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Default A letter from England

The other day, we happened to check our P.O. box, and found a letter that had just arrived from England.

Yes, that's right. A letter. Not an e-mail message, not an "e-letter," not a "virtual letter," and not even a printout, but a handwritten note from across the ocean.

We hope that this letter-writer will not object if we share her words with the public. We have digitally erased her name from our scan of the letter, in case she would like to preserve her anonymity. We have also removed one specific bit of information, to avoid the ever-present danger of "mimicked behaviour." But we feel that her thoughts are very important, and well worth sharing, because they confirm plus-size modelling's greater purpose in this world.

Here is a scan (front and back) of the letter that we received:

And in case the resolution of the scan is not the best, here is a transcript of the text:

Dear Heinrich,

My name is R-----. I am 25 and I live in England. I felt compelled to write to you.

I stumbled across your website a few months ago and I can honestly say it's made me feel so much better about myself. It's made me question this society's idea of beauty and it's relation with thinness.

I am battling with _______ at the moment, and am seeking help. But your images and your arguments posted in the forum have really made me open my eyes. It was such a revelation to discover what "classical beauty" actually is. And it is certainly not models who aspire to the "heroin chic" look.

We have a long way to go before society views "plus size" in the same way as it does size-zero girls. But websites such as yours will certainly aid that revolution.

And for that, I thank you.

Kind regards,

We, in turn, deeply thank this writer for her heartwarming words. But her gratitude is misplaced, for this site is merely a frame. Rather, her thanks are due expressly to all of the industry's true plus-size models, for creating the images of timeless beauty that have enabled her (and so many young women like her) to reconsider their modernist indoctrination.

Her thanks are also due to the photographers, stylists, cosmetics artists, and other industry professionals who endeavour to present the beauty of today's full-figured goddesses to the public in the most persuasive manner possible.

It is one thing to type out an e-mail message and press "send." It is quite another to put pen to paper, to write out one's thoughts in longhand, and to mail that missive overseas. We hope that reading this letter will remind everyone in the industry that their aesthetic efforts are more than mere commercial fare, and are contributing to a genuinely noble cause.

Beauty has ever been the spiritual salve of humanity, and it continues to fill that function, today.

Nadia Pena (Dorothy Combs Models, Miami)--from a test series with Fadil Berisha:

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