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Default Syl Design (NL)

One always likes to offer praise whenever one sees a European company turning away from the frumpy, matronly approach of old, and adopting a more Torrid-like philosophy. One example of this admirable trend can be found in a Dutch maker of plus-size lingerie called Syl Design. (We are generally reluctant to feature lingerie imagery on this site, but we'll make an exception in this case.)

If one visits the Syl site (linked below), one finds that the company used to produce rather dreadful images of older, unattractive models presenting their wares. But an ad in the Dutch plus-size magazine Big Is Beautiful alerted us to a bold new vision at Syl.

This young minx is visibly plus-size, and in the best way--with a well-fed figure that is not at all "toned." Her arms are full and soft, and she is quite buxom. But note in particular the attitude in her expression. She has obviously taken a page out of Christina Schmidt's book, and is presenting the face of voluptuous vixens today, who are supremely confident in their own attractiveness.

The same model graces the Syl site's cover page, in an image that is even more daring and size-positive than the above ad.

Here we clearly see the soft fullness of her waist, which she exhibits without any reservation--in fact, with obvious pride, knowing full well how seductive her figure is. Note also the clever styling--the gypsy skirt being a wonderfully feminine element that softens the look, while the glove on her left had adds a more contemporary, almost punkish touch.

The Syl site also features her in a much gentler, more romantic look, showing off a very attractive bridal-lingerie ensemble. Note the alluring details--the way in which the strap above her bustier presses into her skin; the sheer drapery over her legs; and the "measured messiness" of the hair, all the more attractive for being a tousled version of what was presumably a refined "do" the night before. With the morning light bathing her from the side, it's an altogether stunning image.

We end with one more photograph of the model in the bustier shown initially. This picture provides a closer look at her romantic hairstyle, which is a key element in the success of this series.

Kudos to Syl Design for upgrading its promotional strategy by expending the effort to find an attractive and visibly full-figured young model, and a talented photographer and styling team to shoot her in an exciting way.

Once again, Holland is proving to be one of the most progressive nations in the world in advancing the cause of size celebration. Many U.S. retailers could take a page out of the Dutch plus-size industry's books.

- Syl Design
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