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Old 27th July 2007   #1
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Default Kelsey: Hallowe'en 2007 (at Torrid)

Kelsey's innumerable fans will be delighted to see that Torrid has unveiled its Hallowe'en 2007 collection rather early this year, with Miss Olson once again as the featured model.

Although costumes such as these are not day-to-day fashions, these gorgeous images do show Kelsey in fine form, and some of the getups suggest wardrobe choices that would look stunning on a voluptuous vixen if they were incorporated into regular outfits, in a more conventional form.

The most alluring image of all is definitely this photograph of Miss Olson in a nurse's uniform. This picture will send many a fan into intensive care, to recover from the heart-attack that the sight of Kelsey looking so curvavceous will surely trigger. The dress fits closely around the model's womanly hips, showing off her generous Classical proportions better than any outfit ever has before. One would never wish to leave the hospital, if one were attended by a ministering angel of such luscious beauty.

Mon Dieu. Scarcely less breathtaking is this image of Kelsey in a French maid's getup, which hints at her most seductive feature, her curvy waist. Costume or not, the lace trim on the outfit is an enticingly feminine touch, and the fact that the design shows off the model's bare shoulders and arms makes her utterly irresistible. Contrary to the theme of the outfit, it is Miss Olson who would become the mistress of all, if she were dressed in this manner. Any man who chanced to gaze upon her would immediately become her servant.

Rather than exhibiting a "wicked" expression, Kelsey, obviously a Good Witch, offers a sunny smile in this costume, and adopts a really charming pose. Note how becoming the hat is, as an accessory. The wide brim is reminiscent of the large, feminine chapeaux that fin-de-siecle starlets such as Lillian Russell were fond of sporting, and the way in which Miss Olson wears it, with one eye shaded, is truly bewitching. Leaving the shoulders exposed helps the model cast her unbreakable spell over the viewer's heart.

And finally, although we are not at all fond of vertical stripes, Kelsey makes this "gangster" getup look sizzling. The low neckline adds considerably to the allure, as does the perfect fit, which allows the outfit to embrace the model's dangerous curves. Add to that the model's steamy expression, with parted lips, as well as her cascading tresses, and one has to conclude that beauty of such magnitude must be illegal, for no prohibited substance has ever been as intoxicating as are Kelsey's criminal curves.

Miss Olson's stunning beauty is no trick, much as it is a treat for the senses. Cute as these outfits are, what makes them so sexy is the well-fed figure of the model wearing them. This is the kind of beauty that the media suppresses, and of which it would have women deprive themselves.

It is time to reject modern thin-supremacist brainwashing, and to relish the generous curves that nature intended women to possess, proudly and confidently.

You can click on any of the above images to view the product pages, or see the entire Hallowe'en 2007 collection at

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Old 28th July 2007   #2
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Default Re: Kelsey: Hallowe'en 2007 (at Torrid)

I have to agree that she looks simply stunning! The French maid outfit and the nurse outfit are knockouts, showing her natural beauty. Kelsey seemed to have been missing from Torrid for a while, and now she comes out with this amazing photoshoot which very much makes up for it all.

Lovely shots but, as per usual with Kelsey, this is to be expected.

If I had the good fortune to meet her in her French maid outfit at a Halloween party, I would definitely become her servant for the day.
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Old 22nd August 2007   #3
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Default Re: Kelsey: Hallowe'en 2007 (at Torrid)

Halloween is still a while away, but I suppose it's never too early to pick up a costume. These outfits are a lot of fun- and Kelsey shows how sexy they can be too. I also think this Catholic-schoolgirl getup is flirty and playful- and Kelsey gives it just the right touch of naughtiness:

Some of the most captivating pictures of Kelsey are the close-up headshots of her that regularly appear in the "Accessories" section. This picture, showing her modelling a black headwrap, is breathtaking:

Is Kelsey the most beautiful of all plus-size models working today? She very well could be...
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Old 10th October 2007   #4
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Default Re: Kelsey: Hallowe'en 2007 (at Torrid)

Halloween is just around the corner, and Torrid sent out a mailer today, with a larger version of Kelsey in the "sailor" costume. She looks so cute!

The hairstyle covers up Kelseys long tresses, unfortunately (since her long hair is her crowning glory), but still, this is a fun picture. Torrid always does exciting Halloween promos, with just the right blend of whimsy and sexiness (the latter thanks to Kelsey herself).
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