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Default Christina Schmidt: Stolen glances

Christina fans (who are more numerous than those of any other plus-size model) will be fascinated by two new test images that we recently obtained. They show the model experimenting further with the increasingly vulnerable expressions that she has adopted of late--expressions which exhibit her beauty to even greater effect than her signature ultra-confident style.

The first image is particularly captivating. Christina is always at her most beautiful with longer tresses, as she possesses here. Her eyes are beseeching. She looks irresistibly needy. When Christina relaxes her countenance in this manner, the exquisite fullness of her facial features is especially apparent. Usually, we do not favour the use of colour filtering, but here, the chilly lighting adds to the wintery atmosphere of the image, and makes Christina's skin look especially fair and delicate, with just a trace of a rosy flush at her cheeks.

What makes this image such a masterpiece is that it emphasizes the babylike softness of her face--a face that rivals even Shannon Marie's as the lovelist of all model visages--but that softness contrasts with the quiet menace of the environment. Particularly interesting is the fence in the foreground, which so skilfully frames her face, and adds to the sense that the model feels threatened, helpless, and in need of protection. Such helplessness may be the most seductive demeanour that a model can possibly exhibit, rivalling even vanity as the most alluring of feminine traits. Indeed, vanity exists within such vulnerability, because it suggests the model's awareness that she need but flash a beseeching glance, and every man alive will give her anything he has, even down to his last drop of blood, if it should please her. Note also her opulent bracelet, and the satiny top that she wears, suggesting wealth. The image has a strong narrative component, suggesting that a suprassingly gorgeous young princess has entered a hostile environment, where her beauty is her only defense. The dramatic makeup intimates an assumed maturity on the part of the character, but this maturity is belied by the girlish nature of her facial features (which are exhibited so vividly).

The second image is also compelling. Here, her expression--equally sensual, with seductively parted lips--is somewhat more annoyed, like an adorably spoiled princess who has, just once, failed to receive the homage that she knows is her due, and demands her rightful tribute, insists upon receiving the worship to which she knows her beauty entitles her. The elaborate ring adds to the sense of the character's luxury. The touch of wildness in the hairstyle suggests her passionate nature.

From her very first shoot, Christina exhibited a precocious modelling talent, but she has now vastly expanded her emotional range, and is creating the most compelling test images that we have ever seen.

Christina's beauty and skill is second to none, and we eagerly look forward to her future creations.

- Tribute pages
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Old 3rd March 2008   #2
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt: Stolen glances

I find these images utterly fascinating. I look forward to Christina's work more than that of any other model. Beyond her incomparably gorgeous appearance, it's the storyline in her images that makes them so compelling. They always have a narrative, like a magazine editorial.

With these, I imagine a wartime setting, or an otherwise troubled time, perhaps in Eastern Europe. Christina's persona is either a member of the royal family who has been taken hostage, or a great beauty who has been taken prisoner with the rest of the civilian population. The abduction happened in such a moment of surprise that she still wears her elegant attire.

If the "editorial" were continued, one can imagine the subsequent events. Her soft loveliness enslaves the heart of one of the guards, who helps her escape. Or even of the rebel leader, who falls completely under her spell, forsaking his revolutionary principles, and devoting himself to her service.

I'm intrigued by the new expressions with which Christina is experimenting these days. She looks more attractive than ever, especially in the first picture.
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt: Stolen glances

Whatever the type of image, whatever the style of test, the one thing that always shines through is Christina's extraordinary beauty. She does look gorgeous in that first picture. That face! *sigh*

I'm still hoping to see her in a bridal campaign someday- hopefully in a lush natural setting. That, I think, is where her beauty will be more apparent than ever before, and when the Old World quality of her look will be most pronounced.
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