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Old 21st October 2007   #1
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Default Curvy Girl Clothing

I just discovered this online clothing company the other day, and I love it. It's a junior-plus retailer, like Torrid, and also like Torrid, it uses customers as models. But the good news is that the girls it chooses actually look plus. And I really like this company's images in general.

Take a look, for example, at a current promotion, which is a Hallowe'en campaign. The girl on the right is the company's best model, named Shannon:

In the pink, she's like a full-figured Barbie, although she would look even better with longer hair.

Here she is again, on the right, in another one of the "Hallowe'en fairy" pictures. I think this is one of the more beautiful plus-size-model pictures I've ever seen.

I love that it shows the soft fullness of the model's arm, and her pink halter dress reveals the soft curves along her back. A pair of full-figured enchantresses in the woods- what a brilliant idea for a pretty, editorial-like campaign.

But there are lots of creative images on the site. The other models aren't quite as pretty as the blonde, but they are still reasonably photogenic, and at least they are curvy.

What makes this picture work so well is that the setting is lush and natural, and the girls are wearing very delicate, feminine dresses and tops. A parade of well-fed girls in an idyllic landscape. It's almost like a dream-image.

Here's another landing-page picture of Shannon. The dress is so-so, but you can perceive the fullness of her waist and figure:

I like a lot of the Curvy Girl styles, because they wrap close to the body, and are quite feminine. Here's one of their prettiest white dresses:

Here's another:

A girly, romantic top:

And another top that's very feminine and sexy, because of the ruching at the bust, and the tight fit. Attractive print, too.

The company also stages occasional fashion shows. Here's Shannon leading the girls at a recent event,

and solo. Her womanly hips and full legs give her an attractive silhouette.

The secret to the success of this company's pictures is in their modelling criteria. The Curvy Girl Clothing site lists several:

Our samples are always made in size 18, so models of this size are given preferential treatment.

We prefer models be between 5'4" and 5'8" .

You must be photogenic (this is modeling, after all).

Visible tattoos and body piercings are highly discouraged.
The company's preference for size 18 models is wonderful, but just as important is the fact that its models are supposed to be between 5'4 and 5'8. Finally! At last, here's a company that gets it right, because it realizes that models with more normal heights look fuller and curvier (and therefore more beautiful) than the overly tall modelling standard- a standard that should never have applied to plus-size models in the first place, since the whole point of a full-figured model is that she is supposed to look plus, not tall and thin.

Here's another picture of Shannon (who is 5'6 and a size 16/18, which is perfect); a behind-the-scenes photo from one of the company's shoots.

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Old 1st November 2007   #2
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Default Curvy Girl Clothing runway show

Here's a treat for aficionados of plus-size beauty.

Curvy Girl Clothing staged a fall/winter runway show earlier this year (the picture of Sarah in yellow is from that show), and the company has posted a video of the event online:

[NOTE: link removed as no longer functional--HSG]

It's an amazing 13-minute display of full-figured femininity. Sarah completely steals the show. She's a delight to watch, and obviously takes pleasure in her own curvy figure. The highlight is the sight of her walking down the runway in that sunny yellow dress.

The first model, the one who opens the show, also has a fine look.

Some of the girls handle the runway walk much better than others, but still, the overall level of catwalk prowess is better than one might expect. It's a pity the video resolution is rather weak (for a 13-minute video, they probably wanted to keep the file size down). The camera work, on the other hand, is fairly good (although one should never let a model's face move out of frame!). The camera films from the end of the runway, like a true fashion event.

The show definitely validates Curvy Girl Clothing's policy of using models between 5'4 and 5'8, and preferring models size 18 or higher. The girls look genuinely full-figured, and therefore make the clothing look highly appealing. It makes a person eager to see Christina Schmidt on the runway.

Great presentation.

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Old 9th November 2007   #3
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Default Re: Curvy Girl Clothing runway show

Originally Posted by Chad
The show definitely validates Curvy Girl Clothing's policy of using models between 5'4 and 5'8, and preferring models size 18 or higher. The girls look genuinely full-figured, and therefore make the clothing look highly appealing. It makes a person eager to see Christina Schmidt on the runway.

Oh, yes! (To both.) I ADORED this runway show. How thrilling to see models on the runway with visibly soft figures, wearing sexy, youthful fashions. All the styles look great on their full curves. This is the perfect example of what a plussize runway show should look like.

Twice yearly, a certain Italian company stages supposedly "plus" runway shows, but those are always disappointing and insulting, as the models are all faux-plus, all abnormally tall and thin, and hardly look much different from minus-size models. Whats the point? But the Curvy Girl Clothing runway show, on youthful models with truly womanly figures, is the right way to do it.

And at least least two of the girls are actually quite pretty - the first model, and Shannon. I liked her little touch of blowing the audience a kiss at the end.
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