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Default ANTM: Whitney, ep.4

After seeing last night's episode of America's Next Top Model, regular readers of The Judgment of Paris were probably thinking to themselves that they had received a TV transmission from an alternative-reality universe--one in which the timeless ideal of full-figured feminine beauty was still dominant in popular culture, and was celebrated by the mass media.

Not only does Whitney manage to look increasingly gorgeous with every episode, but she is even winning accolades from the show's historically size-negative judges.

They can't resist her. But who could? Just look at her.

The episode began with a drive home from last week's judging--worth noting for the chance to see how lovely Whitney looks in pink,

and to watch her do a classic eye-roll. Fans have frequently praised the model for her lively wit--and this attribute even helped her excel in this week's photo shoot.

The episode also featured many shots of Whitney in figure-revealing outfits, but the model's most sensual appearance of all may have been a right-out-of-the-shower look that she adopted near the beginning of the program, while reading the daily epistle delivered by "Tyra Mail":

Is there anything as alluring as the "wet look"? The model's naturally feminine demeanour (notice her coyly playing with her damp tresses) heightens the attraction still further.

Something else that fans may have discovered in this episode is that the cameraman never fails to include Whitney in a shot, if it is at all possible. And who can blame him? Notice here her most attractive facial feature, the "slight rise" of a "slope toward the throat"--an attribute that fans can't stop raving about.

The first segment of the episode brought the girls to a runway practice in a fire station. They were required to change outfits in a matter of seconds--bringing viewers a heart-stopping glimpse of the model's Classically-proportioned figure.

Whitney is highly adept at the runway strut, a talent that was much in evidence in this episode. (Note the rounded contour of her abdomen.)

The sight of her sinuous catwalk movements left the station's firemen . . . hot under the collar. Noticing their rapt attention, the runway coach affirmed to Whitney that "They just want to sop you up with a biscuit."

The crowning touch was one of Miss Thompson's signature coy glances, delivered to the camera right at the end of her walk. She adores herself--as well she should.

On the other hand, Whitney didn't think much of her so-called competition. The phrase, "Oh, please," seemed to be running through her mind as she watched one of the other contestants butcher her walk,

and she allowed herself an amusingly disparaging comment about said model after the segment.

The next two screencaps show what an absolutely gorgeous hairstyle Whitney sported for the early part of the episode.

Big and voluptuous, reminiscent of Charlotte Coyle's style in her legendary Torrid covers, it increased Whitney's beauty tenfold.

Without a dobut, the "makeover" that she was given in last week's episode was ANTM's all-time finest.

* * *

The next segment in the episode was a "domestic" interlude, involving a bit of friction between the contestants. Before we get to that, though, just look at this picture--Whitney flashing a wild expression, as fierce as a hungry tigress--a rare glimpse of the passions that lurk beneath her angelic demeanour.

The various spats and disagreements that crop up between contestants are probably the least-likeable aspects of reality shows, but such altercations are inevitable when large groups of people are confined in close quarters.

This dispute did, however, reflect well on Whitney. She was seen defending one of the youngest girls in the competition--a sweet, virtuous young lady, who merely wanted some privacy.

And even during the agument, Whitney still managed to look gorgeous. (Note again the curvy contours of her figure.)

To avoid escalating tensions, she eventually withdrew from the spat.

In the above screencap, doesn't she looks more like a fairy-tale princess than ever, with her golden tresses sweeping over one eye? Observe as well, in the next picture, the soft curves along her back.

* * *

Another day, another challenge, beginning with a mail-reading session that brought us our first glimpse of Whitney's glasses. She resembles the beautiful Lynda Carter from the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show--her bespectacled guise hiding her secret identity as a goddess.

If you've been wondering when we would get to the runway walk that produced the first screencap in this post, well, here it is. The girls were asked to perform in a fashion show for the Tuleh label. Note Whitney's new hairstyle for this segment--a voluminous, swept-back "do."

(Oh, the wonders that can be done with long, fair hair!)

Tyra's claim, in the previous episode, that she would henceforth prevent the show's stylists from covering up Whitney's luscious figure appears to have been genuine, because for this challenge, while all of the other girls wore flowing dresses, Miss Thompson was given . . . (get ready for it) . . . a bikini.

Again, the girls were only given scant moments to prepare their own looks.

And in a shot that had Whitney fans fainting in the aisles, she was actually glimpsed . . . in the buff. It was a moment of poetic vulnerability for the model, but she remained as graceful and poised as ever.

With other individuals bumping into her, this Lady Godiva moment also revealed how important it is for a model to be completely at ease with her figure. There is simply no room for prudishness in this fast-paced industry.

And now we come to the much-anticipated runway moment. As always, Whitney looked confident and professional on the catwalk,

and curvaceous as well, unashamedly exhibiting the generous contours of her hips. If only more full-figured women could possess the kind of supreme self-assurance that Miss Thompson exhibits.

Oh, and yes, as often occurs in fashion shows, there was a little slip--a tad too much exposure on the model's part, helpfully pixellated by the CW network.

(Observe the model's curvy waist, as she does her turn at the end of the runway.)

But Whitney, ever the cool professional, simply laughed it off afterwards. "Sunshine" is how one could describe her, looking at her glowing visage and beaming expression in this beautiful still.

