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Default More of Kelsey at SWAK

Of all of this year's forum threads, the discussions of the print and video components of SWAK's "Country Grace" campaign with gorgeous plus-size models Kelsey Olson and Jennifer Purviance have been among the most popular.

Sealed with a Kiss has now kindly provided the Judgment of Paris with two exclusive outtakes showing Kelsey during the Country Garce shoot, as photographed by Michael Anthony Hermogeno.

The first is especially gorgeous, with Kelsey's fair tresses illuminated by the sun. The entire image is suffused with a transcendent radiance. The model's legs, as closely defined by her jeans, appear full and shapely, while her expression exudes romantic reverie, as she gazes far into the distance.

SWAK's creative director Sarah Sapora kindly offers us the following fascinating insight into these images:

I have to say, as I have always said, what a professional joy it is to work with Kelsey. After a long day, this was our final shot. Her energy was fantastic, her spirit still in full force. The minute she sat on the tires, her fingers plucked a stalk of grass and began to play with it. She is such a natural. I adore working with her and am thrilled with how she has brought life to SWAK.

Final note: both of these pictures are totally unretouched; a real statement as to the pure beauty of each shot.
And a real statement as to the pure beauty of the model, who appears so fair and angelic in these photographs.

Fans of Miss Olson will also be sure to enjoy SWAK's new "Ways to Wear" feature, which exhibits a host of images of Kelsey in various items from Sealed with a Kiss, showing ideal styling options.

The first item on display is the label's "Farrah Sweater," a remarkably versatile item. It comes in a variety of colours, but we naturally prefer it in lilac. Notice the bewitching flounce of Kelsey's tresses in the following image.

One of the reasons why SWAK's images of Miss Olson are so popular is because the label allows her to pose in a more uninhibited manner than many brands favour. Both of the following images, the one baring her décolletage, and the other showing great energy and accentuating the model's hips, are impudent and exciting.

The wardrobe styling in the following photographs is brilliant. The abbreviated dress underneath the sweater takes on the appearance of a skirt, so that the outfit as a whole recalls a more colourful version of a Catholic schoolgirl uniform--perhaps the most enticing outfit ever devised. Kelsey's hairstyle, high-school pose, and girlish footwear accentuate this impression.

Kelsey's wit also shines in her photographs showing SWAK's wrap dress.

In the image on the left, she channels a young, wide-eyed Alicia Silverstone, from splendid films such as Clueless and Blast from the Past.

Perhaps Miss Olson's most playful images of all appear when she done the "Ella Tank" from Sealed with a Kiss. Observe how the placement of her arms gives these photographs variety, while her expression positive beams with joy and delight. In the image on the right, the business with the ponytail is a nice touch, as is the movement that she generates in her top.

This photograph shows the same top, sans sweater. Kelsey's "scrunchy smile" in the photo on the left is priceless, and her pose shows off her round, full arms, while her expression in the right-hand image radiates pure joy. Note too how her golden tresses are complemented by her glittering bracelets, which she consciously sets alongside them, as if to indicate the aureate nature of her hair.

Coral is, however, surely the most attractive shade for this top. Kelsey's expression in the image on the right is enchanting, a saucy, minx-like gaze of naughty flirtation, belying her angelically innocent look.

The final item showcased in the Ways to Wear portfolio is the "Dafni Dress," which one appreciates right away for the fact that it bares Kelsey's lovely arms. Observe the greater elegance and sophistication of Miss Olson's demeanour in this item.

We have never before seen Kelsey in a gorgeous sun hat such as this, but she looks stunning in the chapeu, and one dearly wishes to see her adopt this type of headwear more often. She resembles a lovely WASP princess from the time that America's founding stock still enjoyed an existence of privilege and luxury, before it was swept aside by the forces of Cultural Marxism.

For an entirely different effect, note how the colourful shoes that Miss Olson wears in the following images add a touch of spunk and iconoclasm to what would otherwise be a posh look. Her impassive expression in the left-hand photo helps to create the impression of a rebellious daughter of wealth and status.

Naturally, a splash of colour takes the outfit in a wholly new direction. These images show how the dress can provide a useful underlay for a host of styling options.

Finally, notice how, with a subtly coquettish pose (the act of hiking up her skirt), Kelsey enlivens what would otherwise be the most subdued of the wardrobe options involving this item.

Bravo to Sealed with a Kiss for continuing to work with the gorgeous Miss Olson, who, with her fair features and size-16 figure, is the ideal curvy model. SWAK promises to produce another exciting lookbook involving Kelsey in the near future--which every fan of plus-size beauty cannot wait to see.

- "Ways to Wear," at Sealed with a Kiss

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Default Re: More of Kelsey at SWAK

Sealed with a Kiss has been posting exciting images of Kelsey Olson from today's shoot. They're well worth a look.

Here's a truly breathtaking headshot of the model. Those eyes are so large, so blue. You could drown in them. Her skin is so fair, and her tresses so soft and luxurious.

Being prepared for principal photography, in a gorgeous shade of pink. Such a fascinating, melancholy expression from the model.

A new dress coming soon from SWAK, with Kelsey at her exuberant best.

I can't wait to see the results of this shoot on the Sealed with a Kiss site.
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Default Re: More of Kelsey at SWAK

Anyone who isn't on the SWAK mailing list should definitely sign up, as the label regularly releases gorgeous ads featuring lovely Kelsey Olson.

This new promotion is especially enchanting, with Kelsey at her goddesslike best in a white gown, looking ever so soft and vulnerable.

LARGER: 43552_n.jpg

Miss Olson always look particularly adorable in white, especially when she adopts these gentle, dreamy poses and expressions.

This e-mail ad promotes the "Ways to Wear" feature, which was discussed in the first post in this thread.

Kelsey looks playful and vivacious in these breezy dresses.

Her beauty and enthusiasm make every item appealing, including this kimono style.

Kelsey reminds me a little of Chloë Agnew with her flirtatious, sideways glance in this image, showing a bit of her wilder side.

All shades of lilac and purple look stunning on Kelsey

Her big, open-mouthed smile can brighten even the saddest day.

I love this hairstyle on Kelsey. It goes perfectly with her medieval-style, citrus-hued top.

And just for good measure, here's an image of Jenn Purviance in another recent SWAK ad, one which shows off the luscious curve under her chin.

Every photo that Kelsey takes for Sealed with a Kiss is a vision of ideal feminine beauty.
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Default Re: More of Kelsey at SWAK

Sealed with a Kiss continues to produce gorgeous images of Kesley Olson.

Here's a really striking recent ad with Kelsey in the dramatic shade of lilac that distinguished her most famous images in the "Country Grace" lookbook.

I adore the bright, lively hues of these dresses.

The Anastasia Maxi Dress, shown in lilac in the ad above, also comes in a number of other shades. This coral photograph shows Kelsey looks soft and curvy.

The photograph of the marine colour shows some attractive fullness at her waist.

In white, Kelsey looks like an absolute goddess in this dress. Angelic, ethereal.

The head-downward gaze is lyrically beautiful.

Another lovely full-lenght photograph, showing Kesley in the Becca Maxi Dress

The Essential Tank Dress, from the second ad above, is pretty in many colours, but I love the reverse-view picture of Kesley, with her gentle expression.

A pair of popsicle colours, along with many more, distinguish SWAK's camisoles.

Here are two printed camis. Again, the reverse images are enchanting.

All of this, and more, in SWAK's "new arrivals":
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