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Default Katherine in the Bancroft Bridals show

Last Sunday, MSA Models' shining star Katherine Roll walked in a Bancroft Bridals fashion show, the fitting for which we noted in a previous post.

Impossibly, but undeniably, Katherine looks even more gorgeous in the professional images that have been released from this event than she did at the fitting.

Has there ever been a more beautiful bride than Miss Roll? She walks with the majesty of a queen or an empress. Her pretty expression radiates pure, unbounded joy in her own being. Her physique appears rounded and generous, the very definition of a womanly figure. And oh, those celebrated arms of hers, which are rightly considered the most beautiful limbs of any plus-size model, appear particularly attractive. Observe the trace of dimpled flesh that they exhibit (a characteristic that has even been celebrated in the mainstream press by celebrities such as Holly Madison). She exhibits a sensual hint of a curve under the chin, and her clavicle is submerged in soft fullness. She is a Rubens angel come to life.

Click to enlarge

A profile view in the same opulent gown shows the richness of Katherine's buxom curves. No mere faux-plus, size-12 model could fill out this sumptuous dress as perfectly as Katherine does, with her genuinely full figure. She is flush with confidence, secure in the desirability of her voluptuous physique. This is the dream image that every groom has of his ideal bride.

Not only is Katherine surpassingly gorgeous, but her catwalk technique is second to none. (Word has it that she is such a natural runway talent that as a young girl, she could walk the catwalk even before she could crawl.) Even in still images, the fluidity of her movements is evident, the effortless poise and grace. Also, she veritably seems lit from within. With her pink cheeks and elated demeanour, the viewer perceives her infectious self-adoration. This is the walk of a goddess who believes that she is the most gorgeous woman in the world--and looking at her images, who could deny it?

A photograph of Miss Roll in another gown offers the most alluring image yet of her luscious arms, which even exhibit a cute dimple at the elbow. Consider a subtle detail which accounts for the matchless beauty of her limbs: her shoulders are fairly slight, therefore the luxurious shape of her arms is due wholly to soft fullness, free of any distorting muscle tone. (When it is left to its own devices, nature shapes the female figure into the most perfectly contoured forms.) She appears so healthy, so robust and well-fed, that no viewer can imagine a more perfect physique. Her demeanour is calmly receptive, as if she knows the pleasure that the sight of her beauty brings to the audience, and allows them to drink in her loveliness. The decorative gown provides an ideal frame for her physique, allowing the visible portions of the figure itself, so rich and luxurious, to harmonize with the opulence of the dress.

This image offers, at last, a true impression of the rich, green colour of Katherine's bridesmaid gown, which she modelled in the previous images from the fitting. It looks so much prettier when its true emerald hue is seen. The photograph is also thrilling because it shows a glimpse of Katherine's curvy legs--which are as beautifully formed as her arms, thanks to the fact that their shape is due to natural fullness, free of unattractive "tone." Again, the image illustrates the graceful, fluid moment that Katherine exhibits on the catwalk.

And now, at last, the pièce de résistance: Miss Roll in her Maggie Sottero gown. No sight in creation could be lovelier than the way in which the nether wrap portion of the dress closely embraces the model's generous hips. What makes Katherine such a stunning plus-size model is not merely the fact that she is a delicious size 18, but that her proportions are perfectly contoured in a feminine manner, with buxom curves, a rich waist, and abundant hourglass hips. No other model's figure could have shaped this gown into such an ideal form.

Though the dress possess a superabundance of fabric and ruching, Katherine walks in it effortlessly, showing it off as effectively and comfortably as if she were wearing a camisole and jeans. Any other model would have been overwhelmed by the volume, but for Miss Roll, the consummate professional of the catwalk, her movements are smooth and easy, making it look as if it were the most comfortable dress in the world.

But above all else, it is the sheet delight in her own body that makes Katherine such an inspiring model. There is no question in her mind that her size-18 curves are the epitome of desire, and that lesser models can only look upon her with a mixture of envy and admiration. The model and the dress are one, together presenting a definitive image of the timeless ideal of femininity.

