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Old 10th August 2007   #1
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Default Christina Schmidt in royal blue

We recently raved about a Christina Schmidt photograph taken by the great Douglas Bizzaro--a photograph that easily qualifies as one of the finest headshots ever produced.

Fans of this Canadian superstar will be thrilled to see several more images of the gorgeous Miss Schmidt from this extraordinary test. The pictures show her in a closely-fitted dress (one of the most alluring gowns she has ever worn) in a vibrant shade of royal blue--so befitting of this young princess.

The finest image in the series is the following, in which the model radiates supreme self-assurance. The dress is remarkably flattering on Christina's buxom figure, hinting at her curvy waist, and showing off her alluringly soft neck-and-shoulder area. The sheer fabric both conceals and reveals. Her raven tresses tumble over her shoulders like ocean waves on a moonless night.

Click to enlarge

Here we see the most overtly sensual expression that Christina has ever exhibited. Her acting skills are particularly evident here, as she uses her steamy eyes and pouting lips to create the persona of a spoiled princess, used to getting everything she wants, bored with superfluity of pleasure and craving new sensations, indolently expecting the slavish worship to which her opulent beauty so richly entitles her. Even her thick tresses add to the effect, cascading languorously, lazily, heavily, over her shoulders.

Click to enlarge

Next, we see Christina with an entirely different demeanour. The range that she exhibits, going from irresistibly vain goddess, above, to easygoing and lively young girl, below, is remarkable. One wonders what clever witticism the photographer used, to coax such a natural, big smile from our favourite starlet . . .

Click to enlarge

But it is still the seductively vain Christina that is most captivating. Here, the mass of hair tumbling over one eye, and the slightly parted lips, create a smouldering effect. This is Christina-as-vixen, fully conscious of her power to enslave the heart and soul of any man she targets as her latest prey.

Click to enlarge

And finally, we return to a variation on the first photograph, with the lighting showing off the model's naturally fair skin, and highlighting the babylike roundness of her facial features. It is that dash of childlike softness and innocence, contrasting with the model's passionate expressions, which makes her so captivating.

Click to enlarge

The pairing of Christina Schmidt and Douglas Bizzaro is one of those ideal meetings of talent that one dreams about, and which surpass even one's wildest expectations when they are realized. These images exemplify the kind of Vogue-quality work that the fashion industry could create to replace the androgynous and anorexic imagery that blights it today. So long as the models are youthful, gorgeous, and genuinely full-figured (as Christina is), and the photographer a master of his craft, the results would far surpass today's emaciated paradigm of fashion.

There is no need for anorexic skeletons to be paraded on the covers and pages of magazines, starving themselves literally to death, and inducing eating disorders in young women around the globe. Christina's work proves that models with opulent curves can make feminine apparel look far more attractive than their underweight rivals--and in doing so, boost young women's self-esteem rather than ruining it.

To gaze upon these pictures of timeless beauty is to see the possibility of a better future.

(Click images to view larger.)

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Old 13th August 2007   #2
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt in royal blue

These pictures are insanely gorgeous. In fact, they're probably my favourite images of Christina, ever. What I love about them is that they're intensely, unapologetically sexy, but in a very elegant and tasteful way. They represent a healthy, luscious vision of high fashion that not only embraces, but requires a full-figured model, with the kind of allure that only a very few models, such as Christina and Barbara Brickner, possess.

Incredible images, truly.
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Old 14th August 2007   #3
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt in royal blue

Of all of the fine pictures that have been posted here recently, these are the ones that turned my head the most. Everything works- the setting, the photograph, the wardrobe, the hair, the facial experssions, and especially, the model's gorgeous figure. This test represents a new level of accomplishment for Christina- and how amazing to think, she's only 19! As long as she doesn't starve herself down, but remains at least as curvy as she is today (or curvier), she could well become the most important plus-size model of today and tomorrow.
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Old 17th August 2007   #4
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt in royal blue

There really is no excuse when fashion magazines editors and designers claim that full-figured women don't carry clothes well or photograph well. With this set of pictures of Christina in royal blue as well of plenty of other photo shoots of generously endowed beautiful models on this site it puts their refusal to add full figured women to shame!

If these pictures were ever to grace magazines like Vogue or Elle Christina would outshine all the thin models in the magazine. These photos are the best yet on the site! I hope she continues to work with Douglas Bizzaro.
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Old 29th August 2007   #5
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt in royal blue

Of all of the recent discussions on this forum, none have prompted as many "Please post more!" requests than our thread about Christina Schmidt's blue-dress images. We are pleased to be able to share one more photograph from this test shoot--a picture of Christina laughing heartily, looking utterly breathtaking.

We are especially enamoured of this image because of the life-affirming spirit that it communicates. Christina's laugh is one of pure delight, a moment of abandon to the unrestrained enjoyment of life, and all that it has to offer. It indicates a complete rejection of diet-starvation, exercise-torture, or any form of self-denial. Instead, it speaks of the delectations of la dolce vita. Christina's bliss is that of a young woman who loves being gorgeous, who relishes being photographed, who savours being praised for her beauty. She proves that none of these things demand food deprivation; on the contrary, she shows that living life with gusto, indulging in pleasure to the fullest, enhances a woman's attractions.

This is just one of the many reasons why this model is so popular. Her pride in her own robust beauty, and the spirit of freedom and gratification that surrounds her, is intoxicating. At a time when the mass media is toxically undermining the self-esteem of curvy girls, Christina is providing the antidote, and is helping a generation of young women appreciate their natural appearance.

- Click here to view larger
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Old 11th September 2007   #6
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt in royal blue

As a little extra something to add to this thread, here are two new Wilhelmina agency Polaroids featuring Christina.

It is one thing if a model can look good when viewed through a great photographer's lens; it is yet another matter if she can turn heads in a simple snapshot--and Christina's Polaroids are always eye-popping.

The lens distorts Christina's facial a little bit in this image (it is actually rounder, less oval, and more attractive than it appears here), but this is still an effective image. The lacy lingerie top conceals and reveals in an alluring manner.

Steamier still is this figure shot, which will have hearts a-fluttering among Christina's many admirers, and have them eagerly looking forward to the day when a forward-thinking client enlists her services in an unmentionables campaign--for she surely possesses one of the most gorgeous figures of any model in the industry.

Christina's non-Amazonian height (5'7) and genuinely full-figured proportions make her one of the most promising talents in the industry. Add to that her posing prowess and self-assured attitude, and the result is a model whose potential for advancing the cause of size-celebration is limitless.

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Old 13th September 2007   #7
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt in royal blue

Leave it to Christina to produce Polaroids that surpass any magazine cover on the newsstands. Women's magazines, men's magazines, it doesn't matter - Christina's pictures surpass them all (even in a bare studio setting). The diaphanous lingerie is tasteful and modest - and all the more sensual for that reason.

Just imagine what she will accomplish when we finally see her in a gorgeous editorial shoot, or on an actual magazine cover...
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Old 6th December 2007   #8
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt in royal blue

Thanks so much for this post. Her face is heaven. And that gorgeous blue dress hugs her curves like a dream. The sexiest thing about her is her total comfort and confidence in herself. I'm new to the forum and so happy to be with people who appreciate beauty in all its forms.
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