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Default ANTM: Whitney, ep.8

This past week's episode of America's Next Top Model was a "recap" show, featuring highlights of the season to date, as well as a host of never-before-seen outtakes.

It was nevertheless an especially delightful episode for Whitney fans, showing further gorgeous headshots from Miss Thompson's camera confessionals,

along with several alluring new figure shots, including this clip from the "paint" photoshoot of episode 5:

* * *

The recap began with a new clip from the premiere episode--which, if you recall, had the girls dressed in Catholic schoolgirl uniforms, being instructed in modelling basics.

One "class" was a tutorial in facial expressions, and here we see Whitney's exciting take when being tasked with imitating a lion's snarl. If you listen to the clip in the excerpts video (linked below), you will notice that the show actually dubbed a genuine lion's roar over Whitney's growl--and for good reason, since her expression is remarkably dynamic, and very much indicative of her wild, rapacious nature.

Next, the episode showed a longer version of Whitney's introduction to Tyra and the judges. In addition to her previous comments, Whitney noted that, "To be plus-size, you have to so sure of yourself. We have to work a thousand times harder to stand out and make it."

The camera also caught her looking genuinely saddened by a fellow contestant's tragic life circumstances.

But the mood quickly switched back to good spirits. Another new clip revealed Whitney's ebullient mood following the episode 2 runway show, in which Miss Thompson shined.

Whitney told the camera, "I can just say, like, seriously, this is one of the happiest days of my entire life. Like, this is insane."

Although fans much prefer Whitney with her long, blonde tresses, her brunette look had a certain elegance.

One new excerpt showed Whitney looking particularly aristocratic and sophisticated,

yet still exhibiting decadently full facial features.

Many of the "new" shots were so beautiful, that it is hard to imagine why they were cut in the first place, like this view of Whitney's flawless profile.

However, at least fans were able to see them now.

The lingerie shoot from episode 3 was a bit of a miss, as the wardrobe stylists foolishly compressed Whitney's most gorgeous figure feature--her curvy waist--but, as these extra scenes demonstrated, she still looked attractive in the outfit. The open blouse with the bustier emphasizing Whitney's decolletage, (as if the shirt couldn't button over her buxom curves,) was an alluring look.

The following screencap shows how the camera occasionally reminds viewers that the name of the program is, after all, America's Next Top Model.

Fans have always considered Whitney's camera asides to be the best moments of each episode, and this program featured Whitney making several amusing (but good-spirited) comments about her fellow competitors.

Note this striking new profile shot of Whitney with a come-hither look in her eyes.

The recap continued with several additional clips from the "fireman's walk" in episode 4,

including this gorgeous reaction shot.

But the most interesting aspects of this week's episode were the altogether new clips, including this glimpse of Whitney out on the town with her fellow contestants, looking especially stylish for the occasion. (Notice the wavy tresses, and the flower pin in her hair.)

Also lovely were several shots of Whitney lounging around the apartment in her comfortable-looking sleepwear (note the signature bare midriff).

The recap continued with several new shots from episode 5, including this image of Whitney looking admirably flexible in the posing challenge. Note how the model added a size-positive element to this image, for besides posing creatively, Whitney also displayed cleavage (infusing the image with sensuality) and showed off her full thigh.

This was followed by several extra clips from the same episode's "paint" shoot--one in which Whitney's work was under-appreciated.

In fans' opinions, Whitney looked beautiful in this colour scheme--especially in the grape-hued lipgloss, which is so very kissable.

Her posing and expressions in this shoot were as accomplished as ever,

which was no mean feat, considering--as she later told the camera--how challenging working with the paint actually was, since it kept dripping into her eye.

The camera also caught this gorgeous headshot of Whitney just prior to everyone's favourite photo session, the water shoot. It displays her most attractive facial feature, the "slight rise" of a "slope toward the throat," and shows her playing with her hair--one of the most alluring of goddess gestures.

* * *

But besides exhibiting many stunning new images of Miss Thompson, the episode also featured several new statements from the model which were both exciting and empowering.

