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Old 22nd February 2008   #1
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Default ANTM: Whitney Thompson

Well, it took ten seasons, but Tyra Banks's TV program, America's Next Top Model, has finally found a plus-size contestant who is a timeless beauty of the first order.

Incredible, isn't she? Buxom, alluring, gorgeous, with ideally round facial features, and a stunning ability to present herself as the sensual goddess that she is.

Her name is Whitney Thompson, and while she is rather on the faux-plus size, her figure does have a trace of womanliness.

There is something lively and vibrant about this girl. She seems wickedly intelligent and poised.

But the quality that makes her a Judgment of Paris favourite, beyond even her remarkable looks, is that she possesses the most important, most irresistible of all feminine character traits: vanity.

You can see it in her pouty facial expressions. You can hear it in her words. This vixen knows just how desirable she is.

Whitney's extremely alluring conceit should serve her well in the competition, which is intensely biased against full-figured beauty, and rigged to prevent any plus-size competitor from succeeding.

No silly fashion shoots or misguided industry opinions will adversely affect this girl's richly justified self-confidence. During one of her interview clips, she states:

"I represent a healthy American woman, which should be the ideal American woman."

She is so right. And when she says those words, one has the exciting sense that what she is really saying is, "I, Whitney Thomposon, should be the ideal American woman." And looking at her breathtaking beauty, who can disagree?

The first episode of ANTM Season Ten opened in a private-school setting, showing the contestants in school uniforms. It was a brilliant concept--but alas, we missed the first part of the program, and didn't begin recording the show until the second half.

Needless to say, Whitney passed this preliminary round.

Her delight in her success is evident in this picture, which exhibits that most sensual, most seductive of all facial features, the "slight rise" of a "slope towards the throat," which Renaissance writers held to be the epitome of feminine beauty.

The next photo session was intended to mimic "grad pictures." Here is Whitney preparing for the shoot:

Observe what a brilliant pose she chooses--a surprised look, as if someone had caught her in a state of undress.

The affected modesty of the pose is tantalizing. Not only is this girl gorgeous, but she is creative, and a brilliant model.

ANTM also required a more subdued expression, and just watch Whitney prepare for this. She arranges her stole (note the deliciously soft facial features),

slings it over her shoulder (just look at that aristocratic expression),

and arranges it on her person (calling to mind Rubens' famous Venus-in-furs portait of the voluptous Helena Fourment),

The sensuality of the fur against the model's bare skin is overwhelming,

and she heightens the effect by her smouldering glance, with one eye alluringly obscured by her raven tresses.

In the final judging, Whitney's name wasn't immediately called, leading to some tense moments.

And when her name was announced, her facade cracked, and some vulnerability was revealed. One of the things that makes vain goddesses so intoxicating is that they secretly need constant flattery and reassurance of their own beauty and supremacy.

As she took the podium, her self-assurance returned. She fairly beamed with pride. Just look at those perfect cheekbones.

Our very favourite picture came when Tyra reminded her that she is there to prove that full-figure beauty is ideal. Whitney looked down, as if in a modest acknowledgment of her own supremacy.

All smiles (and what a smile!), a moment later.

Who knows for how many episodes we will be fortunate enough to see this girl on the program. That Whitney is more beautiful than the other models is beyond dispute (especially since her rivals are quite painfully homely, not even attractive within the diminished possibilities of straight-size models).

We earnestly wish that Whitney were fuller-figured, of course, and her sensual, appetitive poses suggest that someday, she might blossom into a more opulently-proportioned goddess. But even now, she has a softness about her, especially in her babylike facial features, that is quite irresisitble.

For most of the pictures in this episode, she wore her hair either tied back, or dressed simply,

but when, for one shoot, she adopted a more voluptuous, Romantic hairstyle, the full measure of her beauty was revealed.

We have two short Whitney videos to present. The first, about 90 seconds long, excerpts her appearances on the premier episode (at least, from the point that we began recording it).

The second, a Facebook video, constitutes a brief promotional trailer of Whitney, filmed during the girls' initial Covergirl shoot.

Let us hope that we see more of this stunning beauty on future episodes of ANTM.

- Click here to view ep.1 excerpts video (17 Mb)

- Click here to view Facebook video
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Old 24th February 2008   #2
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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney Thompson

Whitney IS stunningly beautiful, and I adore her for her confidence. She reminds me of Christina Schmidt that way. Ive long hoped to see a plussize contestant who would proudly say that she "should be the ideal American woman".