Every single moment of these ANTM episodes is well worth viewing, as the camera never loses an opportunity to include shots of Whitney's angelic face,

a face that rivals Shannon Marie's and Christina Schmidt's as the prettiest model visage ever photographed.

* * *

The final challenge was by far the most interesting photo shoot of the season thus far.

In case any readers are still using dial-up Internet connections, and cannot view Web videos, we will post an extended series of screencaps of Whitney's interview segment, in which she described her reaction to the week's photoshoot setting.

That setting involved posing the models with . . . meat. Actual meat. And, as Whitney's expressions show, she was highly amused by the idea.

In fact, Miss Thompson seems to find new ways to make herself more adorable to plus-size-beauty fans every week, because her exact words, upon learning of the premise of the shoot, were:

"I was, like, that's not that bad. Like, I eat steak. It wouldn't bother me to put it on."

*Sigh* Could there be anything more alluring that a full-figured model who openly acknowledges a love of eating steak?

However, when the time came to don the beefy apparel, Whitney cringed--not from any delicate sensibility, but because the meat was . . . cold.

It was such an adorably girlish reaction--like that of the eponymous heroine of "The Princess and the Pea," whose skin is so delicate that she feels a pea beneath twenty mattresses. Whitney vividly recalled the experience during her interview.

More seriously, though, there are numerous reasons why the theme of this photo shoot worked to Whitney's advantage. The fashion industry has long been predicated on the idea of denial of food, of starvation and deprivation, so to see a full-figured model essentially beautifying a comestible product represents a welcome turn in fashion-industry thinking.

It may be expecting too much to hope for this, but one wishes that on some subconscious level, young girls watching this episode and seeing how gorgeous Whitney is might realize that actually relishing steak will do more for their curvaceous beauty than subsisting on a starvation diet of bitter greens.

Moreover, consider the compliments that curvaceous girls frequently receive. They are applauded for having "some meat on her bones," and praised for their "meaty" figures. And while there are more elegant way of phrasing an appreciation of feminine curves, the positive associations of meat with a well-fed figure are firmly established.

At any rate, Whitney aced the shoot, managing to look curvy and remarkably attractive.

Notice her contours, even her rounded waist and abdomen, in the revealing outfit that she was given.

* * *

Before we get to the concluding scene, let's linger on one shot of Whitney in pink,

and a glimpse of her profile, as she prepared for the judging.

For the final panel, in this instance, we don't even need to add any compliments of our own. Just listen to how the judges themselves raved about Whitney's appearance and talent:

Tyra: "Whitney, I must say, this week, you look absolutely fabulous."

Tyra (about the meat-theme photoshoot): "I like that you're showin' some meat this week. I was, like, 'Where is the booty?' and there it is."

Fashion designer Brian Bradley: "The thing that's great is that there's a comedic effect here, but it's still sexy."

Photographer Nigel Barker: "I think Whitney is probably the most exciting one here. She's delivering pictures which are different."

Runway coach J. Alexander: "And one thing that Whitney has, she has stage presence."

Tyra: "She walks into this room, and my eye goes, zoom, like, right to her."

So no surprises. Whitney was called out second--an all time high-for a plus-size model. Note the vain Mona Lisa smile that she exhibited as she discovered her high ranking. In her heart, she knows that the other girls can't hold a candle to her beauty.

And fans are delighted that they will get to see her on the show for at least one more week.

* * *

You may click on the link provided below to see a YouTube clip of Whitney's appearance on this week's episode.

- Click here to watch ep.4 excerpts video

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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.4

After watching this past week's episode I am looking forward to next week's show (they have their hook in me right now). It seems Whitney is going to be one of the contenders, and with the attitude she's displaying, she will likely be a fan favorite.

I just hope that she keeps true to what she said in episode 1, when she said she won't lose her way, like the other plus-size models seemed to do while on the show. It seems, so far anyway, that this is true. If anything the opposite is the case, where she is becoming a stronger person, rather than becoming weaker.

We shall see in the next few weeks how this will progress, and I for one am anxious to see what transpires.
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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.4

Whitney continues to dazzle, more so every week. She is making the most of her long tresses, which enhance her beauty immeasurably. No small part of my interest in the show now is seeing what kind of hairstyles she'll be wearing from challenge to challenge.

All of her previous high points are becoming even more attractive -- her flawless facial features, her softly girlish voice, and her body-confidence. Bravo to the show for going from a hide-the-curves to a show-the-curves philosophy, when it comes to Whitney's figure. And in terms of pure modelling technique, she outstrips the other girls as much as she outshines them all in beauty.

I still wish she were a bit fuller-figured, but she is otherwise a dream-come-true contestant. Above all, I hope her presence on the show reminds the public of what a truly beautiful, feminine face looks like -- round, with a soft chin, a delicate nose and lips, and high cheekbones; not harsh and androgynously angular, as is so common in the modelling world today.

I wasn't fond of the styling in the "meat" shoot, but I nevetheless enjoyed it. There was something...primal about it. It reminded me of an anthropology text that was once discussed on this site, in which the author noted the reciprocal relationship between men and women in Paleolithic times, with women exchanging their affection for the meat provided by the male hunters (the women desiring the meat for iron content, but also for purely appetitive reasons).
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