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Default Kelsey, Lindsey: Prom angels

Every once in a while, a campaign comes along which surpasses all that have preceded it, and takes the presentation of full-figured feminine beauty to a stratospheric new level.

This is one of those instances.

The 2008 prom promotion from Aurora Formals has just been released, and it shows size-14/16 goddess Kelsey Olson (the shining star of Dorothy Combs Models) looking more gorgeous than in any previous campaign.

Gaze upon this image, and discover one of the most perfect realizations of timeless beauty that mortal man has ever known.

Miss Olson's figure is softer, her facial features fuller, her peaches-and-cream complexion fairer than ever before. Her neck-and-shoulder area is more generously filled out, submerging her clavicle completely, and presenting a dizzying expanse of smooth white flesh, akin to the polished marble of a Greek statue.

The Aurora Formals team displays aesthetic brilliance in the presentation of Kelsey in their new campaign. Note how the delicate pink of this gown plays up Miss Olson's angelic qualities, emphasizing her feminine vulnerability, her need to be protected--even while her appearance also suggests a robust, well-fed state.

The vibrant blue of this dress catches the hue of Kelsey's sapphire eyes, and contrasts marvellously with her fair tresses.

Kelsey's curves are memorably exhibited by the deep decolletage of this pink dress, which draws the eye towards the model's soft fullness, effectively framing it. Superlative plus-size design (such as this) incorporates the heart-stopping beauty of a model's well-fed figure as the most attractive accessory of all.

Miss Olson is joined in this campaign by Lindsey Garbelman. Lindsey won fame in her first outings for Aurora Formals, but subsequently lost much of her attractiveness as her sensual figure diminished. For this promotion, however, Linsey has regained some of her former weight and allure. In this glamourous image of the two models together (which could easily be a magazine cover), note Lindsey's heavy, half-uncurled tresses flowing lazily over her shoulder--echoing the seductively indolent nature of plus-size beauty.

The following dress shows off Lindsey's renewed charms, particularly the seductive swell of her abdomen and hips, giving her the pear-shaped body-type idealized in Classical Antiquity.

Few models could stand alongside Kelsey--perhaps the most gorgeous plus-size model working today--and not be overshadowed, but Miss Garbelman has an opulent beauty of her own, as seen here, in what one fan calls Lindsey's "Elizabeth Taylor" look:

Aurora Formals deserves great credit for the romantic hairstyles in this campaign. The fairy-tales curls that Miss Olson exhibits in the following image play up her identity as a storybook princess.

Here, too, Kelsey's enchanting curls reinforce the notion that she has stepped right out of a heavenly dream of ideal beauty. Note, however, that her especially voluptuous figure and dark eyeshadow add a seductive, sensual touch to the look. She may be an angel, but one with earthly desires.

Gorgeous as Kelsey has always been, her especially rich appearance in this campaign enhances her allure still further. Note her particularly buxom silhouette in this dress,

and the luscious details of her figure, such as her dimpled knuckles (a feature found in many Renaissance paintings).

Note also the swell of her waist and the curve of her hips in this gown. Never before has Kelsey looked so regal, so abundantly entitled to the worship of every mere mortal who is fortunate enough to gaze upon her.

Although the following dress has an unappealing pattern, observe the opulence of Kelsey's full arms--their sumptuous shape being due to the natural roundness of self-indulgence, free of any disfiguring muscle tone.

In this particularly angelic image, Kelsey displays one of the most seductive traits that any goddess can exhibit in a formal gown: soft curves along her back, gently spilling over her dress--a feature that is sure to arrest every admirer's attention, and to capture his heart forever.

Indeed, reverse views of prom gowns are every bit as important as frontal displays--perhaps more so. In the following image, Lindsey shows how a perfectly-fitted dress can accentuate a vixen's abundant curves. Note the framing effect of the shawl, which directs the eye below it, and the cascade of brunette tresses tumbling down the model's bare back. Also, observe the fullness of Kelsey's doll-like facial features.

Halter designs appear to be especially popular for the coming year--and for good reason, as they effectively showcase the buxom charms of these dazzling beauties.

By adding a diaphanous shawl to a halter dress to conceal her exposed back, a vixen can inflame the desires of her admirers still further, leaving them breathlessly awaiting the moment of her unveiling, when she will reveal the soft charms that her shawl has only partially hidden.

