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Old 28th October 2011   #1
M. Lopez
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Default Katherine Roll in Furs

Given the trendiness of fur this winter season, with fur turning up everywhere in fashion, I was intrigued when I stumbled across a press release promoting a furrier label that specializes in plus sizes.

And not just fur hats or trim, mind you, but bona fide luxurious fur coats, as the text indicates:

NEW YORK, NY, October 27, 2011 -- Hy Fishman, a 4th generation master furrier says "You got it so flaunt it", in an exquisite Hy Fishman fur.

Hy Fishman is the only furrier who specializes in making magnificent furs for plus[-size] women worldwide. After over 60 years, Hy Fishman has mastered the art of making fine furs for all size women, especially in larger sizes.

There is nothing as wonderful as wearing a custom designed fur for warmth and luxury. For over 60 years he has catered to large-sized women of fashion who insist on value. Customers can choose from the special collection of coats, jackets and capes shown on his Plus and Supersize fashion website. The fur garments are custom made to each customer's individual measurements.

For further information: website

New York area residents and U.S. and foreign visitors are welcome to visit his showroom at 305 7th avenue, 19th floor, N.Y.C. in the heart of the fur district. To make an appointment call (212)244-4844 or email at (U.S. residents call toll free at (888)244-5912. Or fax us at (212)627-4920.

This all sounded very interesting, so I visited the Hy Fishman web site, where, to my great delight, I discovered an image of Katherine Roll, looking drop-dead gorgeous in a sensuous black fur coat with a grey fur collar. I don't know enough about fur to identify the different varieties, but what I do know is that Katherine looks stunning in this coat. With her radiant smile, she projects absolute joy in her own being. She looks like a million dollars. No wonder this image appears right on the web site's cover page.

With her blonde, Nordic good looks, Katherine is the perfect model to be showcasing fur, which is something I associate with wintry Northern climes. The hat that goes with this style is an adorable touch. It makes me think of a full-figured Audrey Hepburn (and no, that's not a contradiction in terms, because Katherine has all of Audrey's poise and winsome charm, but adds to that her own lavish, goddesslike fullness - a perfect mix).

Now, when I think of fur, I usually think of darker colours, harkening back to the supervixens of the 1980s, especially on television shows like Dynasty. But I never imagined something as cute and girlish as this pink treasure! I love it. With her eye-catching pose, Katherine makes it look like a fun item. Instead of thinking of fur as something serious, I can now imagine it as a playful wardrobe choice, still exuding high-class charm and wealth and privilege, but in a pretty and youthful way.

As these images show, part of the appeal of such a fur-trimmed cover is that the wearer can still show off her legs - especially if she has legs as gorgeous as Katherine's. Really and truly, Miss Roll looks like a living doll in these photos. So beautiful.

Katherine has a way of bringing pictures to life like no one else can. I adore her primarily for the fact that she is authentically full-figured, at a size 18, and also breathtakingly beautiful, but she also brings an energy and sparkling freshness to her images that's such a pleasure to view, and makes everything she wears look terrific. I love the little leg kick here.

There's just something so right about seeing a generously proportioned model in elegant furs. The model and the attire speak of lavish luxuriance and richness. With her opulent beauty, Katherine creates the persona of someone who deserves to be pampered with gifts of pricey furs, and the whole high-class lifestyle that one imagines goes with it. But I especially adore the pink item, which seems so age-appropriate for her, so adorable on a young, curvy vixen.

Gorgeous photographs of one of my all-time favourite models.

Here's the Hy Fishman Furs web site.
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Old 29th October 2011   #2
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Default Re: Katherine Roll in Furs

Originally Posted by M. Lopez

I adore Katherine primarily for the fact that she is authentically full-figured, at a size 18, and also breathtakingly beautiful, but she also brings an energy and sparkling freshness to her images that's such a pleasure to view, and makes everything she wears look terrific.

I agree. I never realized how much fun a fur item could be until I saw this piece of pink confectionery, so delightfully modelled by Katherine. I immediately thought of Katrina van Tassel, the plus-size Disney princess in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow that Tamika wrote about in her wonderful recent post.

Katherine looks so beautiful in this picture, so carefree and full of life -- and so curvy too, with her shapely legs -- that I think every young girl would want to be like her, to have her spirit of self-adoration and style. She is the perfect plus-size model.
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Old 1st November 2011   #3
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Default Re: Katherine Roll in Furs

All of the pictures are lovely, but I particularly admire the first one, which appears on the label's cover page. For me, this image exudes luxury. Katherine looks ravishing, with a touch of visible fullness in her face that contributes to the overall feeling of opulence in the photo. This is such a decadent depiction of beauty. In this case especially, the shoot absolutely needed a genuinely curvaceous model, not someone with a meagre faux-plus frame, and no truly curvy model is more gorgeous than Katherine. She looks right at home in her posh fur. She's in her element.

I think even anyone who has never worn a fur coat before in her life will be tempted to try the look, when she sees these ritzy images. It's beauty fit for a queen -- for if anyone deserves a tiara, it's the lovely Miss Roll.
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Old 14th November 2011   #4
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Default Re: Katherine Roll in Furs

I have to say, all this recent forum talk of Doctor Zhivago made me rush out and rent the movie, and now I find myself very much in love with the look of fur coats. I thought of this thread as I was watching the film and seeing Zhivago and Lara in a sleigh, riding towards the ice-castle chalet, the winter nippy all around them, but the two of them warm and cozy in their furs (just as Lara later is when she relaxes in bed under a fur cover, while Zhivago writes poetry about her).

Everyone loves sharing their favourite Katherine pictures from her shoots, and I find myself liking this one.

It's such a graceful, life-affirming pose, giving a sense of how wonderful a girl can feel in furs. I adore the leg kick, especially because Katherine makes it look natural, not exaggerated, and you still sense the opulent substantiality of her figure. And she does have the most gorgeous legs of any plus-size model, so the pose is a great way to show them off.
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