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Old 30th April 2007   #1
M. Lopez
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Default Weight hysteria provoking eating disorders

This will hardly come as a shock, but it's a frightening development, nevertheless.

The following article reports figures demonstrating that the current media-fuelled hysteria about a non-existent weight "epidemic" is increasing the prevalence of eating disorders, especially among young women:

Here's the relevant text:

Dieting craze blamed for rise in eating disorders

Jill Stark
April 30, 2007

HYSTERIA about ob***** and dieting has been blamed for Australia's escalating eating disorder problem, with new figures revealing rates have doubled in the last decade.

The number of people regularly...undergoing extreme fasting jumped from 4.7 per cent in 1995 to 11 per cent in 2005.

While the prevalence of full-blown anorexia and bulimia has remained constant at 2 to 3 per cent of the population, over the same period the percentage of people with the above disorders rose from 2 per cent to 4.6 per cent — one in 20 Australians...

"It's not just people who are overweight who have these concerns. We found people of normal weight who are now very aware and concerned about their body shape — one in 10 to an extreme degree," said Phillipa Hay, head of psychiatry at James Cook University.

Professor Hay will present the findings today to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists at a conference on the Gold Coast...

The survey of more than 3000 people in South Australia looked at adult eating disorders. But the problem among children and adolescents is far more serious according to Susan Sawyer, director of the Centre for Adolescent Health at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital.

There has been a four-fold increase in admissions for eating disorders in the past three years, with children as young as 10 now being treated for...anorexia. "The child and adolescent population is recognised to have even more striking increases particularly at younger and younger ages," Professor Sawyer said.

"The fact that we know that 75 per cent of eating disorders have their onset in the adolescent years means that this new data could be just the tip of the iceberg."...

Federal Labor MP Anna Burke said eating disorders were "a silent killer" and were acknowledged as a health priority at the ALP national conference.

The fact that this downward spiral is prevalent in younger girls especially troubling. Young women are always the most vulnerable to having their body-image warped by thin-supremacist propaganda, so to see this dreaded result actually occurring is horrifying.

And all this is happening at the same time that models have been dying of anorexia, and that designers' daughters have been suffering from this frightening disease. But all of that doesn't seem to matter to the mass media, which is in the control of diet-industry money, and shaped by individuals who have a biologically- and/or ideologically-based resentment of the naturally full female figure. Life and death seem not to matter to them, as long as they're paid off with blood money, or as long as people are shaped according to their political agenda.
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Old 4th May 2007   #2
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Default Re: Weight hysteria provoking eating disorders

It's sad, and troubling, to see concrete proof of something that we've all been dreading for years.

I came across another article concerning eating disorders that I'd like to add to this discussion:

It acknowledges and amplifies a number of important point about the epidemic of self-imposed starvation that is plaguing so many young women today. It underscores the media's culpability in exacerbating the problem:

The new phenomenon of double zero has definitely added fuel to this deadly disease especially when glamorous glossy pictures of celebrities around the world have been praised honouring their super skinny bodies.

It also includes a remarkable admission from a fashion designer, and touches on one of the core sources of the problem (and it is brave in doing so, because this is a politically incorrect fact, to say the least):

Fashion designer Gavin Pierre Medford conceded quite uncomfortably that many in his profession bear a huge burden of responsibility.

“There are many hands in the pot stirring the craze to be thin. Designers like to show their own interpretation in what they would like people to wear and look which is why you always see size zero or double zero on the catwalk strutting their collection.”

Model Rachel Ritfeld agreed. “The majority of the designers especially within the couture range are gay men and they try to structure female model to have a ‘boyish’ look. They don’t like to see curves and I strongly believe that the size double zero phenomenon started from this trend. A size zero is officially 31?-23-34, little-boy statistics that can be applied to some of the biggest red carpet names of the day.”

