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Default Bella Models, featuring Alexandra

Our coverage of the Australian plus-size industry is forever circumscribed due to the obvious geographical challenges. However, we do our best to cover the most significant expressions of full-figured femininity in the Land Down Under, such as the breathtaking recent Sweet Hearts Bridal campaign featuring the gorgeous Hayley B.

We now have another magnificent showcase of timeless beauty to share with the world, courtesy of Bella Model Management, one of the top two Australian plus-size-model agencies.

Bella recently revamped its Web site, giving it a clean, polished feel. The most significant result of the upgrade, however, was the debut of a new talent--a stunning size-16 plus-size model named Alexandra Newton, who benefits from a 5'8" height measurement--which, for a model, is appealingly non-Amazonian.

(The agency shortens her name to "Alex," but we will refer to her by her full name, because if one is blessed with four syllables, one should very well use them.)

No model will ever produce a better first test than Kelsey Olson, whose initial shoot with Maria Rangel is the stuff of legend. But Miss Newton's premier test also features some of the most enchanting images that we have ever seen. The photographs adhere to many of the principles that we discussed in our "Natural Ideal" post last year, which celebrated the use of lush, green settings such as gardens, parklands, and forests, where the verdant beauty of the outdoor world harmonizes with the natural beauty of curvaceous models.

The first photograph, below, is veritably a slice of heaven. All of creation seems to be in bloom as a tribute to the model's opulent allure. The blossoming flowers epitomize femininity, as does the model herself. Even the delicate curls of the metallic gate have a curvy shape, like cursive, feminine script. The stone balustrade imparts a dignified, Classical element. The dress--one of the prettiest that we have ever seen--is enchantingly romantic, with a ruffled trim, yet it is also very sensual. Its abbreviated length shows off the model's full, soft, shapely legs. To add to the delightful girlishness, the sweater features a pair of pretty bows.

The model's pose is highly seductive, yet tasteful. She leans back against the gate, puts a hand in her hair, and pushes out her body, allowing the viewer to drink in her beauty, consciously displaying herself in a very appealing way, inviting the viewer's gaze. Her leaning pose coyly hikes the skirt, allowing a discreet glimpse of her thighs. The colour composition is brilliant, with the blue dress arresting the viewer's attention, since the environment and flowers have no trace of blue. Notice, however, the blue ribbons adorning the attractive prop, the wicker picnic basket at her feet, which subtly associates the model with the enjoyment of food. The delicate flora, the romantic dress, and the model's languid pose all impart a sense of feminine delicacy, yet the luscious roundness of her legs gives Alexandra a well-fed look. The blending of these two qualities, delicate refinement and robust fleshiness, constitutes the height of female attractiveness.

Click to enlarge

Another image from this shoot is equally eye-catching, but in a different manner. Here, the sensuality is much more forthright, though the effect is still one of timeless femininity. The model appears to be positioned at the end of a garden walkway that calls to mind a secret path in a fairy-tale forest. The deep, lush greenery plays off against the crimson sweater. The model's golden tresses flow over her shoulders like the locks of a princess. But above all, it is the dress, or rather what the dress does for her figure, that makes this image so alluring. The sweetheart neckline is the most flattering of all designs at the bust, and this dress in particular accentuates Alexandra's voluptuous decolletage in an intoxicatingly seductive way. As noted above, the picnic basket is an inspired addition as a prop. Our readers first noted the effectiveness of picnic baskets as accessories in this recent thread about a campaign from a Taiwanese plus-size label. But Alexandra's prop is even more effective, owing to its copious dimensions, which subconsciously suggest the model's generous appetite. Soft, gentle expressions are generally more effective than assertive looks, but not in this case. Here, the model's impatient attitude corresponds with the buxom boldness of her curves, creating an engaging effect, as if her appetitive desires were getting the better of her, and she were eager to sit down and dig into the picnic lunch.

Click to enlarge

If the proximate influence for Alexandra's dress choice wasn't already evident to regular Judgment of Paris readers, it will be upon seeing the following image. Compare this photograph to Kailee O'Sullivan's legendary sitting-in-the-grass picture. The connection is obvious. We applaud this close echoing, because in pattering itself after one of the greatest photographs ever created, Alexandra's test has produced many masterpieces of its own. Note, however, the intriguing ways in which Miss Newton's photograph deviates from its source, and how these variations subtly alter the effect. By having the model thrust her legs forward, her limbs fill the shot, thus accentuating their fullness and roundness and creating a more robustly physical allure than in Kailee's image. Also, observe how the photograph introduces a heady degree of sensuality by offering the viewer a shadowy glimpse of the model's thighs via the open skirt. The manicured environment and the refinement of her attire keep the effect tasteful, yet the open skirt is provocative.

