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Old 5th May 2006   #1
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Default Luminous Christina Schmidt

Because Christina Schmidt rivals even Barbara Brickner for the title of the most classically-perfect figure in the industry, it is easy to forget that she also has the most flawlessly beautiful face of any model since Shannon Marie. But this breathtaking new image created by Michael Anthony Hermogeno ( shows, as perhaps no photograph ever has before, just how gorgeous those facial features really are.

In fact, this may be the most stunning image that Christina and Mr. Hermogeno have ever created together--the finest among their many masterpieces--and is undoubtedly one of the most captivating headshots of all time. The image evokes the steamy Hollywood glamour images of silver-screen goddesses like Ingrid Bergman or Kim Novak. Christina's soft skin is luminescent--lit from within, it would almost seem--and starlight dances in her lovely eyes. She matches and surpasses the beauty of even the most celebrated divas from the golden age of Hollywood, and brings that glamour to life in the present day, for the Torrid generation.

Christina also demonstrates here that she is more accomplished at striking beguiling poses and expressions than any other model, ever--plus-size or straight-size. Her enticing pout suggests come-hither allure, welcoming the viewer, while her mysterious eyes communicate an irresistible touch of danger. The over-the-shoulder pose similarly mixes invitation with challenge. The result is an image that speaks volumes, and presents plus-size beauty in a way that we have never seen before.

Classical beauty, silver-screen glamour, and a dash of present-day wildness--Christina merges all three, and the result is pure magic. She is by far the most effective public "face" (and figure) that the industry has ever had, and her potential to change mainstream perceptions of plus-size beauty is simply unlimited.

Bravo to Mr. Hermogeno for capturing that beauty in such an effective way, and to Torrid for helping share her beauty with the world. (Christina is represented by Brand Model and Talent, in L.A.)

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Old 5th May 2006   #2
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Default Re: Luminous Christina Schmidt

Omigod, Christina is the most beautiful model I have ever seen in my life. Of all her images ever, that is my favorite. If anybody ever tries to tell me that plus size girls can't be pretty, I am going to show them that picture and they will HAVE to change their minds. She's what I wish all actresses and models would look like: curvy (I am too) and GORGEOUS.

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Old 5th May 2006   #3
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Default Re: Luminous Christina Schmidt

Christina has outdone herself with that picture, and Michael should get the "plus photo of the year" award for shooting it.

We were just talking about International No-Diet Day, which is tomorrow - well, the only persuasion that anybody would need to make EVERY day a no-diet day is to see that image. Who could ever want to have the gaunt-faced, skeletal look of a modern actresses, instead of having Christinas soft and glamorous look? She really has the best of everything - high cheekbones like a Fifties starlet, but also the round fullness which defines timeless feminine beauty. And nobody makes pictures as exciting as Christina does, with her sizzling expressions.

To me, that photo represents everything that Torrid and size celebration are all about.
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Old 5th May 2006   #4
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Default ''The camera loves her''

That photo has "magazine cover" written all over it. You can't take you eyes off it. The expression is remarkably mature.

Christina can do these dramatic looks so much better than most models can because she has such an innately soft and beautiful look, that even her wilder shots are still gorgeous, and never harsh in the way some photos that try to be "edgy" can be.

When talking about the glamour of the classic screen divas, the Hollywood writers used to say, "The camera loves her". That's truer of Christina than of any current celebrity.
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Old 6th May 2006   #5
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Luminous Christina Schmidt

The same characeristics that made Christina's recent "tigress" Torrid outtakes so captivating are even more evident here - a babylike softness in the features, juxtaposed with a maturity and intelligence in the expression, a penetrating insight in the gaze. It's a powerful photo, and quite unforgettable.
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Old 9th May 2006   #6
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Default Re: Luminous Christina Schmidt

All I can say is that if this image was a poster, I would be first in line to buy a copy. I'd buy one for my younger cousin as well, so she would have an image of a beautiful young plus-size celebrity to put up in her room, rather than the latest skeletal celebutante pop icon.

Of all of the dresses that Christina modeled from her latest shoot, I still like this ivory gown best- not just for prom, but for any classy summer occasion. It's so princess-like, especially as Christina models it:
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