It also highlights the crucial influence that mothers have, and how they can either bolster or ruin their daughters' body image:

Mothers need to start helping their daughters to love themselves and to look in the mirror and like what they see. Natasha Eggough, director of 100 Acres Media Ltd and co publisher and editor of Funkdup complained that many mothers are guilty of being obsessed with dieting in front of their impressionable daughters..."All parents have a responsibility to what media their children are digesting. Parents need to be alert to the tale-tale signs that their daughters are skipping meals and be aware of the negative comments that they are making about their bodies.”

And most remarkably, the article even contrasts the modern media unfavourably with Classical culture:

The mass media and the big advertising bulldogs dictate how they want people to be and celebrities fall under the same category as young people and they are all trying to be what is cool and, most importantly, beautiful. If we were to go back in time the body of the Roman goddess Venus, who was voluptuous, was the envy of all women but now the skin and bones of Posh is seen as fashionable.”

Hopefully, the more people realize this, the greater the push will be to do away with modern androgyny, and to restore the Classical aesthetic of plus-size beauty, in our own time.
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Old 3rd June 2007   #3
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Default Re: Weight hysteria provoking eating disorders

Originally Posted by M. Lopez
The fact that this downward spiral is prevalent in younger girls especially troubling. Young women are always the most vulnerable to having their body-image warped by thin-supremacist propaganda, so to see this dreaded result actually occurring is horrifying.
A new report shows that this is terribly, terribly true.

This study is based in Australia, but patterns for eating disorders in that country are consistent with those in North America. The article deals specifically with the scarcity of resources available for the treatment of anorexia in girls and young women, but it doesn't address the more urgent fact: that what is desperately needed is prevention, so that these disorders don't begin in the first place.

Here's an excerpt. The findings are frightening:

The report also showed admission rates [for anorexia] at the Royal Children's Hospital had more than doubled, from 50 in 2004-05 to 103 in 2005-06.

But Susan Sawyer, director of the hospital's centre for adolescent health, said the figures had since been updated and the increase is closer to three-fold.

Professor Sawyer, who found the report "immensely disappointing," said 13 children were currently being treated as inpatients at the hospital for anorexia, with the youngest aged 11.

"If we simply look at a snapshot of inpatient beds today, there are more children and adolescents admitted in Melbourne for anorexia nervosa than there are adults," Professor Sawyer said.

"We are seeing people with eating disorders at younger and younger ages. Teachers in primary schools are having concerns about abnormal eating behaviour in extremely young children.

"What will it take before we get serious about providing an appropriate level of clinical service?"...

"We all need to acknowledge that we haven't delivered properly to this group, children and young people, in relation to eating disorders," she said.
Very true. But the real question is: What will it take before we get serious about reforming our media culture (the fashion industry and Hollywood in particular), so that young women aren't brainwashed into resenting their naturally full figures in the first place, but learn to be comfortable with eating as much as they like, and to love themselves as they should?
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Old 4th July 2007   #4
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Default Re: Weight hysteria provoking eating disorders

This is altogether one of the most important threads that has been posted on the forum over the past several months, and every one of the findings listed above deserves serious consideration.

Never has the need to restore the timeless ideal of full-figured feminine beauty been so urgent and apparent--not only for cultural restoration, but also for the health of young women throughout the world.

These findings put paid to the absurd idea that one ideal is in any way interchangeable with the other--"swapping one ideal for another," as the political ideologues of moral relativism disingenuously claim. The timeless ideal of plus-size beauty constitutes a natural standard of appearance that is culturally inspirational, and promotes comfort and well-being in young women. By contrast, the unnatural modern ideal of emaciated androgyny has bankrupted Western culture, and fosters fatal eating disorders among young girls.

In the face of the growing fanaticism of size-prejudice activists, and the burgeoning epidemic of weight-myth hysteria, it is desperately important for young women to be provided with an alternative to mass-media indoctrination, in the form of full-figured goddesses who will help them appreciation their natural, well-fed beauty.

Emma Timms (Bella Models, Australia); size 14 at 5'7:

- Click to view larger

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Old 6th July 2007   #5
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Default Re: Weight hysteria provoking eating disorders

I must just say, that picture of Emma Timms is by far the most gorgeous I have seen of her.
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