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Old 4th January 2008   #1
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Default Barbara: Luscious in citrus (at Nordstrom)

Ooooh, how I adore this new picture of Barbara at Nordstrom! It's the most delicious picture they've taken of her since the fall. Here you can see it regular size, to take it all in,

and larger:

The top is an extremely flattering cut, obvious designed to show off the buxom charms of a full-figured goddess. And the colour is so vibrant and alive. It makes the wearer look...well, "yummy" is the word that comes to mind. It's just the thing to make you smile, in the depths of winter.

Here's the page

I also like the fact that they gave the model a bit of that romantic wave in her hair. Barbara always looks most gorgeous when she adopts a more voluptuous hairstyle like this.
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Old 6th January 2008   #2
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Default Re: Barbara: Luscious in citrus (at Nordstrom)

Wow, what great colors!
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Old 10th January 2008   #3
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Default Re: Barbara: Luscious in citrus (at Nordstrom)

Here are a few more images and styles in this attractive new series of Barbara images.

First, a chunky sweater -- a great item for the colder months. I love Barbara's dramatic expression. It's easy to imagine a craggy seacoast backdrop, with the wind catching her hair. And men absolutely love it when curvy women don a comfy sweater like this. They say it makes women look "snuggly."

It's not closely-fitted, but somehow Barbara always manages to suggest the curves of her figure beneath whatever she models. Great image.

Everyone loved the colour of the first outfit, and here's another lively hue -- a shade to which Nordstrom gives the wonderful name, "Celtic Green."

The sash is optional, but I would say essential. The top looks formless without it. The sash is a very attractive piece in its own right, and adds to the "Celtic" flavour of the top, and most important of all, it better defines the wearer's shape (but without compressing the waist). Belts like this are wonderful, while those unsightly modern "wide" belts are abominations.

And finally, I'm not overly happy with this top (the formless issue), but at least the neckline is...different, and I like Barbara's faraway gaze.

And at any rate, it's nice to see more images of Barbara in this very attractive, romantic hairstyle. I hope she grows her hair longer again...
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Old 18th January 2008   #4
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Barbara: Luscious in citrus (at Nordstrom)

Here's a new image to add to this thread. I don't think much of the jacket, but just look at how pretty Barbara appears:

Such a delightful smile. And it never fails to amaze me that she always looks to be in her early 20s - younger, in fact, than most models who are that age. More proof that eating generously is nature's true fountain of youth. And very, very few models could show off an outfit as ordinary as that and make it look pretty; yet Barbara manages this.

Here's the product page:

Oh, and here's one more item showing Barbara in that voluptuous hairstyle above. Too loud a print, for my tastes, but Barbara looks great:
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Old 31st January 2008   #5
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Default Re: Barbara: Luscious in citrus (at Nordstrom)

It seems that nothing else Nordstrom will produce this season will even come close to matching the first picture in this thread, showing Mrs. Brickner looking gorgeous in that citrus top, but I thought Id add a few more here, in the category of "It could only look good on Barbara."

Here is a really cute picture. The top - meh. I doubt I would ever wear it. But doesnt she look like a curiver, more beautiful version of the actress who plays Lana Lang on Smallville? I love that knowing smile, that hint of mischief in her feline eyes.

SO pretty.

Also, now Im no suit fan, but this image shows how a goddess with a figure as shapely as Barbara can make even "career wear" look curvy and almost feminine:

You could almost say it looks sexy, though its a type of clothing that is created to rob a woman of her figure. What helps is that its closely fitted. It looks great from the back too:

It just goes to show you - there are some plussize goddesses in this world who are so beautiful, that not even dull clothing can disguise their allure.
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