As Whitney told viewers, "Being put in the plus-size category doesn't bother me at all. I mean, the majority of the time, people are, like, 'I'm so jealous,' because I have curves, and I eat, and there's nothing holding me back."

Could there be anything more seductive than a model who embraces being plus-size, who free acknowledges her love of eating, and who says that there is nothing holding her back from indulging herself?

Whitney also added, "I mean, I'm just working for so much more than just myself. And it's not, like, 'Oh, I just want to win. I just want to pay off my debts.' No, it's like, 'I'm here to change the entire face of the fashion industry.'"

As if to underscore Whitney's remarks, the episode featured many never-before-seen images of Whitney with food obviously very much on her mind,

or even seductively indulging herself--from enjoying a persona pizza,

to baking muffins (which she confessed to "love" eating).

Tyra added a delightful voice-over to these sexy clips, saying: "Although Whitney was in the bottom two the week before, she didn't let that, or the fact that she was surrounded by a bunch of skinny straight models, affect her healthy self-image."

Nigella Lawson has nothing on Whitney when it comes to "domestic sexiness," from the above image, to this picture of Whitney--in her irresistible "wet look," bare midriff and all--preparing something sinfully delectable for herself.

* * *

Miss Thompson's body-image advocacy would make her a positive role model in and of itself, but in the recap episode, she also evidenced another quality that speaks well of her character.

She displayed class and modesty.

The ANTM contestants were shown going out for one more "night on the town," and for the occasion, Whitney adopted her most gorgeous hairstyle yet, arranging her long tresses into thick, romantic curls.

This yielded an especially alluring image of the model at the club that the girls attended--but notice her concerned expression.

Whitney wasn't a spoil-sport, joining the girls in their frivolity,

and playfully tossing her tresses (don't miss this moment in the video).

But in a camera confessional afterwards, she said how appalled she was to see her fellow contestants jumping on the club's leather seats in their stiletto heels, and dancing in a raunchy, obscene manner.

"I'm sorry, but I don't dance like that," she affirmed--and those are encouraging words indeed. While she is no prude (Whitney is obviously capable of having as much fun as any other young woman), she also knows where to draw the line, and to behave in a ladylike manner, preserving her dignity.

Thus, not only can Miss Thompson advance the cause of size celebration through her full-figured beauty, but she can also show young girls that they don't need to behave in a trashy way, but can retain a measure of poise and class--and in today's society, the latter lesson is as important as the former.

We eagerly look forward to the next episode of ANTM, and earnestly hope to see Whitney on the show as long as possible. Every week, she comes closer to achieving her goal of "changing the face of the fashion industry."

- Click here to view video excerpts
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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.8

Whitney looks gorgeous in all of the images, but I still marvel at how much better she looks with the long, blonde hair. She was attractive as a brunette, but the makeover transformed her into a world-class beauty. It also gave her a more youthful appearance.

Originally Posted by HSG
As Whitney told viewers, "Being put in the plus-size category doesn't bother me at all. I mean, the majority of the time, people are, like, 'I'm so jealous,' because I have curves, and I eat, and there's nothing holding me back."

Whitney also added, "I mean, I'm just working for so much more than just myself. And it's not, like, 'Oh, I just want to win. I just want to pay off my debts.' No, it's like, 'I'm here to change the entire face of the fashion industry.'"
It is because of statements like those that I REALLY admire Whitney. Not only is she attractive, but her message is one of true size-celebration. She isnt letting the pressure of the competition get to her, nor is she giving an inch to the fashion industry and its warped, anorexic standards. She is holding her ground and really championing the cause of full-figured girls. She is the contestant we have all been waiting for.

She reminds me of Christina Schmidt, who also makes such affirmative statements in her interviews, and who similarly matches extraordinary beauty with an uncompromising pro-plus attitude.

These models (who are the same age, BTW) represent todays generation of curvy girls, who are PROUD of their curves, and who PREFER being plussize to being straight-size. Im glad Whitney has such a high-profile platform on ANTM to spread a size-positive message.
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