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Old 3rd March 2008   #1
M. Lopez
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Default Dispose with fashion (article)

Here's a damning new article about the fashion industry, one which confirms many of the worst opinions the public holds about it:

One passage sums it up:

“Fashion is at a crisis point,” says Professor Susie Orbach, psychoanalyst and co-founder of, a campaign for the acceptance of body diversity. “It has to get its house in order: it was put on notice last year, but it really hasn’t responded.” Specifically, Orbach called for a ban on...those who have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18. “Did we have anorexia in these numbers 25 years ago?” asks Orbach. “We are hard-wired to want to join in with whatever is beautiful. The industry is fantastically creative – there’s no reason why they can’t retrain our eyes to a whole variety of images.”

The article confirms that things are worse than ever in this toxic industry.

And the sad thing is, the trend that the article discusses - of finding young models with ingenue qualities - could perfectly well be served by featuring young plus-size models. There are countless gorgeous young full-figured teens that could be scouted, instead of skeletal teens. At this site, we've all seen many young plus-size models create vulnerable, delicate looks. There's no reason whatsoever for fashion to be exploiting anorexic girls and spreading eating-disorers among the general populace.

But the article dares to come out and identify the source of the problem in a way that I've seldom seen in the mainstream press:

“There are few people at the top of the pyramid who decide what’s credible,” says our stylist John. “So lesser designers use skinny young girls to gain their fashion credentials. Everyone is trying to make a buck, so people are reluctant to break the mould.”

Some are keen to pin the blame on fashion’s gay camp. “The fashion industry is 70% gay men, and their opinion far outweighs the 30% of women and straight men,” says another international stylist. “Projecting that little-boy fantasy is one that gay designers go back to more and more.” It’s the straight men who are pushing for a healthier vision of beauty, reckons our agent Sarah, especially once they reach fatherhood. “Younger men don’t think about what they’re doing. But when they get to a certain age, they think, ‘These girls could be my daughters.’ ” But others point out that there are also women at the top still perpetuating the [underweight] look.

This thought is echoed by one of the reader's comments:

Whenever I watch Project Runway I cannot help but thinking that these are the people who decide what I wear. To me, they are just some strange people, usually gay, who value oddity over taste. .......and we go along like a bunch of sheep.

Exactly. Think about the kinds of individuals who tyrannize over taste in this manner. Why, WHY does society allow them to wield so much influence, to ruin so many young lives?

In the real world, one would never allow such individuals to exert control over one's life choices. So why have they been allowed to create a monopoly in which they can effectively ban femininity, ban the natural womanly figure, and impose their own warped taste as a regulation?

When will society overthrow this tyranny of the fringes?
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Old 10th March 2008   #2
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Default Re: Dispose with fashion (article)

That is a devastating article, and another powerful rebuke of the fashion industry. It can only be a matter of time before women finally wake up and realize that they have been unwittingly allowing themselves to be tortured by the fashion industry, by a small group of fringe individuals with grotesque tastes who do nothing but cause widesperad misery, and who have been allowed to create a self-serving monopoly on the backs of the very women whom they victimize.

A small comment in the following article called "Let's Bring Back..." sees the truth behind fashions smoke and mirrors:

The pertinent point:

Let's bring back...

3. Curves on runways. The models at New York Fashion Week looked like they'd split a single head of cabbage among all of them and lived on it for a month. Power curves are gorgeous. [Fuller-figured models] looked hot. Like women you'd want to sink your teeth into. Totally unlike those gristly scraps of chicken bone dragging themselves down the runways these days.
So true.

I see indications of growing social frustration such as this all the time, but the critiques need to be translated into action - into legislation, banning from fashion shows and magazine those designers who persist in using underweight models.
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