The colour composition is, once again, exquisite, with the bucolic greenery playing off against the model's red sweater, all balanced by the blue sky above and the brown earth below. The subtle differences in the hues of the trees, from the darker green leaves on the left to the yellower leaves on the right, as well as the contrasts in the texture of the foliage, maintain variety and interest.

Click to enlarge

A second image in the same environment shows the indebtedness to Kailee's test even more prominently. We only offer a minor quibble about the position of the model vis--vis the ground. The effect might have been more natural and comfortable-looking had the model been situated on an all-grassy terrain. Mind you, one could read the position of the model symbolically, as having her placement just on the edge of the grass representing the transition from the prosaic earthly world (the ground) to a more idyllic Arcadia (the greenspace), which she personifies and inhabits, but still, the bare earth is distracting.

Click to enlarge

Nevertheless, the image admirably showcases the voluptuous fullness of her figure, as well as the soft shapeliness of her limbs. Notice the trace of dimpled flesh on her legs, an intensely sensual detail which makes the model even more desirable and her physique even more natural.

Click to enlarge

In another example of an image from this shoot being influenced by a visual masterpiece from the past, the following photograph is an unmistakable homage to Shannon Marie's legendary lying-in-the-grass tear sheet from Mode magazine. This image too departs from its source in an intriguing manner, though--in this case adding an element of pure styling brilliance: the delicate little blue wildflowers in her hair. The effect of those tiny blossoms is so enchanting, so like an image from a fairy-tale illustration, that one's heart flutters. The model's expression could have been a tad more lyrical, however.

Click to enlarge

The backdrop of this photograph may be man-made rather than natural, but it is just as beautiful as the lush greenery. Classical-looking porticos such as these grace many a formal garden, and with Alexandra set against this beautifully sculpted stonework, she appears to be a Greek goddess come to life, a flesh-and-blood Venus. This pose is especially flattering as a showcase for her buxom charms, which look even more abundant in this image than elsewhere. The dress attractively frames her contours, while the golden tresses lead the eye downwards, further highlighting her opulence. The model's expression is appropriately gentle, with a soft look of invitation in the eyes, inviting the viewer to take pleasure in her appearance. The lighting is flawless, a very natural illumination punctuated by shafts of sunlight dabbling at her hands and dress.

Click to enlarge

Another image in the stone portico further emphasizes the notion of the model as a living sculpture, framed so effectively here by the round arch. The photograph offers a Pygmalion-like narrative suggestion, of a viewer who became so enamoured of the beauty of a sculpture of Aphrodite that the statue came to life, the smooth marble transforming into soft flesh right before his eyes.

Click to enlarge

The final installment of this "garden" series had the model adopting a stunning pose, beautifully displaying the voluptuousness of her profile and the overall fullness of her figure, which appears especially generous and substantial in this image. The picture brings back the enchanting ultra-feminine dress that we saw in the first photograph, above, as well as the sweater with the cute little bows. The fence, however, mars the shot. Bad enough that it is a metal fence, worse that it is partially rusted. Had Alexandra instead been leaning against a mighty tree, for example, or if the fence had at least been composed of organic materials, then the effect would have been pleasing, but the contemporary nature of the fence is too jarring. It breaks the spell, taking the viewer out of the poetic world of enchantment that has marked this test and back into a prosaic, contemporary mindset.

Click to enlarge

Bella Model Management's director, Chelsea Bonner, tells us the following story about Alexandra's first test (which actually comprises two separate shoots):

Yes, I love Alex. She is a wonderful addition for us. It's so hard to find beautiful but fuller girls in Australia as we just don't breed them that way here!! I have another two models in the fuller range that we are shooting at the moment.

Alex is studying photography and one of her fellow students shot this, with strong guidance from us, of course. Styling was Alex, also with guidance.

In fact, the garden shoot was a collaboration between Pantomime Photography and Jaimie Nicole Photography, with the latter shooting the two horizontally oriented photographs, and the former shooting the rest.

In addition to these Arcadian masterpieces, Miss Newton boasts several more images in her book from a second recent shoot by Pantomime Photography. These lack the stunning beauty of the settings in the greenspace shots, but they still deserve a nod as a fine showcase of Alexandra's well-fed figure.

Pride of place in the second test goes to this dramatic exhibition of the model's bountiful physique. The pose is highly accomplished--an ideal stance fora plus-size model. Unlike minus-size waifs, who often hunch over in their photographs, caving in their chests, as if to minimize even the merest hint of a bust, full-figured goddesses look best when they accentuate their abundant voluptuousness, as Alexandra does here. The wide-open neckline adds to the sensual effect, though the nature of the dress, and the grey backdrop, suggest a career setting. The image offers a fascinating narrative possibility, of a goddess who is tired of inhibiting her womanliness in an office environment and unleashes her buxom femininity, enslaving the hearts of any men who see her. The romantic waviness in her tresses corresponds to this idea of girlishness emerging from beneath a disguise of modernity, with natural female beauty asserting itself over the utilitarian modern world.

