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Default Andrea in Figure magazine

The fact that Figure magazine has stopped running diet ads is a boon to timeless beauty in more ways than one. While the magazine was promoting body-disfigurement via starvation, we were conscience-bound to ignore Figure, and to refrain from promoting it in any way, since spreading weight-loss propaganda is a betrayal of the most basic tenet of size celebration.

But now that the magazine has revamped its editorial policies (hopefully for good), we can highlight some of the size-positive images that the magazine has published over the past year. The first editorial that deserves a closer look is the unimaginatively-titled "Country Jackets" spread, from the July/August 2005 issue.

What makes this layout so significant is that it features a radiantly beautiful plus-size model named Andrea (Flaunt Models, NYC), who has earned praise on this forum before. Andrea's size has variously been listed as a 14, 16, and 18 (naturally, fans hope that the latter measurement is closest to the mark), but whatever her actual proportions may be, she looks gorgeous in this editorial.

Click to enlarge

The above image is the one that really stands out, as it spotlights Andrea's exquisitely attractive, rounded facial features, and flowing blonde tresses. But what makes the image so priceless is Andrea's expression, which is utterly unique. Like the industry's other notable young starlets (Christina, Kelsey, and Kailee), Andrea has a gift for expressive posing, and for creating captivating personalities in her photo shoots. Here, she looks . . . petulant is the word that comes to mind, with her flushed cheeks, and her sour yet supremely attractive demeanour. She creates the impression of a pampered beauty who is used to getting everything she wants, and is unaccustomed to facing any impediments (such as she appears to be confronting here) to the fulfillment of her desires.

Nothing is as irresistible as a fairy-tale princess with an adorably spoiled quality, and the model's ability to create such an intriguing character turns what could have been an ordinary layout into something fascinating and original.

Click to enlarge

The following image captures the model in a more relaxed pose, and hints at the soft, natural beauty of her figure. Andrea has the sunniest of smiles--when she chooses to present one--and again, the viewer cannot help but be amazed by her ever-so-cute facial features. The peach camisole is a fine wardrobe choice, effectively complimenting her fair skin tone, and one only wishes that the layout had included some images of the model without the jacket.

Click to enlarge

Here we see another adorably petulant expression from Andrea, in an image that shows off the beauty of her golden tresses. The "candid" quality of this editorial invites narrative possibilities. Perhaps this represents a lovely young girl from a well-to-do family, who has decided to defy her understandably protective parents. For the first time, she has embarked on a journey on her own (accompanied only by one of her friends, or servants), and is surprised by the hindrances that she is facing along the way. Mode used to add playful narrative captions to its layouts, and one can only imagine the storyline that it would have appended to these images.

Click to enlarge

The July/August 2005 issue of Figure also featured a second editorial starring Andrea, called "Tunic Talk." This layout is a tad less impressive, due to the curious colour-processing of the photography, but the title page nevertheless deserves a look. Here, the model appears more relaxed--although the map suggests that this could be a "sequel" to the earlier travel layout. Again, the viewer is taken with the model's pretty, youthful facial features, and with the curves suggested by her fitted top. The sunlight bathes her in a natural glow, as if all of nature were in love with her. Note the attractive earrings.

Click to enlarge

Andrea also recently headlined a campaign for You can visit the company's Web site to see more of her Igigi work, but the following Web ad particularly caught our attention:

What a stunning image of timeless beauty! The delicate pink dress ideally compliments Andrea's fair features, and frames the shapely beauty of her arms. The gauzy wrap underscores the ethereal-yet-womanly nature of her unique look, both concealing and revealing the model's charms.

The profile poses in the following Igigi images emphasize Andrea's curvaceous figure, effectively showcased by the decolletage-framing tops. The model's expressions are adorable, giving the images a touch of innocence to offset the seductive element.

The following images capitalize on the appeal of Andrea's voluminous blonde curls. Note the graceful pose in the reverse-view photo:

Andrea is one of the industry's most beautiful and talented young starlets, gorgeous and genuinely full-figured, with an attention-getting, expressive posing style. It is a pleasure to finally offer her the tribute that she deserves. We hope to see more of this fair princess in the near future.

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Old 11th October 2006   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Andrea in Figure magazine

I think Andrea is very pretty, and I agree that her expression in the top image is adorable. It's always encouraging to see emerging young talents in plus-size modelling who are over a size 14, especially if they're as beautiful as Andrea. It would be wonderful to see her in more campaigns - or in Figure magazine, once again. The Igigi pink-dress image is so appealing that I'm surprised the company didn't feature it more prominently on their site.

No matter what other complaints one might have about Figure, it deserves a lot of praise for choosing attractive and genuinely full-figured models for its editorials. That matters more than anything else.
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