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Old 20th September 2005   #1
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Default Christina Schmidt interview at Torrid!!

I just found a new interview with Christina Schmidt at Torrid!

Not only does it have some amazing quotes, but it features THE most beautiful images of Christina I have ever seen - ever!

Count on Torrid to really let her show off her stunning beauty. I plan on reading it again, but my favourite quote the first time was:

"Being happy makes me feel like the most beautiful person. Being in a good mood makes me feel like a beautiful person. When people look up to me and I hear "Oh you're such a positive role model," those are the moments that seriously make me feel the best."

[Note: Melanie's message has been edited to reflect the new URL of Christina's interview at Torrid--HSG]

Last edited by HSG : 29th September 2005 at 23:05.
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Old 20th September 2005   #2
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt interview at Torrid!!

oh my GOD Christina is so beautiful!! I think she's the prettiest plus-size model of all, maybe even more beautiful than Shannon Marie. Torrid was holding out on the best shots! Those pictures should be posters, especially the one Melanie put up.

I love this top,

I would love to get it. I wonder if its her own, and something she wore to the shoot? Or if it's a Torrid top? Christina looks so gorgeous in it.
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Old 20th September 2005   #3
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt interview at Torrid!!

Torrid warrants high praise for conducting an exceptional interview with Miss Schmidt.

The opening is commendably affirmative:

All eyes are on Christina Schmidt right now, and for a very good reason. The girl has class, sass, and yes, just the right amount of sex appeal.

And as Christina has demonstrated during the entire time that "all eyes" have been trained on her, she possesses a confidence beyond her years. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that she possesses a confidence that older generations notably lacked.

An awareness of the fragility of life, and of the necessity of making each moment count, are insights such as many of us acquire far too late in our lives. For Christina to have discovered these profound truths at 18, and to be sharing her insights with the many girls who look up to her, is simply extraordinary:

When I see girls bringing themselves down… it's just… it's not really worth it. I'm happy with who I am. Life's too short to be sad about yourself.

Beauty and truth--all from one source.

It is also interesting to note how Miss Schmidt's career path was laid before her, even in her first encounter with the performing arts. Christina states that at the arts-based community centre where her career began, "I was 7 or 8. I went into modeling." This was years before she achieved fame as an actress, so it is tempting to imagine the hand of Fate guiding her towards modelling, even at such an early age. For Christina is not just as beautiful--or more beautiful--than any model whose images have ever been posted here, but an absolute genius at posing. Hands-in-the-hair is one of the most thrilling yet difficult poses to do convincingly, but in the image posted above, as in this one, Christina shows her absolute mastery of the modelling craft:

Christina is without a doubt the best public voice and face (and figure) for young women that anyone could possibly imagine. Yes, for all young women--for where is it written that teens must aspire to emulate someone thinner than themselves? Why not someone curvier instead--especially if that person is as gorgeous and brilliant as Miss Schmidt?

After years of hoping to find that unique individual who will shatter modern myths, and re-establish the true ideal of feminine beauty, perhaps we may have finally found that individual in Christina. Regardless of what the future brings, it is a privilege for all of us to be watching her destiny unfold.

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Old 21st September 2005   #4
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt interview at Torrid!!

All of the new photos are stunning, but that top image in the black/gold dress takes my breath away.

I love reading interviews with Christina. I look forward to each new one she does. She always has something fresh and original to say. I never knew she was so into fashion! How great to find that she's into "flowy skirts" as well. And she has such a cosmopolitan perspective. Torrid should do some kind of regular fashion feature with her.

And Torrid was so right when in the interview they said:

"Our favorite Degrassi moment (and the fave of many, we're sure) is when Terri stood up to another student who had insulted her for being plus size. When you found out you'd be playing that scene, did you realize how profound the effect would be on other plus size girls?"

I know I was tremendously affected by that scene when I first saw it. I cheered out loud. And what Christina says about how people have responded to that scene doesn't surprise me at all. It really was a major moment:

"I knew it was a powerful scene, but after the episode went on the air I went to school and everyone was like, "Nice. You told him!" All the time I hear, "Oh, that scene was wicked." "That scene was so cool." "Good for you." Everybody on the show, right after I filmed the scene, they said, "That was amazing." "

I feel so proud to have Christina as the representative for plus-size girls- of every age. I know she will always represent us to the media in the best way possible.
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Old 22nd September 2005   #5
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt interview at Torrid!!

I think yet another wonderful thing about Christina's amazing Torrid photos is that they prove, once and for all, that a plus-size model does NOT have to be tall. Since the point of a full-figured model is to show how clothing looks on a curvy figure, and height usually makes curves disappear, there is no reason why plus-size models shouldn't be of normal stature, as Christina is. The 5'8-and-up rule doesn't make sense in this category, especially since so many of the most popular plus-size models have been at the lowest end of this spectrum anyway - 5'8 and 5'9.

Anyway, having seen these amazing shots, now I am eager to see more. I wonder if Torrid saved the best of Christina's pix for this interview, or if there are more gems coming soon?
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Old 28th September 2005   #6
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt interview at Torrid!!

When Renata suggests that the top image of Christina should be a poster, she probably means an in-store poster, as in an advertisement. But I think Torrid should consider offering that as a poster to sell to the public, with some sort of size-celebratory quotation attributable to Christina. For example,

In big italics or handwriting,
"Sexy girls have dessert"

below, in smaller roman type,
Christina Schmidt for Torrid

or something like that. I stole that slogan from a different company, of course, but you get the idea.

All I can say is, I certainly wish I'd had a celebrity like Christina to look up to when I was Torrid-aged.
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