Click to enlarge

A second image in the same outfit creates a similarly alluring effect, but in a different manner. Here, the seductiveness is conveyed not through a display of the model's figure, but through her unabashedly carnal expression. She leans back, lips appetitively parted, as if in expectation of a kiss. The red lip colour stands out prominently amid the muted shades of the dress, the wall, and the ultra-fair hair colour. The cascading tresses add a lone romantic touch, particularly in the manner in which some of her locks spill into her open neckline, leading the eye downwards. Such languour, such unabased desire, playing off against the cool setting, is intoxicating.

Click to enlarge

And finally, to show a very different side of the model, here is a casual snapshot with Alexandra adopting a pleasantly bemused expression. The pale pink lip colour harmonizes well with her light tresses, blue eyes, and fair complexion, creating a palette of soft pastels. The slight glimpse of decolletage keeps the viewer's interest, and the soft fleshiness at the neck area is gently sensual.

Click to enlarge

Alexandra Newton is a stunning addition to Bella Models. She immediately ranks as one of the most attractive talents in Australia. No model could have asked for a better initial test shoot. The first images in particular, showing Alexandrea in a lush, green dreamscape, are among the finest test pictures that we have ever seen, especially the first photograph, which is nothing less than a masterpiece, an image in which the enchantment of the natural world perfectly harmonizes with the feminine attractiveness of the model, uniting in a composition that perfectly embodies timeless beauty in every aspect.

Congratulations to Bella Models on its new site and on signing such a promising girl. We look forward to her future work, and to every achievement from the agency's more genuinely full-figured goddesses.

- Bella Model Management

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Default Re: Bella Models, featuring Alexandra

Alexandra is an absolutely stunning beauty, a true goddess. She and Hayley B. are the most gorgeous Australian plus-size models I've ever seen.

And the "garden" photographs are a vision of heaven. My favourite is the very first one, with the pretty flowers and the gate. It's paradise on earth. I could have done without the hat, but the dress is enchanting. I want it for myself. Really, I can't say enough good things about Alexandra or that beautiful garden test. I just hope that no one tries to pressure her into diminishing her figure, but that she keeps or augments her womanly size-16 proportions.

Originally Posted by HSG
Compare this photograph to Kailee O'Sullivan's legendary sitting-in-the-grass picture. The connection is obvious. We applaud this close echoing, because in pattering itself after one of the greatest photographs ever created, Alexandra's test has produced many masterpieces of its own.

I noticed the similarity right away, and I'm delighted by it. The photograph in question, with Kailee sitting in the forest, is one of the most attractive pictures I've ever seen in my life, a definitive depiction of timeless beauty, so Alexandra is echoing greatness.

It's interesting to set the two photos side by side:

The locations are gorgeous in both cases. The dresses are very similar in cut and pattern - both showing a seductive neckline. Alexandra's pose is more provocative with the open skirt, but Kailee's is intensely sensual because of her ultra-fair skin tone (those hotly flushed cheeks!) and the bare expanse of her figure at the bust. Kailee's expression is more vulnerable and emotional, where Alexandra goes for something more vixenish, like a tigress who knows that her charms will ensnare her prey. In both pictures, the red shade (of the dress or of the sweater) contrasts richly with the emerald-green backdrop. Kailee's location is more folkloric, with the tresses, while Alexandra's is more manicured. I adore both pictures, and I love how Alexandra and her photographer echoed the image of Kailee, but also put a slightly different spin on it.

Two beautiful models, two masterpieces. I hope Alexandra has a stellar career ahead of her.

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Default Re: Bella Models, featuring Alexandra

If there is a paradise, I'm sure it will look something like this. This is as much beauty as I've ever seen in a single photograph - the model, the dress, the flowers, the setting, just...everything. No real world can be as beautiful as this; this must be a window into a realm of fantasy:

Originally Posted by HSG
Click to enlarge

And is it just me, or is there a bit of a Red Riding Hood vibe in this image, with the red sweater and the picnic basket? It's sort of an updated take on the fairy-tale, with a very curvaceous Riding Hood who is more carnivorous and dangerous, in her seductiveness, than any Wolf.

Originally Posted by HSG
Click to enlarge

What gorgeous images, and what a stunning model. I can't wait to see her next shoot.
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Default Re: Bella Models, featuring Alexandra

What a pretty girl! There is a genuine, unspoiled softness about her, like she's never even considered the idea that she might be anything other than a flirtatious princess with a spectacular figure. We could do with more models who project that unquestionable sense of their own beauty. Confidence is contagious.
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