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Default Notes from Europe

The terminology in this article is resolutely size-negative, but the info indicates at least a modicum of progress across the pond.

Notable news:

[F]or the first time in its history, the Paris Pret-a-Porter show, a must-be twice-a-year fashion event taking place this week, set aside special floor place for several dozen specialist firms producing sizes from 44 to 60 (18 to 34 in Britain, 16 to 32 in the United States, 17 to 33 in Japan).

"There is a demand for this," the head of France's powerful ready-to-wear federation Jean-Pierre Mocho, told AFP. "And the idea is not simply to make existing models bigger but to show creative new designs in large sizes."

This is encouraging; however, European plussize fashion is generally not yet as feminine or exciting as it is in North America, so the comparisons to straight-size vendors will not be favourable.

What would be far more important than giving full-figured companies floor space, though, would be featuring plussize models on the catwalks, walking in the runway shows - and not as a parody, but in a serious and glamourous way.

Still, at least one of the companies mentioned in the article deserves a passing glance:

In Barcelona, Spain's fashion capital, Marta Redon heads Biluzik, a six-year-old firm whose posters and catalogues feature young plus-sized girls hanging out in trendy denim mini-skirts and stylish hipster jeans.

"These poor girls were cast aside, there were no fashion clothes available to them," she said in an interview. "We are working to make sure that large sizes are no longer taboo."

In a radical move, she plans to place her plus-size ads in Marie-Claire magazine at the end of the year.

I wonder which edition of Marie Claire magazine that will be? Anyway, here are links to the Biluzik site and catalogue:

The clothing is average, but not too bad for Europe. The models could be prettier, but at least theyre genuinely full-figured.
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Default Re: Notes from Europe

This is a case in which the images are better than the clothing might lead one to expect.

Here, for example, is an attractive page from the catalogue. One wishes that the outfit wasn't all black (black always being a poor choice for full-figured girls), but the soft swell of the model's waist is clearly visible, as are her generously rounded legs. Her facial features are as full as a ripe peach, and her adorably pouty expression adds considerably to her beauty. The faraway gaze completes the look, which is altogether lovely.

Click to enlarge

In the following image, the clothing is particularly unremarkable, but the photographer still did an admirable job of creating a notable image. The model is effectively shown in a lounging state--indolent repose being the most alluring position in which plus-size models can ever be presented. The contours of the chair seem to conform to the model's sumptuous curves, lovingly embracing her weight. Denim skirts are a matter of taste, but at least the model is sufficiently curvy to fill out the skirt quite well, and give it shape. The edibles in the foreground, to the left, are a nice touch.

Click to enlarge

Between Biluzik and Carisal Fashion, Spain now has a genuine presence in the plus-size industry.

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