanting as the dark red in the midnight images, above, and it harmonizes perfectly with the model's azure eyes and fair tresses. But again, while the image presents Charlotte as the glamorous starlet that she is, it also exhibits, in a complimentary way, the softness of her curvaceous midriff. According to modern culture, these two qualities--feminine allure, and fullness of figure--cannot exist in the same individual. But Charlotte proves that not only is she both glamorous and generously-proportioned, but that her sensual figure adds to her irresistible appeal. Indeed, it is an essential component of her overwhelming magnetism.

And finally, here is a more complete look at the bona fide masterpiece of the entire Torrid series, an image of feminine beauty and passionate sensuality such as few models will ever create in their lifetimes. The way in which Charlotte grasps the curtains in front and behind her heightens the almost tactile quality of the image, and those draperies also frame her beauty, creating an impression of the model as a living work of art--like a newly-discovered statue of Aphrodite that is being unveiled to the public for the very first time. And even in the midst of a series in which Charlotte created some of the most captivating expressions ever recorded on film, this languid gaze surpasses all others in its ability to fascinate and beguile.

Click to enlarge

(Clicking on the image above will show you a still-larger version.)

Charlotte's potential for advancing the cause of size celebration is simpy incalculable. She is Venus for the 21st century, a goddess of today, and we can only hope that the plus-size industry allows her to shine like her namesake--the brightest light in the darkling heavens.

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Old 14th September 2005   #2
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Default Re: Charlotte--as you have never seen her before

Perhaps more than any images I've seen here before, looking at this series gives me a profound impression of looking into an alternative reality - a reality in which the timeless ideal had never been replaced by the anorex-chic look. Just imagine contemporary society working just the way it does today, with the same advertising, the same veneration of beauty - but with plus-size models held as the feminine ideal, rather than waifs. These images show just what such a world could and would look like. From magazine covers to fashion/hair/makeup ads to film and TV stars, Charlotte's incredible images are the most persuasive I've ever seen to demonstrate that such a reality could actually be possible.

Most of the negative aspects of the media would no longer exist, because in its promotion of beauty such as Charlotte's, the media would be advocating a healthy ideal, rather than a destructive one.

There is no need to decry beauty altogether, and replace it with some sort of veneration of ugliness, to achieve cultural renewal. All that is needed is the more natural standard of beauty that is seen here - a classical muse living in 2005.
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Old 14th September 2005   #3
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Default Re: Charlotte--as you have never seen her before

All I can add is that if I had seen models like Charlotte in the teen magazines when I was growing up, I would have a much better perspective on beauty and my own body. The beauty that Charlotte is showing us here is attainable, because it is lit from within, from the joy that comes with being happy with herself. Now that's a positive message to "model"!
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Old 16th September 2005   #4
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Charlotte--as you have never seen her before

Looking at these stunning images, I am reminded of a post that appeared on this forum a few months ago, which revealed that there was a word in the Russian language which equated a fuller figure with increased beauty. The point was that the English language had no such word, and that without the word, the thought behind it (that fuller figured = more attractive) couldn't exist.

I think these images demonstrate something similar, visually. You need the images (images of plus-size beauty) in order to convey the thought (that fuller figured = more attractive), and if such images are never seen by the public, again, the thought can't exist.

If the media were to feature models such as Charlotte, their thin-supremacist myths couldn't survive. Can you imagine trying to cast her as the supposedly "undesirable" fuller-figured sister of an "attractive" waif? No one would believe it. That stereotype would die on the spot. Charlotte would outshine any underweight actress. The roles would have to be reversed. Even people who don't have a preference for the fuller female figure would have to acknowledge Charlotte's beauty.

It's analogous to Galileo asking the learned officials in his time to just look through his telescope, to see that what he was saying about the universe was true - and their refusing to do so (because they knew that if they did, they would be forced to admit that their cosmology was wrong, and his was right).

Similarly, the modern media is still trying to prevent the public from seeing this kind of beauty, this truth about the universe. But the truth can only be hidden for so long.......
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Old 17th September 2005   #5
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Default Re: Charlotte--as you have never seen her before

The Romanians, too have a country expression about men needing to find a woman who is beautiful and plump. Meaning the two are synonymous.

I am sure women like Charlotte Coyle can help society recover the notions of fertility, health and sensuality that once were associated with a fuller body. It is ultimately a matter of biology, as women were meant to be heavier, rounder and well nourished. We are, after all the life giving member of the species, and that is no easy task.

These photographs are stunning. Charlotte is just pure inspiration. Who wouldn't melt under a gaze that steamy?
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Default Re: Charlotte--as you have never seen her before

Charlotte is stunning. I remember the days when all that Torrid models were allowed to do was give a girl-next-door smile and even arms akimbo were too daring. A few months ago, it went wildly in the opposite direction...
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