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Default Introducing Grace

What a delight it is to spotlight an attractive and genuinely full-figured new talent from England--a rarity in a country where the faux-plus look still holds sway.

The model's name is Grace (represented by the Hughes agency), and she instantly qualifies as one of the most promising models in Europe.

Moreover, Grace has created perhaps the most alluring first-test images that we have ever seen from any model.

Just look at this stunning photoraph. Her heavily-lidded eyes exude sensuality. She plunges her hand seductively into her voluminous tresses. Her position of repose--reclining on a fur wrap--expresses intoxicating indolence. Her top is fully opened to exhibit a daring glimpse of decolletage, and her skirt is pulled back to display her curvy legs. The image conveys a sense of affluence and luxuriance, primarily through the model's sumptuous appearance, and would make an extraordinarly effective accessories ad. (Note the handbag in the foreground.)

The next image presents Grace in more natural lighting, showcasing her dazzling complexion--immaculately fair, with just a hint of a natural flush. Her arms look very soft and full, and all the more beautiful because of the fair skin. The top that she wears has an Old World femininity--a perfect choice to adorn her own, unmodern look. The hat is a stylish touch. The model's gaze is arresting, but not aggressive. She seems sure of herself, but still delicate and in need of protection.

Observe how Grace injects sensuality into the following pair of career-wear images. Her coat is left deliberately unbuttoned to fly open and display the model's figure. Her belt is positioned high, so as not to compress her curvy waist--a waist which, even through her top, looks softly rounded.

Note how the low-cut top offers a glimpse of decolletage, and the abbreviated shorts show off her beautiful legs, which she deliberately angles towards the camera. (This demonstrates how a vixen can remain feminine, even in career attire.) Her long, flowing blonde tresses sweep forward dramatically as she tosses her head. But her warm smile reins in the provocative elements of the picture, rendering it gently suggestive rather than overt.

A picture of the model in a domestic environment is more casual, but does show off her curvy arms. Observe how her tresses shine like gold in the sunlight.

The model's forte, however, is full-blooded sensuality, seen again in the following image. The flowing curtains and the fluttering fabric of the model's dress give the picture a highly romantic quality. The open window near which she positions herself intimates a sense of deliberate display--this is a model who wants to be looked at. The model's golden tresses cascade over her bare back, so artfully exposed by the halter dress. And even though the dress is flowing, it still suggests the rich curves beneath the fabric. Her come-hither expression is the crowning touch.

Unmentionables images are perhaps the most difficult of all challenges for models, but Grace's lingerie photos are remarkably successful. Her first picture in this vein, seen below, is playful and demure. The natural lighting again highlights the enchanting fairness of her complexion. The pink lipgloss and berry-coloured lingerie are adorably girlish touches. She sinks deeply, heavily into the bedcovers, giving her an alluring sense of weight. And although little of her figure is actually on view, what is visible suggests soft fullness.

Most remarkable of all is the follwing image, in which the model gives free reign to her sensuality. Her steamy-eyed expression in utterly intoxicating, as is her lazy, indolent pose. Note the absence of a visible clavicle (a pre-requisite of true feminine beauty), as well as the curve along her side. Most alluring of all is her soft waist. We generally avoid posting unmentionables images on this forum, but this photograph of Grace is such a perfect mix of size-positive and feminine elements that it deserves recognition.

Grace is an extraordinary addition to the Hughes board--in fact, she instantly becomes the agency's finest model--and at a U.S. size 14, she qualifies as genuinely full-figured. We eagerly look forward to her future successes.

- Click here to view Grace's e-portfolio

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Default Re: Introducing Grace

Everyone who loved this model (and I know I did) will be thrilled to see her new intimates campaign for a British sleepwear maker called "Oola Lingerie":

Grace looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover page and throughout the site. Her beauty has definitely increased from these tests - her figure looks a bit softer and fuller. The pictures are very pretty and gentle, with a "lifestyle" vibe but still photographed in an attractive way. It's too bad that the other model she's paired with is faux-plus, but all in all, it's one of the most beautiful lingerie campaigns I've seen.

Better still, the company also features on online video that describes correct fitting. But it also wins major points simply as being an unapologetic presentation of the model's visibly full figure. (Note her generous waist.) The video is both highly sensual and size-positive.

I wish all intimates campaigns features models as genuinely curvaceous as this. Grace is a true beauty, and I hope we see more of her in the future.
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Default Re: Introducing Grace

I like Grace a lot, and I'd love to see her added to the survey page. She has exactly the kind of figure that plus-size models promoting lingerie should have: very soft and visibly full, with little or no "tone." She's beautiful. That video is just stunning.

Hughes Models has a number of pretty new test images of Grace that are worth seeing. This is my favourite. I love the seductive touch of leaving the blouse deeply open at the neckline. Very seductive, and all the more so because the clothing is otherwise conservative. It's like a glimpse of the model's true self beneath her refined exterior.

A thoughtful headshot in the same outfit.

I adore this headshot. Grace has a Nordic kind of beauty, so the fur is very appropriate, and gives the picture coziness. She's a snow princess.

The Oola campaign is the one to see for lovely pictures of Grace in lingerie, but she looks very comfortable with herself in this image too.

Here's an uncommonly intense expression from Grace, in a hands-in-the-hair shot.

Sometimes the simplest detail can make a picture beautiful. I love the curl of hair cascading over her shoulder.

An enchanting smile in a wintery photo.

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