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Default Marritt, full of Grace

Fans of popular San Francisco native Marritt Pike will be thrilled to see the results of the model's newest tests, which run the gamut from the sacred to the profane.

Beginning with the latter, here is one of the most intensely seductive images that Miss Pike--or any plus-size model--has ever created. The dress closely embraces her figure, defining her luscious contours. The visible swell of her abdomen is overwhelmingly sensual, especially balanced as it is by the model's reverse-view curves. The belt appears to be struggling to contain her roundness. The fullness of her arms is visible through the fitted fabric. Beyond her generous proportions, what makes this image so alluring is how delighted with herself Marritt looks. She seems to be enjoying life to the fullest, and is very conscious of her beauty--deliberately giving her admirers the best possible view of her womanly shape. Playful, lovely, and very well-fed--she is a dream come true. For the piece de resistance, the vintage vehicle to which she clings harmonizes with her decadent beauty, recalling a bygone era of plush opulence--an era in which Miss Pike's figure would have been heralded as the feminine ideal.

Another shot in the same exciting outfit is scarcely less alluring. The dress admirably defines her sumptuous figure, particularly the seductive curve of her abdomen. The model's dreamy, faraway gaze suggest a romantic longing, a yearning for the embrace of her beloved. The portside setting adds to this effect, suggesting the possibility of a sailor boyfriend, whose return from the sea Marritt eagerly awaits. The fair tresses spilling gently over the shoulders are a wonderfully feminine touch.

The joy that emanates from the following picture is infectious. Marritt's self-love is exceeded only by the worship that she receives from her admirers. Rather than a dark, sinful kind of vanity (an alluring trait in its own right), Marritt's conceit is the wholesome, natural confidence of a goddess who takes pleasure in her own beauty, knowing that it makes her irresistible. The hand plunging into the voluminous tresses is a dazzling effect, creating a yearning in the viewer to follow suit. This sweater is not as thrillingly close-fitted as the knit dress, above, but it still embraces the figure nearly enough to exhibit Marritt's ample curves. "Look at me--just look at me" she seems to say, knowing how much pleasure viewers will derive from the sight of her beauty.

Miss Pike's new test also includes three interesting images of the model in the knit dress seen above, but with the addition of a green shawl. One may rue the presence of anything that hides any portion of Marritt's figure, but the shawl does add an interesting colour effect, and provides the photographer with the opportunity to experiment with contrasts of hue, as seen here.

The green brings out the colour of Miss Pike's eyes, and harmonizes with her fair tresses. The finest of the three shawl pictures is the following half-length, distinguished by a captivating expression from Marritt. The hair gesture is extremely appealing, and notice the sheer delight in her eyes. Also, observe the sensual detail of the belt pressing gently into her soft figure.

This view again discloses that singularly gorgeous figure feature, the curve of the model's abdomen, visible thanks to the body-defining dress. Her stance is proud and comfortable.

* * *

Turning from the profane to the sacred, the results of Marritt's second test create a very different effect--above all, this first photo, which is one of the most unique and creative modelling images we have yet seen. With the shawl over her head, and with her rosy cheeks, fair hair, and gentle, earnest expression, Marritt resembles the Blessed Virgin Mary of Catholic iconography, which often depicts the Mother of God with fair hair and a well-nourished appearance. This photograph is much reminiscent of a memorable Chloe Agnew cover. One can hardly imagine a more heavenly image of feminine beauty.

Click to enlarge

In this headshot, Miss Pike's green eyes glimmer like jewels. The bared neck and shoulders make the image intensely sensual, particularly because the smooth expanse of her person is not spoiled by even a hint of a visible collarbone. Rather, the clavicle is submerged in soft fullness (an especially gorgeous trait in true plus-size models).

Click to enlarge

A more general view of Marritt in the same wardrobe shows her strapless, sleeveless dress--an ideal styling choice for plus-size goddess, inasmuch as it displays full arms and soft shoulders, which are peerless fashion accessories. Again, the viewer admires the sensual expanse of soft fullness in place of a visible clavicle. The sight of a plus-size model reclining, even on hard stairs, is always attractive, suggesting her indolent dislike of standing for too long, and a preference for a recumbent state.

Click to enlarge

* * *

Bravo to Marritt for taking the opportunity to create test images that are by turns size-positive and artistically creative. In a very short period of time, she has become one of the most popular plus-size models (thanks especially to her resplendent size-16 figure), and we look forward to her continued success.

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Old 13th December 2008   #2
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Default Re: Marritt, full of Grace

Originally Posted by HSG
With the shawl over her head, and with her rosy cheeks, fair hair, and gentle, earnest expression, Marritt resembles the Blessed Virgin Mary of Catholic iconography, which often depicts the Mother of God with fair hair and a well-nourished appearance.

Yes, this occurred to me as soon as I saw the image. It definitely resembles a Madonna painting -- the shawl is so iconic. Beautiful picture.

And I love how size-positive the first set of images is. Marritt has a stunning figure. In her videos, I like Marritt's sensual expressions, but in still photos so far, I think she looks most beautiful when she smiles, or laughs.
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Old 15th December 2008   #3
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Default Re: Marritt, full of Grace

We are delighted to have several more images to share from this test.

The first photo, below, is very direct and alluring. There is nothing coy about the model's demeanour here--this is an open invitation, a bold display. Even the boots are provocative, and the fitted dress shows off her every curve. The belt rides high, too narrow to encompass Marritt's luxurious waist, and especially, her rounded abdomen. The model knows precisely how defined her figure is in this outfit--and this self-awareness intensifies her allure. Her expression indicates an absolute certainty of conquest.

Click to enlarge

This closer view shows Marritt adopting her faraway gaze. With the scarf covering the model's bust, the viewer's attention is drawn to the sensual swell of her abdomen, and the way in which the belt presses into her figure. The styling is an interesting blend of effects--the dress very contemporary, the shawl much more traditional. Again, Marritt updates the persona of a lady waiting for the return of her sailor-beloved. One imagines what thoughts pass through her mind as she plays with her hair, and narrows her eyes seductively.

Click to enlarge

And finally, here is one further picture continuing the seaside theme. Notice the colour complements--the blue and red playing off against each other much as the green and rust hues do in the previous photo. The business of playing with the rope is a clever touch, and Marritt's expression is very becoming.

Click to enlarge

It is always a pleasure to see more stunning images from this popular rising star.

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Old 19th December 2008   #4
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Marritt, full of Grace

Exciting new work by Marritt at Igigi.

First, she appears in a lovely Christmas-themed cover page on the site:

Second, and more importantly, there's a delightful new large-format video on the site of Marrit showing off Igigi's "Gala Collection."

Besides the sensual footage of Marritt displaying Igigi's dresses, the video exhibits clever styling and accessories. Marritt is shown flirting with masques and fans, as if she were a contessa at a 19th-century ball.

Best of all, the music in the background is the Brindisi, the famous "Drinking Song" from Verdi's La Traviata.

It all makes for a heady celebration of food, wine, and song - a luxurious ambience that suits Marritt's voluptuous demeanour perfectly. She appears like a vixen who has lived the good life, who is proud of the generous figure that her self-indulgence has given her, and doesn't mind showing it off in fitted, revealing dresses.

It's Igigi's and Marritt's best video yet - a must-see:
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Default Re: Marritt, full of Grace

That little thing she does where she runs her hands over the neckline and the bodice of the dress is . . . very mesmerizing . There is lots, lots more sensuality here than there ever will be in much of the, umm, other stuff you can find online. Wow.
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