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Old 19th March 2011   #1
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Default Sem Medida, with blonde Brazilian beauty

Even month, I make it a point to check the latest issue of Brazil's online plus-size magazine, Sem Medida ( It always runs interesting stories on food, vacations, wine, and so forth, along with great fashion features, and this month is no exception.

Here's the link to the newest edition:

Now, the reason why I bring this up is because the March issue features an editorial with a blonde model who has a great look. The Brazilian plus-size industry needs a blonde, to complement brunette Mayara, and while the ideal would be if they could import Kelsey Olson (the most gorgeous fair-haired model in the world), the Brazilians seem to have done the next-best thing: they've discovered a Kelsey Olson of their own.

Doesn't this model favour her, at least a little?

Well, I think so. She has something of Kelsey's round facial features, and even her figure is not dissimilar, also a size 16, like Kelsey's. Even her expressions remind me a bit of Miss Olson.

Now, obviously, they are not identical, and this model look more...well, Brazilian. But she's very pretty.

The clothing is basic, but attractive, and it is body conscious, even showing seductive styling touches like this open neckline.

The Brazilian love of the fuller female figure even comes out in their career wear, such as this outfit, which embraces the model's hips and shows off her shapely legs.

Another fitted item:

This item defines the model's curvy thighs, and even a hit of roundness at her middle.

"Tight" is the styling keynote, which indicates the size-positive mindset of the designer and the photographer.

Our faux-Kelsey also has a bewitching, coquettish way of posing.

It's wonderful to see another attractive Brazilian model. I'd love to see her do a shoot with Mayara Russi someday; I'm sure that they'd model very well together, the blonde and the brunette.

Bravo to Sem Medida for an exciting discovery of talent, and a great editorial.
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Default Re: Sem Medida, with blonde Brazilian beauty

What a lovely girl! Needless to say, if someone resembles Kelsey at all, she would have to be gorgeous, and this model certainly is.

In truth, no one comes close to Kelsey's beauty, but this Brazilian girl is very pretty. And yes, not just her figure and her facial features have a touch of Kelsey about them, but even her manner of posing.

I'd like to see Kelsey, this Brazilian model, and actress Sophia Myles (who also has a bit of Kelsey's look) do a shoot together. Three sisters from three different parts of the world.

Anyway, the Sem Medida editorial showcases clothing from a Brazilian line called "Elegance," and at the company's web site, I found more images of the faux-Kelsey:

To see these photos, and more, click on the link marked "Campanha" at the Elegance site, then click "Look Book."

She has gorgeous, full arms.

Bewitching eyes.

From the reverse view, with just a bit of the model's face visible in profile, I might have mistaken her for Kelsey.

Above all else, this shows me how much I'm dying to see more images from Miss Olson herself.

Very pretty pose.

Her mouth, her nose, each have touches of Kelsey.

This is my favourite pose by the model, and it's actually one that's different from anything that I've seen Kelsey adopt. I love the fact that her soft, curvy, rounded waist is visible. This is the sort of size-celebratory pose and image that the Brazilians favour, but that the American industry is, for the most part, still too timid to adopt. We could learn so much from the Brazilians.

One more lovely pose.

Very pretty images from an enchanting model. I wish we knew her name.

Now I'm more eager than ever to see a new shoot with the one and only, the real Kelsey Olson!
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