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Default B-Fleurie (Denmark)

It's encouraging to see many new European plus-size labels springing up these days, and even more encouraging to see them employing youthful, attractive, and genuinely full-figured models to showcase their wares.

Slowly but surely, the European plus-size industry is escaping its past faux-plus limitations, and is becoming a size-positive beacon for North American retailers, rather than the other way around.

Our latest discovery is a Danish marque called B-Fleurie, which has as its intriguing slogan, "As good as love." Just look at the curvy, Torrid-like minx whom the company has discovered, and is featuring throughout its site.

She has a soft, luscious figure, with full arms and curvy legs. And although the B-Fleurie fashions aren't anywhere near the Torrid level of excitement, they do exhibit her alluring limbs.

The model's figure is better displayed in a b&w version of the above image. (Click to view larger.) Note the clear indication of a full waist beneath her dress, a trait that neither the photographer nor the model have attempted to hide. The pose, with the model on a soft cushion, imparts an alluring sense of weight. Despite the modern setting, the model's physicality is as palpable as that of a goddess in a Baroque painting.

Click to enlarge

The following image also hints at the model's curvy waist, but more dramatically, it exhibits her very full, shapely legs. She rivals the Carisal cover girl for possessing the loveliest limbs of any up-and-coming modelling vixen. Although more opulent settings would have better suited the model's sumptuous look, the poses are well-chosen, since positions of repose are ideal for plus-size models.

In the next picture, the model's lower limbs are seductively bare, and her stance shows off the generous curve of her hip. Note the sheer delight in her expression.

The following may be B-Fleurie's prettiest design, a sheer floral-print top. (What a pity the images aren't in colour.) Note how attractively it falls at the bust. In our silicone-filled world, we have forgotten what natural womanly contours look like, but the model's relaxed curves are far more appealing than any artificial, synthetically-disfigured proportions.

The model's facial featurs look most attractive full in the next picture:

And finally, here is the B-Fleurie site's main image. Note the curve alongside the model's neck, and the way in the strap of the dress presses into her soft shoulder. She may not be one of the world's immortal goddesses, but the B-Fleurie model is attractive, youthful, and has visibly full features. And that is enough to challenge anorexic media standards.

Bravo to this company for introducing itself to the world in such a notable, size-positive way, for producing attractive, feminine fashions, and for presenting them on a well-fed model. B-Fleurie joins a growing number of European companies who are faithfully embodying the principles of size celebration. Many North American retailers would do well to follow its example.

- Click here to visit the B-Fleurie site

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