The one criticism that the judges made of her is actually a valid one - models should never, EVER suck in their cheeks. Plussize models have gorgeous faces exactly BECAUSE theyre round, and models should never try to hide this. A comfortable, natural facial expression is best, especially when a model has as beautiful a face as Whitney does.

Interestingly, Whitney used to be a straight-size model, and in her old pictures, you can see how painfully malnourished she was. She was obviously starving herself at this time, and desperately needed to start eating normally.

She looked like a famine victim, and was definitely meant to be fuller-figured. It has infinitely improved her beauty, especially her face, which now looks soft and lovely, whereas before it was too hard.

I really appreciate Whitneys look, although I wish she were a bit fuller, and Im thrilled with her attitude. Im not a fan of ANTM, which is basically anti-plus, but I will tune in to the program for however many weeks Whitney is on it.
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Old 25th February 2008   #3
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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney Thompson

We now have a brand-new Whitney video to share, and if anything, this is an even more exciting clip than the show excerpts which were posted earlier.

Not only is Whitney surpassingly gorgeous, but she is the first plus-size contestant to speak the language of size celebration, rather than mere "tolerance" or "acceptance."

Here the is transcript of Whitney's comments from this interview video. She affirms the very beliefs that Judgment of Paris readers have espoused for years. She says:

I stand out as a model from the rest of the girls because I actually have a body. I'm healthy. I eat...and, you know, that's just me. I just am who I am. And I have breasts and I have a butt and I like it that way, and I'm not going to compromise my femininity to look like a hanger.

People can relate to me in the sense that I'm real. I mean, the majority of American women are not string-beans. They have bodies. And even American men, I've never heard one say, "Oh, I like girls that look like little boys."

Women that have bodies are buying these dresses. Why are they shaping them to these women who don't have anything? It doesn't make sense to me. It's completely illogical. And it's been happening for way too long.

I don't think about the competition. The biggest challenge is...waking up every morning and saying, "I'm more beautiful than all of you because I have a body, not "Oh, my God, these girls are so pretty. What am I going to do?"

I'm going to survive this competition because I know that every single woman in America is behind me. That I'm not just here because "I want to look pretty and win $100,000." I'm here because my 13-year-old cousin has no one to look up to. I'm here because 40% of all 9-year-old girls have been on a diet... and it's so sad, because they have no one to look up to. They have no one to mould themselves after.

Could she have possibly made a more inspiring declaration? What a thrill it is to hear her say, "I have a body"; to state that underweight women "don't have anything"; to comfortably enthuse, "I eat"; and, most important of all, to declare that she is "more beautiful" than the waifs because she is full-figured.

Whitney is everything that the public has been hoping for in a plus-size competitor. She is gorgeous and she knows it, and she is proud to say so.

Furthermore, she recognizes the need that all young women have for plus-size role models. She is not just in it for herself, but for a noble cause.

We do wish that Whitnye were fuller-figured, but what a thrilling talent she is, as inspiring in her statements as she is in her appearance, and light-years ahead of any previous contestant.

Let us hope that Whitney lasts on the show for at least a few weeks, and is given more opportunities to champion timeless beauty.

- Click here to watch Whitney's interview

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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney Thompson

This site is really a great tribute to Whitney. It's so nice to see people reacting so positively to someone being who they are!
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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney Thompson

Originally Posted by HSG
The biggest challenge is...waking up every morning and saying, "I'm more beautiful than all of you because I have a body

I've been in awe of Whitney's beauty ever since I first learned of her presence on American's Next Top Model from this post, but even more exciting is the fact that she has such an admirably pro-plus attitude to go with her looks. I wish every single girl who has ever struggled with body image could hear this interview with Whitney. It's the closest thing to true size-celebration I've ever encountered on national television.

It's the words quoted above that I find especially inspiring. They remind me of the basic tenet of The Judgment of Paris:

"Plus size models are not beautiful despite the fact that they're full-figured,
or beautiful and just happen to be full-figured.
Rather, plus-size models are beautiful because they're full-figured."

Whitney knows she's attractive because she has a body, and her skeletal competitors do not. It's the fact that she actually eats that makes her so gorgeous.

It's so obvious that she's the only girl on the show who actually possesses supermodel-level beauty. If she doesn't win (as she should, in any sane world), it will only show, yet again, how warped the fashion world really is.
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