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Default Georgina Burke

In a recent thread about gorgeous plus-size model Sophie Sheppard being signed to the Ford agency in New York, Chad posted a brief video showing Sophie alongside fellow Australian expat Georgina Burke.

Georgina also models under the guise of Geo Burke, but Georgina is such a beautiful name that we strongly prefer it, and we're delighted to see that Ford gives Miss Burke her full three syllables as well. Plus, the name is reminiscent of "Georgiana," as in Georgiana Reed--one of the most gorgeous and exciting full-figured literary characters ever penned--from Charlotte Brontė's Jane Eyre, so "Georgina" it shall be.

This site has long maintained that to be truly subversive and to popularize a different aesthetic of beauty from the emaciated standard that the fashion world current promotes, the plus-size industry needs to feature models who are gorgeous and genuinely full-figured--ideally, a U.S. size 16 and up.

Ford N.Y. now lists Georgina as a U.S. size 16, with measurements 36-32-46, and thus, with her richer curves and her lovely facial features, her work merits acknowledgment.

However, one nevertheless wishes that she were more visibly full-figured. A size 16 on a tall model will, of course, be less plus-looking than a size 16 on a model who is, say, 5'8.

There is no disputing Georgina's beauty. The following is one of the loveliest headshots that any model has ever created, with Georgina's soft blonde tresses flowing over her bare back. Her peaches-and-cream complexion, fair eyes, pink lips, and baby-soft facial features are all hallmarks of timeless beauty. The white raiment and backdrop give her the appearance of an angel. The over-the-shoulder pose recalls Shannon Marie.

Click to enlarge

A lingerie image from the same test also highlights the model's exquisitely fair skin tone and acknowledges her buxom voluptuousness.

Click to enlarge

A black and white photograph, on the other hand, offers a different take on Georgina's dreamlike over-the-shoulder headshot. This is certainly lovely as well, showing the luxurious weight of the model's tresses, while creating a cinematic effect.

Click to enlarge

The most captivating aspect of Georgina's look is her doll-like face. With this intriguing pose and vulnerable expression, the model plays up her nymphet-like qualities. The dress, cut so low at the back, introduces sensuality in a dramatic yet tasteful manner.

Click to enlarge

In a second image from the same series, Georgina appears more directly engaged with the viewer, but still vulnerable. The tress flowing over her eye is an enchanting touch.

Click to enlarge

Of the photographs in Miss Burke's portfolio, the next pair, which have something of a sculptural quality, offer the best suggestion of her curves. One might not have categorized her as a size 16, but at least she appears fuller-figured than a straight-size model. This picture exhibits a trace of fullness at the model's waist,

Click to enlarge

while this photograph better accentuates her buxom contours. The wet-look hairstyle is highly seductive.

Click to enlarge

A new pair of swimwear images give Miss Burke the opportunity to dramatically tousle her hair. Observe the effectiveness of her subtle facial expression.

Click to enlarge

A three-quarter-length picture presents yet another example of Georgina bewitchingly clutching her hair and offering a coy smile. In a sane world, a goddess with a figure such as this would be a straight-size model, while plus-size models would be more visibly curvaceous. However, Miss Burke does exhibit attractive traces of softness and fullness in her physique, which an emaciated androgyne would lack.

Click to enlarge

Readers will note that each of the above images is a studio shot. Miss Burke's beauty truly shines when she is photographed in lovely natural settings, where the enchantment of Arcadian dreamscapes harmonizes with her own natural beauty. As a perfect example of this, we present cover of the most recent Dress Barn catalogue.

Click to enlarge

In many ways, however, the finest presentations of Georgina's beauty come in the form of fashion videos rather than still photographs. She has a delightful manner. First, here is a Vogue Italia profile of the model from late last year:

Second, here is a recent Simply Be commercial featuring Georgina. Once again, observe how the idyllic natural setting enhances her feminine prettiness.

Georgina is clearly a lovely and talented model, and we applaud her every success. However, fans earnestly wish that she might become a tad fuller-figured. Or, if her current physique is one she wishes to maintain, then the public hopes to see a greater number of models with curvier proportions than Georgina's achieve prominent success in plus-size modelling.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Vogue Italia profile
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