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Default ANTM: Whitney, ep.7

However far America's Next Top Model contestant Whitney Thompson goes in the competition, fans of the model have at least one thing to look forward to: She will definitely be appearing in the editorial pages of the June issue of Seventeen magazine. And as you can see from this behind-the-scenes picture of the shoot--her image will be breathtakingly beautiful.

All in all, the latest episode of ANTM was extremely enjoyable for Whitney fans. It began with the model enthusing over her first-place finish in last week's panel.

Whitney told a fellow contestant, "I did not think that I was going to be called first. I literally went from being called last to being called first, in less than a week."

Clearly still smarting from her near-elimination the previous week, her high finish gave Miss Thompson a confidence boost. As she enthused to the camera, "I think America, and America's Next Top Model, are ready for a plus-size model to win the competition."

Indeed, fans were ready for this from the very first episode. However, no worthy competitor ever appeared on the show--until the lovely Whitney came along.

* * *

Back at the apartment, the episode continued with a very touching moment--Miss Thompson reading a goodbye letter from Aimee, the sweet young model (and friend of Whitney's) who was eliminated in the previous episode.

Next, viewers were treated to several of the very popular "lifestyle" scenes of the models, showing them in casual circumstances.

The weekly epistle from Tyra Mail arrived while Whitney was preparing something delicious in the kitchen. This was an especially delightful glimpse of the model: "domestic sexiness" incarnate. She is the epitome of the Victorian concept of the "angel in the house." (Note her signature styling feature, the glimpse of a bare midriff.)

Whitney appeared especially pretty while reading the instructions for the next challenge: the models' first go-sees with clients. Her facial features look especially soft and full in this screencap.

And look at how pretty she appears while giving her hair a playful flip.

* * *

Fans are still trying to decide when Whitney is at her loveliest--when she adopts an elegant, serious demeanour, as she did when listening to go-see instructions at the Elite offices,

or when she exhibits her "bubbly and girly" nature. She has such a gorgeous smile. . . . It's impossible to choose.

Here she is looking adorably dishevelled on her way to go-sees, demonstrating another advantage of long tresses--the option of allowing them to fly free and wild, creating as irresistible a look as any elaborate style.

To her credit, Whitney was under no illusions about what the go-sees would entail. She confessed to the camera her expectation that she would be sent to see designers who do not cater to plus-sizes.

As she rightly pointed out, the deck was thus impossibly stacked against her. In her own words, "A plus-size model would not book the same jobs as any of the other girls," so why the show would send her out to see anti-plus designers is impossible to explain (except as a test of character).

Incidentally, as you watch the video excerpts (linked below), observe how Whitney alluringly plays with her hair as the makes the aforementioned comment. She cannot help but be seductive--it is in her DNA.

At the first designer's studio, there was a moment of levity as Whitney mocked another girl's self-congratulatory gestures.

Just look at that gorgeous round face. In any sane world, each and ever designer would be falling over themselves to book her to represent their line.

This is even more apparent when one sees how gorgeous Whitney appeared in the designer's dress. Her figure looked stunning in this item, her sumptuous curves giving the dress an extremely alluring shape.

She looked so feminine in it, and the dress fit her like a second skin. Note in particular the womanly curve of her hips,

and, most seductive of all, the rounded swell at her midsection. The dress was veritably made for her.

If anything, the outfit looked even more attractive on Whitney from the reverse view.

Seen on a model with such luscious proportions, this dress would be the highlight of any runway show.

Of course, it is Whitney's personal charisma as much as her well-fed beauty that makes her an ideal runway model. Observe her "You want me!" expression as she does her turn, and shows off her curvy profile.

To the designer's credit, she gave Whitney a lacy, ultra-feminine style that perfectly suited her unmodern beauty.

Obviously captivated--and who wouldn't be?--the cameraman lingered lovingly on Whitney as she walked the length of the studio,

then did another graceful turn,

and showed, again, her shapely profile.

With such a perfect figure, and such a splendid walk, Whitney must have thought that she had overcome the designer's anti-plus prejudice, as she approached for her evaluation.

And the designer, Pamela Roland, did tell Whitney, "You're very beautiful. I think you have a gorgeous face."

Roland even later said (in an aside to the camera): "Whitney is a beautiful girl. She's got beautiful features."

But absurdly, she also said that she couldn't use her--because of her size--which rattled the usually unflappable goddess.

As she told her teammates:

Even her fellow contestants noted how shaken Whitney was by the experience.

But her reaction was completely understandable. This kind of blatant injustice is hard to swallow. As the most attractive of the models, the one with the best walk, and the one who looked by far the best in the garment she was given, by all rights Whitney should have been the first one chosen.

But the one thing that reassured Whintey in this challenge was her awareness that it was rigged for her to fail. As she told her teammates, "I'm a plus-size girl. I wouldn't work the same shows that you guys would work," which is entirely true.

