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Old 11th September 2007   #1
M. Lopez
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Default Agency rejects size-0 model

Before we get too excited about this, let's take it for what it is - tokenism. One model banned, thousands still too thin. Nevertheless, it's better than nothing, and at least a small acknowledgment that a few individuals are realizing what a toxic influence the fashion industry's mandated emaciation really is.,,2-2007420264,00.html

Here's the majority of the text:

A TOP international model was turned away by a leading UK agency — for being too thin.

Models 1 told “size zero” Charlotte Carter, 22, she could only work for them if she put on a stone [14 lbs.].

Their decision — welcomed by 5ft 10in Charlotte who has a 22in waist — follows The Sun’s Say No To Size Zero campaign.

Charlotte, of Kensington, West London, said: “It was like a psychological wall coming down. It helped me to finally realise that I was too thin.

“I was impressed that an agency was addressing my well-being. It feels like London agencies are cracking down on this super-skinny idea . . . and the rest of the world is somehow listening.”

Zimbabwean Charlotte, who has battled eating disorders, added: “The industry has always put pressure on me to be thin, but I brought my own issues along. I can’t blame modelling, but it hasn’t helped.”

Size zero is a US measure, equal to our size 4.

Models 1 director Karen Diamond said 5ft 10in models like Charlotte are usually a UK size 8 to ten and are “severely underweight” if size zero.

Karen added: “We liked Charlotte’s face, but felt she was just too thin.”

The notable point is that the agency's decision prompted the model herself to realize that she was too thin.

Of course, to be truly healthy, she would need to gain far more than 14 lbs., but at least this may keep her from actually dying.

Mostly, this is probably a PR move meant to deflect criticism from the British fashion industry shortly before Fashion Week ("See, we're doing something!"), but still, something is better than nothing. Let's hope this small measure of progress leads to more, similar decisions, and similar demands for models to become fuller-figured.
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Old 12th September 2007   #2
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Default Re: Agency rejects size-0 model

Of course this is just tokenism - even if it's the right kind of tokenism. Historically, token change often precedes genuine, more substantial change. I'd like to believe that this is one of those situations, one of those times where token change anticipates real change - but I'm not optimistic.

The frustrating thing is that the underlying issue is still not being addressed: Our culture is in the hands of a small minority of like-minded individuals who worship emaciation (men who are not even attracted to women, and the small number of women who have adopted their aesthetic). This out-of-the-mainstream kabal controls the entire visual content of our culture, deciding what look is perpetually "in" (starving), and what looks is perpetually banned (voluptuous and beautiful). This aesthetic monopoly, this tyranny of taste (bad taste, toxic taste) is allowed to go on an on, without any check on it.

Why are they allowed to control the culture? Why are they allowed to have the final word? These are colossally dysfunctional personalities, often leading degenerate lifestyles, yet their decisions affect the lives of most of the young women in North America.

No one would want these people as leaders of anything. No one would surrender control to them over any aspect of our lives - and yet this is exactly what's happened. They have become the arbiters of our culture. It's absurd! Nothing about the culture that they create indicates that they have anyone's well-being in mind, or that they are steering our society in the right direction. Rather, they poison the minds of generations of girls - and everyone stands back and allows it, as if they have a God-given right to control the eyes of the world.

No other industry is allowed to tyrannize over society the way media/entertainment is. Their toxic influence is indisputable. It's time for this poisonous monopoly to end.
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Old 28th December 2007   #3
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Default Re: Agency rejects size-0 model

Originally Posted by Chad
This out-of-the-mainstream cabal controls the entire visual content of our culture, deciding what look is perpetually "in" (starving), and what looks is perpetually banned (voluptuous and beautiful).
Why are they allowed to control the culture? Why are they allowed to have the final word?
they poison the minds of generations of girls - and everyone stands back and allows it

It goes without saying that the agency ban of a single size-0 model is just tokenism, commendable though it may be.

Since the rash of model deaths began, has their been any real change in fashion? Far from it. A model banned, a show or two setting the most lenient of size guidelines, but the industry remains just as poisonous an influence on society as it has been for decades.

The point about the questionable nature of the individuals who control the fashion world is well worth considering. These people are completely unaccountable to anyone, and are left free to impose their severely harmful--indeed, often fatal--aesthetic on a defenceless society. Glenn Beck's solution is admirable (to ban fashion magazines from his home altogether), but hopelessly insufficient, because the media is all-pervasive. It's everywhere. Short of living alone on Walden pond, cut off from society, there is no way to protect young women from its omnipresent influence. Girls cannot walk past any billboard, read any newspaper, or glance at any television screen without being brainwashed into starving themselves, tragically and needlessly.

This is an industry that must be regulated, and strictly--immediately--to stop the brainwashing; to end the deaths; to protect, not just models, but the millions of young women whose self-esteem (whose very lives) are ruined forever by the distorted images that surround them, and warp their perceptions.

In place of the noxioous media imagery that suffocates generations of girls, we need fuller-figured, healthier, more naturally beautiful goddesses (those whose visibility the modern media suppresses at every turn), to undo the damage that has been done, and to foster positive body image in the young women of today--and tomorrow.

Chloe Agnew in Virgin Mary guise--cover of her aptly-named solo CD:

Click to enlarge

- Available from . . .

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