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Default Ford Midwest

Hey all! I'm wondering why this site only comments on a couple of the Ford divisions. There is the new Ford Midwest, which encompasses Milwaukee, Chicago, and Atlanta. There are some beautiful women in the Midwest, and even more are and will be new and up and coming. We should really watch for new girls on these new Ford boards. So many people get caught up in the NYC and the California model scene, and I think the Midwest gets left behind. After all, some of the greatest curvy girls are from that region AND there will be more to come.

If we are trying to open the eyes of people who can't see beauty in plus-size women, aren't we doing a disservice by only showcasing a few of these women?? I mean, Crystal Renn has a size-30-inch waist! Is this plus size? Most women who are considered plus size have a bigger waist than 30 inches.

All in all, I think more new faces should be focused on.
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Default Re: Ford Midwest

You make an excellent point, and we agree with you wholeheartedly. This site has always wished to focus on fuller-figured models, and we would be happy to feature new talents, especially if they are larger than a size 14 (which is the absolute minimum size for a true plus-size model).

The trouble is that we are essentially limited to whatever pictures are available online. If new models show up on agency Web sites who are attractive and genuinely full figured, we will be delighted to showcase them. However, until that happens, we are limited to the current online offerings.

You are right to point out that it is worth watching divisions outside the "big two." At the plus-size division of Ford's recently-opened San Francisco branch, one can find several girls who do not yet appear on other Ford sites. Notable among these is Dena, who is listed as a size 16/18, with measurements 42-36-46:

Where or not one considers her a goddess, it is encouraging to see a size 16/18 model represented by a Ford division.

Ford San Francisco also represents a newcomer named Marritt. No stats for this model are yet available, and her card only consists of two Polaroids. However, Marritt definitely has a "look":

Even in those perennial epicentres of modelling, New York and L.A., it is well worth paying attention to other plus-size-model divisions besides 12+ and ten20--at least, until said divisions begin signing fuller-figured talent. For example, the IPM agency (a.k.a. IPlusModels) represents a new girl named Sarah Cummings, whose measurements (42-36-48) are truly goddesslike, and who, based on her initial tests, appears to be remarkably gorgeous, with an all-too-rare soft, fair look:

Absolutely stunning. We hope to see more of Sarah in the near future.

And further to curveygal1's point, if readers know of any promotions, campaigns, etc., that feature fuller-figured models who have not yet earned the public recognition that they deserve, please let us know.

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Default Re: Ford Midwest

Curveygal1 has kindly informed us of a new face in the Ford Midwest division--Carmen Prasnick, a size-14 model with Ford Milwaukee.

Carmen has two images in her portfolio that are quite lovely. The pink dress in the following image has an extremely flattering neckline, and the ruching at the bust is eye-catching. The detail of having the model hold her pink shoes (with ribbons!) in her hand is a nice touch. The ensemble is very youthful and girlish.

And as lingerie images go, this one is rather well done, with dramatic lighting, a shawl adding a hint of modesty, and a pose that only partially conceals the model's attractively full waist--thus drawing more attention to this womanly feature.

But even more excitingly, another regional Ford division has finally added a proper image of their most intriguing in-house talent. Ford San Francisco has now posted a single professional image of Marrit, whom we mentioned earlier in this thread. Adding to Marrit's appeal, it turns out that this Frisco model is a size 14/16--wonderfully so. Marrit is very attractive indeed, and we eagerly hope to see a full portfolio of her tests in the near future.

Marrit is definitely a newcomer to watch.
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