Just for good measure, here is one further image from the show, a blue, breezy, bridesmaid dress that attractively flatters Katherine's figure. Observe how her runway technique gives the gown movement, making it far more appealing than it would have if it were draped off of an underweight model's frame. The model's voluptuousness is perfectly balanced by her womanly hips, together showcasing this dress in the best possible manner.

A group image from the finale presents all of the participating models on stage, along with members of the crew. The eye immediately focusses directly on Katherine, as the most gorgeous model in the ensemble.

Notice that she is positioned directly in the centre of the group. Bancroft clearly recognized who was the star of its show, situating Katherine in the middle of this de facto wedding portrait, with all of the other, lesser brides serving as her handmaidens and bridesmaids.

* * *

We all know that Katherine Roll is one of the most gorgeous plus-size models in the industry. At a sumptuous size 18, she is a genuinely full-figured goddess, not a faux-plus waif being passed off as plus. Beyond her shapely proportions, however, it is the angelic beauty of her face that makes her so compelling.

But in addition to all this loveliness, she possesses a fluid, captivating runway technique that would be the envy of any other model, straight-size or plus-size. The gracefulness and energy of her walk is evident even in her still images. Katherine was the shining star of FFFWeek 2009, but as these images demonstrate, her beauty and her runway walk have become even more dazzling since then.

Congratulations to Bancroft Bridals for selecting the ideal plus-size model to walk in its weekend show, and of course, to Katherine herself for defining what a radiant, joyful, life-affirming experience the sight of such a well-fed shapely goddess on the runway can be.

We eagerly look forward to more instances of Katherine on the runway, wither for Bancroft or for any other label that is perceptive enough to book this timeless beauty.

- Katherine Roll gallery

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Default Re: Katherine in the Bancroft Bridals show

Katherine IS a goddess! If any model in the industry deserves that title, it is she. Thank goodness that she hasn't starved away her curves. I beg the fates that she will always keep her glorious figure. She's a treasure.

You know, I loved the footage of the recent Lane Bryant runway show in Las Vegas, but I would be even more excited to see footage of Katherine in this show. This is my idea of what a plus-size model on the runway should look like -- absolutely beautiful, but curvy enough so that she shows how the dresses will look on a truly curvaceous body.
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Default Re: Katherine in the Bancroft Bridals show

What gorgeous gowns, and what a stunning model. If every girl were exposed to photos of Katherine, eating disorders would all but vanish. Every young woman would discover just how attractive a naturally curvaceous figure can be.

I liked the pictures of Katherine at her fitting, but I adore these photos from the runway. It's when she walks in the gowns that they really come to life. She looks more confident even than most straight-size models I've ever seen on the catwalk, let alone plus-size models. And so she should. She's breathtaking.

The only thing that would have made the look even better would have been if Katherine had worn her hair down. I love her with longer tresses, especially such as she wore at the FFFWeek finale. But I also agree that she is even more gorgeous now than then.

The most attractive gown is the Maggie Sottero masterpiece, of course, with the curve-adoring fit at the hips, but my favourite photo is the one showing Katherine with the bouquet. Not only does it showcase her gorgeous arms, but it makes me think of a beauty contest, where the winner is crowned and presented with flowers. Katherine deservedly would be the winner of any "most beautiful" title in the world.

I hope we see more photos from this event. A video would be too exciting for words!
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M. Lopez
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Default Re: Katherine in the Bancroft Bridals show

Katherine absolutely glows. What a lush, womanly figure she has. The dresses are the ideal presentation of her lavish physique. I would agree that longer hair would look even prettier, but Katherine is flawless. She and Kelsey are the examples that I would use when explaining to plus-size retailers the kinds of models that the public wishes to see - young, beautiful, and truly, unapologetically curvy. Add my name to the list of people hoping to see a video of this event.

I want to see models like Katherine in runway shows with the kind of top-notch production values that Lane Bryant presented in Las Vegas, with that kind of sensual styling, playfulness in accessories, and beautiful lighting, but featuring models with curvier bodies, like Katherine's. Right now, FFFWeek is the best chance of seeing this - in North America, at least.
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