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Old 5th November 2007   #1
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Default Kelsey, Lindsey in the desert

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your first glimpse of an exciting shoot that took place just this past weekend, involving gorgeous models Kelsey Olson and Lindsey Garbelman.

And this is not just any regular studio session. According to photographer Michael Anthony (the lens of Torrid):

I took them both out to the California desert on Saturday... about 30 miles out from civilization a couple hundred miles out from Los Angeles...

The setting is intensely dramatic, with the horizon stretching out into infinity behind these vixens. The location gives them an epic quality--enhanced by the models' commanding poses and pouty, alluring expressions. Not even the most successful straight-size supermodels exhibit self-assurance such as this.

The incomparable Miss Olson looks particularly self-possessed and stunning. She blends the qualities that endow her with a gentle femininity (golden hair, pink kissable lips, and a fair complexion), with the formidable bearing of a goddess whose beauty brings the world to its knees. Her look blends the timeless and the contemporary in an intoxicating way. If you took Lillian Russell or an Asti angel and placed her in the modern world, she would look exactly like Kelsey.

We are told that even the models themselves have not yet seen the pictures, so Judgment of Paris readers--you are the first.

Could this mean a full-fledged Torrid shoot for this pair in the future? One can only hope . . .
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Default Re: Kelsey, Lindsey in the desert

All I can say is, WOW!

I think it's incredible that we get to see first shots. Awaiting more as a full-fledged shoot... (That would be great.) Good luck to them both. It sure looks like some very exciting scenery for the shoot.
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Old 13th November 2007   #3
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Default Lindsey in the desert

We are delighted to share several more images from Miss Garbelman's desert shoot with Michael Anthony.

First, here is a marvellous image of the model with a heart-stopping hand-in-the-hair pose. The cut of the dress is well suited to showing off the allure of a Classical figure, drawing attention to the wearer's sumptuous shape. An especially lovely aspect of plus-size model imagery is the occasional daring detail (seen here), showing the model's figure not quite contained by her dress, escaping to form visible roundness beyond. Such size-positive and sensual touches present models as flesh-and-blood goddesses exhibiting soft fullness, rather than hard, synthetic mannequins (a la their underweight, straight-size rivals).

What makes this shoot unique is, of course, the spectacular location. This image capitalizes on the dramatic setting, with the ribbon of desert road stretching off into infinity, and the mountains looming in the far distance. The red luggage and shoes create a striking colour contrast in the midst of this arid environment. The image is replete with narrative possibilities--a genuinely editorial photo. How did this beauty end up in such a foreboding locale, still looking so pristine and polished (if somewhat annoyed)? Who could possibly fail to stop and give her a lift to any destination she might desire--even across the world?

Here, in a second take on the theme, the model has made her allure more overt, knowing well that the curve of her hips will sooner arrest a driver's attention than an outstretched thumb. Is any fantasy more potent than this?--the dream of travelling to a distant land and, en route, saving a damsel in distress (even if the red of her luggage suggests that she could actually be a wicked temptress--and all the more alluring for that reason). Even if this vixen were to end up thieving your money, your car (and certainly your heart), it would be worth it, just to spend a few dizzying moment in the company of such a wild, self-indulgent seductress.

Here we have an even more enticing image of Lindsey plunging her hand into her hair. If a model possesses the kind of thick, flowing hair that Lindsey does, she should certainly make the most of it. Nothing draws a viewer's attention to the beauty of a model's tresses as effectively as does such an overt, irresistible display of their abundant charms.

Black is generally the least desirable colour for plus-size models to wear, but note how well the blood-red accessories show up against it. They testify to the model's darkly passionate nature, which is further underscored by her rapacious expression. The pose effectively shows off the beauty of the model's arm.

The cut of this piece is actually very flattering on Lindsey. If a model has not yet gained sufficient curves to submerge her clavicle in soft fullness, a dress such as this hides her collarbone, while showing off her most attractive features--in Lindsey's case, her soft, shapely arms.

What a delight to see such an original test series from this model/photographer team. This is one of Michael Anthony's most intruiging shoots, and a real departure for Lindsey, allowing her to show off another dimension of her talent.

We look forward to seeing further captivating work from Miss Garbelman in the near future.
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