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Old 25th September 2007   #1
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Default Savage satire

Satire often enables a writer to express a critique of a subject that he cannot state in any other form.

With that in mind, here's a pretty savage send-up of the state of the fashion industry today. The sad thing is that it's not far from the truth of the matter at all, except for the bit about the models' living conditions.

(Caution: one of the images included is not appropriate for younger viewers.)

Again, the scary thing is that there is barely any exaggeration in the piece at all. There doesn't need to be. The truth about this industry is so horrible, that it sounds unbelievable - yet that's the way it really is.

Consider the third paragraph. Or consider this blurb:

Last week we had 3 of them die on us, but we replaced them immediately and now the new recruits have already joined the Elite Modeling Agency.
It's the sort of thing that you'd think could only be an exaggeration. But it's the grim truth (Anna Carolina Reston and the Ramos sisters).

And no one does anything to stop it...
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Old 1st October 2007   #2
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Default Re: Savage satire

That piece doesn't mince its words, does it? But it's a pretty damning critique, and I think it's right on the money. The dismal fact is that, outlandish as the assertions are, they are almost all totally correct. The reality is so horrible that it sounds like a warped nightmare- but it's how things really are, and it's time for the government to step in and end this plague, once and for all.

However, the anorexia poster that's featured in the article may be ineffective as a weapon against media-fostered starvation. In this opinion piece, the writer points out that some individuals who have already had their perceptions badly distorted might even use it as a sick form of "inspiration," and have their disorders worsened by it:

Her solution is the right one:

Replace all billboards of Isabelle Caro [the anorexic] with billboards of a full-figured model like Crystal Renn. Such an image would challenge the standard of unattainable beauty that the fashion and beauty industries strive to portray. Rather than glamorizing impossible thinness, these billboards would glamorize health, curves and confidence. The headline should remain the same – “No Anorexia” – and the model should be photographed, as Caro was, in a fashion magazine pose. Then, Nolita should extend their size range to include women the model’s size and larger.

I actually think that some fuller-figured models, like Charlotte Coyle, Barbara, Christina, or Kelsey, would be even more effective in a "No anorexia" campaign than Crystal, but the point is the right one. The way to combat thin-supremacist brainwashing is with images of plus-size beauty, not with even more pictures of emaciation.
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Default Re: Savage satire

Hello! I'm Jessica, the writer of the piece you quoted. I've been a Judgment of Paris reader for quite some time, so it was interesting to see my own words here! I wanted to clarify why I chose Crystal as an example rather than some of the other beautiful, more plus-size models you mentioned. Crystal's name is recognized in conjunction with high fashion and (I'm hoping) those who read the piece would recognize it as well, or at least Google her and find her dazzling appearance in the Gaultier show. Also, before I had to edit my piece to keep it within the required word limit, I had included a blurb about Crystal's own battle with anorexia, which seemed contextually relevant.

Hope that clears up my decision a bit. Wonderful will be the day when all plus-size models are as recognizable as Crystal Renn.
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