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Old 10th July 2007   #1
Join Date: July 2005
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Default Christina Schmidt by Douglas Bizzaro

Is this the greatest headshot that any plus-size model has ever created?

There is no denying it.

Yes, it is.

This is quite simply the most gorgeous headshot of all time, and we have the genius of Douglas Bizzaro to thank for revealing Christina Schmidt's beauty as it has never been revealed before.

We have long enthused about Mr. Bizzaro's work with plus-size models (most notably in this essay about his superlative shoot with Barbara Brickner), but nothing could have prepared us for this.

This is absolute visual perfection--and more than that. It is timeless beauty brought to life in a thrilling and contemporary way, as no model, no photographer, have ever accomplished before.

Never have Christina's round facial features looked so glamorous. Never has she created an expression of such powerful sensuality. The wardrobe that is glimpsed reveals itself to be an alluring example of the "New Femininity," matched by an ornate earring (a Christina Schmidt trademark) that is a work of art unto itself. The hair billowing in the wind adds to the excitement and drama of the image. The model's green eyes gaze in complete self-assurance at the viewer, communicating a degree of self-confidence and vanity that is only warranted by someone with Christina's epic beauty.

Better than any other image before it, this photograph shows Christina bridging the past and the present, reconciling history and the future, all through her incomparable allure. Her facial features are those of the greatest beauties from Classical Antiquity through to the present day--whether immortalized in sculpture, on canvas, or on the silver screen--but she is also so vividly a girl of Today, of the Here and Now, pointing the way to the Future.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the greatest beauty of our time--and quite possibly, of all time:

- Click to view at a larger size

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Old 12th July 2007   #2
M. Lopez
Senior Member
Join Date: August 2005
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt by Douglas Bizzaro

I have been following the posts and images on this site for many years now, but I have to agree with every superlative - this truly is the most stunning picture of a plus-size model, or of any model, I have ever seen; here, or in any magazine.

Christina has the most beautiful face of any model since Shannon Marie, and the photographer has captured it better than anyone else ever has. He really outdid himself, even compared to his past work, which has often been praise on this forum. This is the photographic equivalent of a art-gallery masterpiece; there's no other way to classify it.

There is no one on Earth who could look at that image and deny the superior beauty of the timeless, plus-size aesthetic.
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Old 12th July 2007   #3
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Join Date: May 2007
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt by Douglas Bizzaro

If there has ever been an image that screamed, "This should be a magazine cover," this is it. If there were a plus-size fashion magazine with this image on the cover, it would sell out on every newsstand in the country.

In fact, it would be an interesting experiment to take a glossy of this photograph to a bookseller or newsstand, and compare it with any magazine there. None of the covers would even come close to it in beauty - not Vogue, not Elle, not Cosmo, none of them.

Christina is breathtaking, and the photographer is a genius.
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Old 13th July 2007   #4
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Join Date: July 2005
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt by Douglas Bizzaro

I've kept coming back to look at this picture several times over the past couple of days, and every time I see it, it blows me away. It seems only right that Christina finally crossed paths with Douglas Bizzaro, as their styles seem so similar: ultra-sensual and alluring, but governed by feminine elegance. It's a natural fit.

This is the kind of picture that you can show to anyone, as say, "Look this is what plus-size beauty is all about." Christina's size-14 figure and round facial features are infinitely more gorgous than those of any starving model with an androgynous oval face and cadaverous, sunken cheeks (yeech).

I can't wait for a client to feature Christina in a bridal campaign, where her feminine allure and glamorous beauty will really be shown to full effect.
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Old 16th July 2007   #5
Join Date: July 2005
Posts: 1,784
Default Re: Christina Schmidt by Douglas Bizzaro

Christina's past Torrid work should convince anyone that her allure in this image is not a camera "trick," but a genuine representation of her stunning beauty.

Further evidence of her natural charms is provided by the following pair of Polaroids. We have recently praised Polaroids by Kailee O'Sullivan and Hayley Hasselhoff, and now we can add Christina's snapshots to the list of remarkable presentations of models in this most honest of photographic forms.

Here we see a lovely close-up of Christina flashing a warm, welcoming smile. The way in which she plunges her hands into her tresses and holds them aloft may be a practical action, for the purposes of showing off her facial features, but it is also a highly seductive pose. One can anticipate, in the very next moment, the model releasing her hair, and having it tumble over her shoulders. The blue top is quite flattering, with an attractive neckline.

And here is Christina in a eye-catching profile shot. Her grin has a touch of wickedness in it, and one can readily interpret this picture as a vignette of Christina casting a glance at an underweight rival, and thinking, "You just wish you had a figure as curvy as mine."

Whereas minus-size models require extensive image manipulation to look presentable, our favourite full-figured goddesses look just as gorgeous in simple Polaroids as they do in glamorous photographs. They truly represent a superior ideal of feminine beauty, and the day will yet come when the fashion industry, and the mass media in general, will be compelled to acknowledge this truth.

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Old 19th July 2007   #6
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt by Douglas Bizzaro

I adore all of Christina's pictures, but that first one is probably my favourite of all. I love the fact that she always looks like she knows just how beautiful she is. She really knows she's a goddess. She knows she deserves to be a star, to be on magazine covers, etc. I wish I could feel that way myself, but I'm glad that Christina is at least one full-figure girl who really does.
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Old 6th December 2007   #7
Penny Dreadful
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Join Date: December 2007
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt by Douglas Bizzaro

Hi. Today's my first day in this forum and I'm delighted to be here. And I have to agree, that head shot is AMAZING. I used to belong to a straight-size models forum, and I used that pic as my avatar. And all the plus-size haters would constantly ask me, 'Who's that? She's gorgeous!'

With her face and stunning curves, I hope she gets more notice.
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