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Default Michelle Ewin (CSI: NY)

It's so rare to see actresses on television who are full-figured and attractive, that when the rare example of such a goddess comes along, it's worth taking note.

A forum reader recently informed us that an episode of the TV crime drama CSI:NY features a gorgeous plus-size actress, and a Web search turned up a clip of her appearance.

The actress's name is Michelle Ewin, and while she is obviously no Christina Schmidt or Anita Ekberg, she certainly has a look.

What works in Michelle's favour, in this episode, is the fact that the plot involves the murder of a young girl at a débutante ball. Michelle plays the victim's sister--who, like her sibling, was one of the debs--and as a result, the actress gets to play her scene dressed in a gorgeous débutante gown (strapless, sleeveless, which is always the most flattering design for showcasing plus-size beauty).

What makes Michelle so gorgeous, apart from her buxom figure, are her lovely facial features. She possesses the exquisite combination of high cheekbones and lavish fullness in her face--the combination yielding a very well-fed look, which is highly alluring.

She also exhibits the "slight rise" of a "slope towards the throat." These qualities, along with the romantic hairstyle that she is given for the role, create the captivating persona of a spoiled, self-indulgent princess--the most alluring character-type of all.

One would almost think that the episode's director is a secret admirer of timeless beauty, as his camera captures Michelle in her figure-exhibiting gown from every angle.

Particularly eye-catching is the reverse view, which shows the soft contours along the actress's back (although the dress is cut too high to create as sensual a look as it could have done).

A moment during which the actress does a turn for the camera seems expressly designed to show off her beautiful gown,

and no viewer could possibly deny that Michelle's robust figure fills out such a dress far better than any stick-skinny Hollywood starlet ever could.

Another element that makes Michelle's scene so captivating is that her character is written to be wicked--a villainess, in fact. (We will not reveal whether she is the murderess or not.)

This gives her performance an extra touch of sensuality, for the contrast between the feminine softness of her well-fed appearance, and the evil disposition of her character, is intoxicating.

It is so refreshing, and so exciting, to see a full-figured character written not as a frumpy loner, nor as a self-pitying victim, but as a vain, irresistibly self-indulgent beauty queen, who puts her own desires above everyone else's.

This is a far more empowering role for a plus-size actress than the kind of feel-sorry-for-me parts to which they have hitherto been relegated. The character's alibi for the time of the murder is that she "spent the night with a boy"--this too being a significant detail, emphasizing that she is highly desired by the opposite sex. (How could she not be?)

The director even gives the viewer extra glimpses of Michelle's features, such as a flashback sequence which displays, in close-up, the fullness of the model's arms.

But the loveliest view of all appears when the actress exits the police office. The camera catches her with a serene expression on her face--and in that moment, she looks truly angelic.

The bodice of her dress appears a tad too constricting, and her figure seems to be struggling against it, fighting to give the piece a more naturally rounded form. The fullness of her silhouette is ver much evident.

Kudos to CSI:NY for casting a plus-size actress, for devising a compelling part for her to play, and for outfitting her in the most becoming wardrobe imaginable. If such instances of full-figured beauty on network television were the norm and not the exception, society would soon reject the anorexic modern standard, and embrace the timeless ideal.

- Click here to view video clip (39 Mb)
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