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Old 1st September 2005   #1
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Default Melissa's Just My Size romance (on video)

Long-time readers of this forum may recall the enthusiasm that greeted the debut of Melissa Masi's Just My Size television commercial, a few seasons ago.

Now, thanks to a friend of this site, we have finally obtained a copy of this commercial, and can share it as a .wmv file (linked below).

What makes this commercial so remarkable is that it pairs a very curvaceous-looking Melissa with a GQ-type beau, and shows the two of them walking along the beach together, in a familiar romantic context:

The scenes in the commercial are remarkably similar to situations that appear in countless film and television "love stories": young lovers strolling in the sand, holding each other in a loving embrace,

frolicking in the surf,

caught up in the emotion of the moment:

But what makes these scenes so extraordinary is that no matter how commonplace they would be, if they were viewed along any seashore in the world, such scenes are never, ever permitted in film and television.

Or to be more precise, while "romantic walks along the beach" are commonplace in film (to the point of cliche), one never sees such walks enjoyed by women who are as full-figured and gorgeous as Melissa.

Indeed, actresses with Melissa's combination of looks and curves (and Ms. Masi was at the very peak of her beauty, when she filmed this commercial) are not only excluded from the media in general, but they are especially forbidden from appearing in romantic, ingenue contexts such as this--contexts which show them being adored and fawned over by conventionally-cast male lovers:

And no wonder Hollywood bars such imagery. If such scenes ever proliferated in the mass media, they would reveal a Truth to full-figured women across the nation--a Truth so dangerous that it would explode the myth that curves are unattractive (which is the mechanism that weight-loss profiteers use to frighten women into punishing themselves with starvation and gym torture).

And what is this suppressed Truth?

That on planet earth, curvy vixens have no trouble whatsoever attracting any men they desire. They draw hordes of infatuated admirers, experience ferociously hot love affairs, and settle into fulfilling marriages with uxorious husbands. And they don't need to shed a single pound to enjoy all of this romantic interest. Quite the contrary--their sinful curves are precisely what makes them so irresistible.

This JMS television commercial reveals this dangerous truth in just fifteen seconds of screen time. And furthermore, it provides a glimpse of what the media of the future will look like. Because the time is nigh when the media will finally embrace size celebration, and will cast plus-size vixens in the roles that they were born to play: as temptresses, seductresses, ingenues, girlfriends . . . and goddesses on earth.

We hope that you enjoy this vision of the future . . .

Click here to view Melissa's JMS commercial (4.8Mb)

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Default Re: Melissa's Just My Size romance (on video)

What a perfect commercial. It really does look like a trailer for a romance movie- or, the kind of romance movies Hollywood should be making. And I'm glad that even though the clothing is very basic, at least it's body-conscious, and shows off Melissa's figure.

Speaking of that, Melissa is still very pretty, as is obvious from the Kiyonna cover she has right now, and from her images at Torrid:

but I really think she was even prettier when she was a little curvier. Her face was especially cute. I remember someone once said she looked like a plus-size Martina Hingis. It's true!
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Default Re: Melissa's Just My Size romance (on video)

I think what's just as important about that commercial is the message that it sends to men. Sadly, there are still some guys who are far more attracted to curvaceous women than to stick chicks, but peer pressure, and the fear of "what their friends will say", keeps them from following their natural inclinations. And while one might say that the first thing such men need is a spine transplant, it's a fact of life. Having them see a commercial like this might just be enough to make them realize that their preference for curvy women is normal, and that their brainwashed "friends" are the ones who actually deserve ridicule.

As a long-time Melissa Masi fan, I have to agree - she is still pretty, but when she was fuller figured, she had a more pronouced "WOW" factor. Her face was softer and prettier.

She still takes beautiful pictures, though. I just found this new one at Dillard's (thanks to the recent thread about this company). Very nice shot -
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Old 7th September 2005   #4
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Default Re: Melissa's Just My Size romance (on video)

The Dillard's shot is remarkably pretty. Something that never fails to astonish about the very best plus-size models is how they manage, time and again, to turn the most casual, commonplace settings and themes into works of extraordinary beauty.

We are pleased to announce that Melissa Masi is now represented by the Click agency in New York. Click's plus-size division has been improving steadily in recent years, and now represents quite a few well-known models, including Melissa, Liis, Tracie Stern, and Yanderis. And from what we understand, many of the agency's models are not yet featured online, so the board could be even stronger than it initially appears.

We wish Melissa great success with her new agency.

Test image by Fadil Berisha.

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