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Default Beauty is back in stock

In the recent "Healthy girls have dessert" thread, we posted an image of a very pretty (albeit unidentified) plus-size model, and noted that this image was obtained from a stock photography collection. Yanderis's recently swimwear series was also discovered in a stock archive.

Shooting for stock photography can be an interesting experience for a model. Although it is not traditionally a prestigious modelling endeavour, a talented girl can turn a stock shoot into a genuinely creative opportunity--and if she does so, the results can be quite impressive.

Because there is no fashion imperative, stock photography is not restrained by typical modelling "rules" about the ways in which one can, and cannot, present the female figure, or about the contexts in which a model may be featured. Instead of promoting fashion, a stock photograph is about a "concept"--an idea that the photographer is attempting to capture, often in anticipation of news articles on a similar theme.

The downside of stock photography is that the shooter may intend to illustrate negative concepts about curvceous women--especially in a time such as ours, when prejudice against full-figured femininity is rampant, and when the resentment of plus-size beauty is greater than ever. However, a talented model can quietly subvert a potentially unfavourable situation, and turn even an unflattering setup into a beautiful image.

As a case in point of precisely this kind of aesthetic subversion, we offer several more stock images of the vivacious model whose picture illustrated the "Healthy girls have dessert" thread. Whatever the photographer's intentions may have been when shooting this series, this goddess turned her photo session into a marvellous showcase of her own curvaceous beauty and lively personality, and endowed her pictures with a delightfully pro-indulgence component as well.

The first pair of images expands the theme of the photograph that we posted in the aforementioned thread. First, we see the model exhibiting clear dissatisfaction with the meagre portions that are set out before her--portions which are so obviously inadequate to maintaining her voluptuous beauty. (Note how the image showcases the beauty of her shapely arms.)

As counterpoint to the above picture, the following photo shows the model eagerly devouring the chocolate that she understandably craves. Poses such as these are difficult for a model to depict in a naturalistic rather than exaggerated manner, but the model succeeds admirably in doing so, and makes the picture successful by injecting a degree of fun into the presentation, with a glint of mischief in her eyes, a sense of transgression, and clear invitation to the viewer to applaud her for her audacity. Her sleeveless top frames the full beauty of her arms, implying a causality in the image: indulgence leads to luscious beauty.

Not every image in the series is appetite-related. Here is the most traditional picture in the group--a photograph of the model looking happy and relaxed in a contemporary but comfortable environment. This well could be an image from a fashion campaign, and the model's gentle pink top compliments her blonde beauty particularly well.

Nevertheless, indulgence remains the main theme of the series--but it is how the model executes the poses that counts. Note how, in the following image, she beams with a positively girlish glee at the prospect of devouring a batch of marshmallows, even as she strokes her blonde tresses in a sensual manner. Her come-hither glance raises the allure factor even further, but her expression is still playful rather than overt, making her appeal distinctly youthful--and truly irresistible.

Perhaps it is the curly blonde hair the creates this impression, but the model has a touch of Valerie Lefkowitz about her--the Valerie of the curviest, best phase of her career, when she similarly blended youthful charm with a genuinely full figure and overwhelming sensuality, but coupled these elements with a winsome innocence.

The next photo could have been intended to be used in any number of ways--not all of them positive--but once again, note how the model turns this into an opportunity to showcase her talent. Far from looking dour or glum, her adorable pout is actually quite a steamy expression, her feline eyes captivating and beguiling, and she is all the more alluring for the oh-so-cute petulance that she displays, evoking the intoxicating attractions of the spoiled princess, always used to getting her way. Rather than suggesting a wish to diminish herself to a lesser size, the model's look suggests that she is thinking, "I know that this little dress will be very snug on my curves, but I will look even better because of the tight fit."

And finally, in the boldest, most audacious image in the series, the model is shown relaxing in a comfortable environment, with every manner of "forbidden" food foregrounded in the picture. What makes the photograph so subversive is the model's look of sheer delight. Unlike other models in similar stock-photography images, this cutie is positively beaming with happiness and self-satisfaction. Confounding modern myths to the contrary, she shows that lounging in a domestic environment, reading a good book (i.e., stimulating her mind, rather than torturing her body), and indulging in whatever delectable treats she likes, is actually a highly pleasurable experience. Moreover, the image demonstrates that a goddess need not starve or punish herself to be beautiful. This model is undeniably lovely, without any pain or self-deprivation involved. Indeed, she suggests that her pleasant state of indolent repose is part of what makes her so captivating. This image confounds every falsehood that the starvation industry would have women believe, and reminds them that home life can actually be far more agreeable than the workaday world.

Bravo to this model for achieving such success with her stock photographs. May any plus-size model who finds herself booked for a similar shoot remember that she can use the opportunity to turn even a potentially negative concept into a size-positive project, and an affirmation of timeless beauty.

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