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Old 30th October 2007   #1
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Default Kailee: Opulent Beauty

Fresh from Ford come the most captivating images ever produced by the agency's most popular and exciting model, Kailee O'Sullivan.

Opulence is the theme of this series--and never has Miss O'Sullivan looked as opulently beautiful as she does here. Indeed, the following image is one of those perfect presentations of the timeless ideal--not only because it shows the fullness of the model's figure, but also because it captures the essence of femininity itself.

The naked vanity that Kailee displays in this image is intensely, overwhelmingly sensual. Her expression reveals that she considers herself utterly irresistible--that she is sure of it (and she is absolutely correct). She knows that she can use her beauty to get whatever she wants--effortlessly. Moreover, she realizes that it is the fullness of her figure which makes her so alluring. Her arm is soft and rounded, and she displays it proudly, prominently, like on object of hypnotizing power. Note that she is pulling up her dress to display even more of her luscious thighs--and that in doing so, her forearm looks especially curvy. She knows that it is her own self-indulgence which has made her so entrancing.

With her other arm, she strokes her elegant tresses, to create an even more bewitching effect. The dress, in a classical off-white, is ideally designed to showcase her sumptuous figure. It defines the fullness of her bust, and frames a dizzying expanse of flawless porcelain skin, including her arms, neck area, and shoulders. The dark lipstick is a scintillating touch, enhancing the persona that Kailee creates, giving her a touch of wickedness, even cruelty, that only makes her more alluring.

The fact that she has doffed her shoes contributes to the model's seductive pose, betokening pampered languor and indolence. This is a goddess who dislikes exertion of any kind, and knows that she needs only to project sensuality from a position of ease and repose to enslave any man's soul. She is spoiled beyond spoiled, always seeking more pleasure--more indulgence of every kind--unable to get her fill. Note the fact that she is sitting on a chaise covered in fur (real fur, of course--a goddess such as this would demand no less), to increase her comfort. She knows that her beauty entitles her to the finest things in life.

The pièce de résistance is the model's pouty expression, which smoulders with a banked-down fire, suggesting the passions that lurk just beneath her languid demeanour. Her eyes burn with a dark flame, flashing a mixture of desire and command: "Worship me, now."

Also stunning is the following image, showing Kailee sipping the finest champagne. Here again we see that passionate, blood-red lipgloss. The gown thrillingly shows off the model's back--rounded and sensual, with no bones exposed, merely soft fullness. The dress embraces her figure closely, fitting snugly and perfectly, lingering over every womanly curve. The lacy fabric heightens the sense of elegance around the model. Her expression is fascinating--as is she were bored with the ease of her conquests, and wonders if there is any man in the world who can ever resist her. Yet there is also an intriguing element of self-awareness about the pose, as if the model were carefully choosing this position to display her figure to best advantage. The diamond-encrusted bracelet and huge ring are just some of the presents that her groom (for this is obviously a bridal dress) has bestowed on her, attempting to win her heart.

The third image in this opulent series shows Kailee with an intense expression, heightened by the dramatic lighting. Note how the light falls directly on her full, rounded arm, indicating that the photographer realized that this limb is the apex of the model's sensual beauty. She wears a fur accessory (also real, for such a goddess would deny herself nothing), but carefully arranges it in such a way as to leave her seductive arm exposed, knowing full well what powerful beauty it possesses. With her other hand, she holds the wall, but this action seems secretly calculated to exhibit her other arm--soft, smooth and white as the polished marble of a Greek statue. Her faraway look also seems specifically chosen to exhibit the beauty of her facial features.

We are unaware of the source of these images--whether they are test photos, or part of a bridal editorial (and we have long yearned for Kailee to do a bridal shoot, inasmuch as bridal imagery is the zenith of the fashion industry, the genre in which the opulent beauty of the wardrobe harmonizes with the opulent beauty of plus-size goddesses). But either way, they represent a new level of accomplishment for a model who is already one of the finest in the industry, and Ford's greatest talent by far.

