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Old 28th April 2007   #1
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Default Hayley Hasselhoff (5'6) at Ford

This is nice to see- Hayley Hasselhoff now has a portfolio on the Ford L.A. site:

I really like the cover picture, but some of her other Torrid pictures have been even better than the ones that Ford chose for her card and portfolio.

She's only a 12 (how I wish she were fuller-figured!), but the really exciting stat is her height:

5'6 (!)

It's so wonderful to see more and more girls with more natural heights becoming plus-size models. There is no reason why plus-size models should ever be required to be tall. None at all.

And although Hayley is still very thin, we should remember that Kailee O'Sullivan began as only as size 12; but in time, she acquired the curves that have made her one of the most popular of plus-size models. Let's hope that Hayley similarly becomes more curvaceous in the future.
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Old 27th June 2007   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Hayley Hasselhoff (5'6) at Ford

Torrid features two beautiful new pictures of Hayley that I'd love to share.

Not only are the images very pretty, but they are also thematically positive.

Here she is on the Community landing page. I adore the concept: She is so pleased with her own beauty, that she can't resist taking a picture of herself (and who can blame her?). Nice colourful dress:

If anything, the following picture, on the Interact landing page, is even more delightful. It shows Hayley in an attractive purple camisole, but note that it shows her grilling delicious hamburgers for herself and for her friends.

Pictures like this, showing gorgeous models really enjoying food, help young women develop a comfortable, natural attitude towards eating whatever they like.

In today's society, which is rife with harmful anorexia-inducing messages, images such as the one above are desperately needed to foster positive body image. Bravo to Torrid for these shots of such a pretty, curvy model.
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Old 3rd July 2007   #3
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Default Re: Hayley Hasselhoff (5'6) at Ford

Here are a few more images that are sure to delight Hayley's rapidly-growing fan base.

We recently praised Kailee O'Sullivan's stunning Ford Polaroids. Hayley's agency recently posted the young starlet's own Polaroids, and the results are just as remarkable.

Here is a cute headshot that shows off the model's flawless complexion,

along with a half-length which reveals that while Miss Hasselhoff has thin limbs, she does have a curvaceous and beautifully-proportioned figure (aided greatly by her 5'6 height).

Polaroids are the most truthful of all presentations of a model's natural beauty, but red-carpet snapshots are similarly honest, and the following celebrity images of Hayley with her famous father further testify to her grace and charm--and to her exceptionally fine fashion sense.

The feminine and stlylish top that she wears for this American Idol event frames her figure in a very attractive way.

Hayley's wardrobe choices provide excellent fashion tips for voluptuous vixens of her age. And note that deft, model-like gesture of plunging her hand into her tresses--always an eye-catching pose.

Hayley is known for her warm smiles, but here is a rare and exciting example of a vain, haughty expression from this young starlet--and if anything, it enhances her attractiveness even further, heightening the beauty of her facial features. It's a striking expression that Torrid would do well to request of her, in their campaigns.

And here, at the other end of the emotional spectrum, is a sweet and lyrical image of Hayley looking quite angelic in celestial blue.

Hayley is doing fine work for Torrid, and as long as she remains at least as curvy as she is today--or better yet, becomes fuller-figured, and therefore more authentically a timeless beauty--she will stand out as a rare and much-needed example of natural femininity in popular culture, and therefore a great role model for girls of her generation.

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Old 20th August 2007   #4
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Default Re: Hayley Hasselhoff (5'6) at Ford

I love the bottom image of Hayley, and the third and fourth from the bottom as well. Its just so important for young girls of Hayleys age to become comfortable with having full, curvy waists, and not to feel pressured to starve themselves into skeletal shapes, with caved-in stomachs - which is a totally unnatural appearance.

I always feel admiration for David Hasselhoff that he has managed to protect his daughter from the insanity of the Hollywood anorexia cult.

Hayley has several new images on the Torrid community pages now. I like this one best, because the braided hairstyle has such a sweet, Old World quality to it:

Beautiful smile by Hayley, too. Not a top that I would wear, but otherwise, a lovely picture. This one isnt too bad either.

I only wish Hayley looked fuller-figured in her Torrid shots, as she does in her attractive paparazzi pics.
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