Perhaps even more flattering than a halter design is a strapless, sleeveless style. To heighten its appeal, a prom princess should wear the dress as low on the front as she dares, creating the illusion that the dress is precariously positioned--which will drive her admirers wild with anticipation.

Sensual as the strapless style may be, it can also create an elegant look, as seen in this particularly chic and glamorous image of Kelsey. Note how the model heightens the effect with her rapacious expression.

Above all, the most important criterion of a prom gown is that it does not constrict a vixen's figure, but fits snugly, thus allowing the generous contours of a plus-size body to give the dress an attractive shape. Note, in the following picture, how the sensual swell of Lindsey's waist is visible beneath her power-blue gown.

And in the following image, observe how the close fit of the gown at the bust creates a far more seductive effect on the model's buxom figure than a loose fit could ever achieve.

Colour, too, is an especially important criterion that a goddess should consider when selecting prom-wear. Although light colours are generally more attractive on voluptuous vixens than dark hues, the navy shade of this gown directs the admirer's attention to the breathtaking beauty of Kelsey's face, framed by the halo of her soft, loose, golden tresses.

Achieving a completely different effect, the vibrant citrus colour of this dress arrests the eye. In any ballroom, a fair-haired goddess wearing a dress in this shade would instantly become the centre of attention. Note, too, how the lively hue alters the model's demeanour--Kelsey becomes a ray of golden sunshine in this dress, appearing more vibrant and energetic and alive.

Although Miss Olson inevitably captures the most interest in this campaign, Lindsey provides a fine compliment--the dark angel alongside the fair angel. Having regained some of her former weight, Lindsey has recovered a good deal of her beauty. Observe the sensual "slight rise" of a "slope towards the throat" in Lindsey's facial features, as well as the suggestion of fullness around the model's waist, in both the following solo image,

and in this picture of the two vixens together:

Perhaps the dress that best reveals the recaptured magnificence of Lindsey's figure is this deep crimson gown, which holds the model's hips in a loving embrace.

This dress also displays the contours of the model's figure in three dimensions, and frames the soft roundness of her curvaceous arms.

When Lindsey allows her figure to fill out to its natural shape, she is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous models in the industry.

She is also exceptionally gifted at posing, and her expressions convey a innate elegance and glamour, somewhat reminiscent of Catherine Zeta Jones at her curvaceous best.

Together, these goddesses present one of the most captivating model pairings since Shannon Marie and Barbara Brickner appeared together in Mode magazine. Both girls are surpassingly gorgeous; both are genuinely full-figured; both represent the absolute pinnacle of plus-size beauty. They also have great chemistry together.

Bravo to Aurora Formals for enlisting Miss Olson's services to represent their fashions (Kelsey being the ultimate dream-date of any prom-goer), and for pairing her with the lovely Miss Graham. This campaign is a remarkable advance for size-celebration, and will long be remembered.

- Prom 2008 at The Formal Source

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Default Re: Kelsey, Lindsey: Prom angels

I've been in complete awe of this campaign from the moment that it appeared here. Kelsey, always beautiful, looks even more breathtaking now than before. I especially love the images that show Kelsey experimenting with more sensual expressions, such as the first pink-dress picture, and the black-dress photograph. The steaminess of those looks heightens her increased beauty -- which is augmented still further by these beautiful fashions. For a presentation of her Classical figure, the first picture is unsurpassable.

Of the dresses themselves, I would say that the lightest colours look most enchanting against Kelsey's fair skin. All three pink dresses are dazzling (the cut of the second one is most alluring, but the first one has the loveliest shade -- such a delicate pink), and the baby-blue dress and the coral dress are exquisite too. And I agree that the vibrant citrus gown is exciting -- it's like Kelsey is shining with her own sunlight.

I still think that Aurora Formals cuts the backs too high on their halter designs (halter dresses must be cut low at the back, to achieve that sensual "bare" look) but they are getting somewhat better in this respect.

Lindsey is gorgeous too, and although she has not yet recovered the beauty that she possessed in her first prom campaigns, she is a stunner in her own right.
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M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kelsey, Lindsey: Prom angels

One of the top two campaigns of the season, without a doubt, and a personal best for Kelsey. Gorgeous as she is, Kelsey - like every plus-size goddess - has her beauty raised to an even-higher level when she models elegant dresses. Gowns like these are far sexier, in my opinion, than even swimwear and lingerie, especially on a soft-figured vixen. The first picture in particular is a definitive presentation of plus-size beauty.
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