Kailee displayed extraordinary maturity even in her earliest work, but her ability to embody elegance, as revealed in these images, surpasses anything we could have imagined--and not merely a static, serene kind of elegance, but one invested with dark, beguiling passions. The first image in particular may be the finest presentation we have ever seen of that most captivating of all archetypes, the pampered, spoiled princess. Indeed, it shows the spoiled princess a few years later, indicating that her vanity has only increased, as have her appetites, her greed--making her even more irresistible.

It would seem impossible that Kailee could ever surpass that first image--the finest of her career, and one of the greatest that any plus-size model has ever created--but nothing appears to be beyond the ability of this gorgeous and exciting young model.

- Kailee galleries
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Old 31st October 2007   #2
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Default Re: Kailee: Opulent Beauty

The photos are stunning, especially the first one, which is a masterpiece. Kailee has always had a special gift for expressive posing, but she outdid herself in these pictures. It's remarkable that she can present emotions of such complexity and depth at such a tender age.

The only possible way in which these images could have been improved would have been with a more ornate setting, a more Baroque location, such as one sees in the best bridal campaigns. But that's just a minor issue.

The point about the poses and expressions being concerned with display is especially interesting. These pictures don't merely demonstrate a goddess's self-involvement, but showcase her reaction to her beauty's effect. The vixen is basking in the feeling of power that she experiences from seeing others enslaved by her beathtaking appearance. It's a mutually fulfilling relationship -- the goddess who loves being adored, and the acolytes who love adoring her.
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Old 5th November 2007   #3
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Default Re: Kailee: Opulent Beauty

Kailee fans will be thrilled to see her new Ford promotional video, which was just released last week.

As we have long maintained, Kailee's first video is the measure against which all promotional clips must be judged, and it set such a high standard that not even Kailee's new video can match it. In her new clip, her voice loses a touch of that sugary sweetness which made her first video so captivating--but the images are still breathtaking.

Also, since the attire is loose, one must turn from this video to Miss O'Sullivan's immortal Glamour magazine tear sheet, or to the opulent series of bridal images above, to get a better appreciation of the soft fullness of her figure. (We dread to think that Kailee might have diminished herself between the time that those images were created and this video was shot--it would be another tragedy, of the kind that has previously befallen other up-and-coming plus-size stars.) Still, this profile shot hints at the model's curves.

The new video vividly demonstrates Kailee's posing virtuosity, and her gift for dramatic expressiveness. Particularly stunning are the images in which she adopts a haughty demeanour, as if saying to the viewer, "Just look at how gorgeous I am."

Kailee's potential to become one of the greatest plus-size supermodels is limitless, but the one factor that could eradicate fan enthusiasm and eliminate her contributions to size celebration would be if she were to diminish in size (and therefore, in beauty). If she can avoid this pitfall and remain at least as curvaceous as she is today--or better, if she would become fuller-figured--there is no limit to how great her accomplishments might be.

- Click here to view Kailee's new promotional video
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Default Re: Kailee: Opulent Beauty

Originally Posted by HSG
The pièce de résistance is the model's pouty expression, which smoulders with a banked-down fire, suggesting the passions that lurk just beneath her languid demeanour. Her eyes burn with a dark flame, flashing a mixture of desire and command: "Worship me, now."

This image has me mesmerized. It's definitely one of Kailee's best, and perhaps her very finest. The opulence of the theme, and the darkly passionate expression, suits her so well. And the dress is incredibly sensual.

Kailee also appears in the current MXM campaign, although it's a pity that the pictures are in black and white. (She looks more dramatically beautiful in colour.) I also miss Christina in this campaign. She and Kailee modelled so well together in the Fall promotion, and I hope Christina will be back for next season.

Kailee's current MXM cover is stunning though:

Finally, one of the new MXM pictures actually shows Kailee looking as curvy as she really is. She looks gorgeous in this photo.
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