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Old 10th February 2008   #1
M. Lopez
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Default Valerie: Curvy again! (Reitmans)

WOW. I was star-struck when I saw the new picture of Valerie Lefkowitz at the Reitmans site. Now we know it's true - it's really happened. Valerie has fully regained her figure. She is as curvy and as gorgeous and she has ever been.

Valerie appeared in a horrible anti-plus campaign earlier this year, which was a terrible disappointment to all of her fans, and a complete betrayal of everying plus-size models stand for. However, I think we have to forgive her. It's SO wonderful to see her return to her curvaceous fullness again. And the industry is so desperately lacking in genuinely plus and genuinely beautiful models at the top agencies, that Valerie's re-emergence as a full-figured goddess must be celebrated.

Here is one of her new images. The top is simple, but a very attractive colour, and the jeans define her classically-proportioned, pear-shaped figure:

I really like the crinkle-style peasant blouse that she wears in this picture. And while I think it would go better with a skirt, Valerie looks like she's been poured into those slacks, which closely embrace her curvy shape. This is how someone working in an office environment can still be an irresistible goddess.

It's thrilling to see such images from a mainstream retailer. Until now, Torrid was the only North American client where one could see truly plus representation such as this. Bravo to Reitmans for an utterly brilliant, size-positive photo shoot.

And what a blessing to all of Valerie's fans, who have been waiting years, literally years, for her to regain her former curves. She looks lovelier than ever, and very much like Shannon Marie. Her face has that healthy glow and roundness again. She is a timeless beauty once more.

Here are the rest of the pictures:
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Old 10th February 2008   #2
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Default Re: Valerie: Curvy again! (Reitmans)

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Old 10th February 2008   #3
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Default Re: Valerie: Curvy again! (Reitmans)

I don't think we can or should forgive any model for that horrifying campaign. It really was a betrayal of the industry, of the cause, and of every woman who has ever struggled with her body image, and derived hope from the existence of plus-size models. There was no reason for it.

However, as a practical necessity, I think we need to get past it and celebrate Valerie's work. I wouldn't say this of any other model (and every other girl who committed the betrayal of that campaign is truly unforgivable), but Valerie did so much good when she was legitimately curvaceous, a few seasons ago, and created so many important images, that she earns at least one "pass."

Also, the industry is desperately lacking in models who are truly plus-size, truly gorgeous, and signed with a major agency, as Valerie is. Because of her position in the industry, she is one of the very few models who has a chance to create subversive images of true plus-size beauty, like these.

In other words, the cause needs her -- especially now, now that she has regained her full beauty. Her new images send such an important message, showing women that they can stop starving themselves, can become comfortably curvaceous, and look more gorgeous than ever before.

My favourite new picture is this one:

You can see her curvy waist, as well as her shapely silhouette. Not only does she look angelic in these pictures, she also looks...relieved, at ease with herself, like she's finally made peace with her natural body type. The images are stunning, the outfits cute.

Bravo, BRAVO to Reitmans for producing such a size-positive campaign, and joining Torrid in the ranks of companies who are truly promoting size celebration.
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Old 12th February 2008   #4
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Default Re: Valerie: Curvy again! (Reitmans)

Be still my heart! Valerie has regained the glorious Rubenesque fullness she had at the beginning of her plus-size modeling career. I was starting to worry that she was slimming to "straight-size," but now in these photos she looks happy, radiant and unapologetically curvaceous. She's more gorgeous than ever.
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Old 15th February 2008   #5
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Default Re: Valerie: Curvy again! (Reitmans)

It's amazing how gorgeous Valerie has become, now that she's augmented her curves again. I hope she updates her Ford portfolio soon. The images that are there, from her diminished state, are unworthy of her, and do not at all represent her current beauty.

Time after time, the images on this site demonstrate that goddesses become more attractive as the increase their natural fullness, but Valerie, I think, demonstrates it better than anyone. A size 16/18 at 5'8 - that's a pure recipe for beauty.

You can even see it in the career-wear image:

She has a special glow at this size, and rounder facial features. It's a more relaxed, softer look, and extremely alluring.

It's absurd that the media ever manages to persuade any women into starving themselves, when the evidence that a more generous figure enhances feminine beauty is so obvious.

Hopefully, these images will undo some of the damage that she did with her anti-plus campaign (which really was a shameful incident, and a black mark on all of the models who sold out for it).
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Old 9th April 2008   #6
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Default Re: Valerie: Curvy again! (Reitmans)

I'd just like to report the completely thrilling news that Valerie is now listed as a full size 18:

I never would have believed that wonderful number if I hadn't seen these gorgeous images. This shoot, along with Christina's pictures for Torrid, has to be the most exciting and size-positive event of the season, perhaps joined by Kelsey's editorial in the current issue of Figure.

Valerie has truly blossomed into one of the industry's most gorgeous models again. I just wish the Ford site would replace her old portfolio pics with new photographs, showing her current beauty. I'd also love to see her in more campaigns, now that she has regained her voluptuous shape.
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