But ultimately, Whitney was very professional about it. She was courteous and respectful toward the designer--whom she could rightly have called an idiot and a bigot--out of the realization that Roland might know a fellow designer who would be booking a plus-size model.

She even adopted an air of good humour--and in both dejection and high spirits, Whitney is always lovely.

Afterwards, Whitney expressed her annoyance more fully to the camera, in a confessional in which she looked especially gorgeous. She stated, "It's definitely frustrating because obviously I'm discriminated against, because I'm not a size 2."

And added, "Every single second of every single day is a fight for me, and it is exhausting."

One only hopes that Whitney realizes how appreciative all curvy girls are to her, for fighting this fight.

* * *

The unfortunate Pamela Roland episode was followed by several moments of levity, as the other girls kept calling to Whitney to keep up on the way to the next designer's studio. Note the classic Whitney eye-roll.

She mocked her teammates' good spirits in a humourous camera aside, mimicking their frivolity,

and contrasting it with her own sentiments at the time--angry and frustrated.

But fortunately, the next go-see yielded much better results for Whitney. (Observe how attractive she looks in the natural light, which makes her complexion look very fair.)

In contrast to the previous designer, Shoshanna stated: "When I started the line, one of the things that I wanted to do was be more inclusive of more body types."

Personally, we preferred Roland's dress, because it was so form-fitting on Whitney's generously-indulged figure, but the colours of Shoshanna's gown were ideal for Whitney's glowing beauty.

She looked like the personification of springtime as she walked the length of the designer's studio.

And the designer was motivated to say, in an aside to the camera, "Whitney was very beautiful and had a great, sexy figure. In a runway show, I could book her, because I do like to use different body types."

She even revealed to Whitney that she was writing the word "sexy" in her report describing the model's appearance--a compliment that delighted Miss Thompson no end,

and prompted her to play with her tresses in a bewitching manner, as if to confirm Shoshanna's assessment of her nature.

A little more levity ensued afterwards, as Whitney joked about a fellow contestant's abysmal performance during her runway walk,

and rued how it would drag down her team's cumulative score.

* * *

The final designer gave Miss Thompson the least interesting look of all--another formless piece--but Whitney's full figure gave the garment at least a hint of shape at the hips,

and, as always, the model exuded her trademark you-know-you-want-me confidence, for which fans adore her.

Notice the hint of her rounded midriff as she offers her profile.

* * *

Back in the studio, Whitney looked serene as she awaited the verdict as to which of the two teams won the week's challenge.

Serenity turned to ebullience as she and her teammates discovered that they were, in fact, victorious. (Whitney's team always wins the group competitions.)

The enthusiasm became even greater as the girls learned that their prize would be an editorial in Seventeen.

Keep in mind that one of the prizes for winning ANTM is a cover of Seventeen magazine, and if there was ever a model who was born to be a Seventeen cover girl, it's Whitney.

For now, however, it's wonderful to know that Miss Thompson will have an editorial tear in the June issue. Here she is getting beautified for her shoot.

And here is a glimpse of the session itself (also pictured in the first screencap in this post).

* * *

The episode then proceeded to the main shoot of the week. First, though, fans were treated to several glimpses of Whitney in which her facial features looked exceptionally full and beautiful.

Some plus-size models have attractive figures, others pretty faces, but Whitney is one of the rare few who have both.

This week's shoot required the girls to mimic the moves of a contemporary-dance troupe. Before the session, the girls were introduced to the group's work. Whitney was by turns astonished

and delighted by what she saw.

She always looks ever-so-cute in her pink jacket,

which perfectly compliments her fair tresses.

The shoot itself required the girls to be immersed in several inches of water while suspended on a sheet of transparent plastic. As Whitney explained, it's hardly the sort of thing that any model could practice for,

and at first, she seemed wary of the arrangement.

Whitney's occasional timidity is one of those delightfully girlish characteristics that fans love her for. However, the crew eventually eased her fears, (notice what a gorgeous dress she was given for the shoot,)

and helped gently lower her into the water.

This shoot turned out to be our favourite Whitney photo session to date, far surpassing any previous challenge.

With her golden hair flowing in the water, and her face dramatically lit, Whitney looked like a sea nymph, a create of fantasy--particularly because of her otherworldly beauty.

Notice how her facial features resemble Shannon Marie's as she smiles--and no achievement could be greater than to favour the loveliest model of all time.

Here are two glimpses of Whitney from above, showing the movements that she employed to create those gorgeous poses,

swirling around and splashing in the water.

A wider shot shows the curvy silhouette that Whitney formed during the shoot, her seductive weight pressing heavily into the plastic.

Even photoshoot director Jay Manuel was amazed by the model's performance, enthusing "Oh, that's pretty" and "That was incredible" at several points during the session.

Later, he would say to the camera, "Whitney was not afraid to lay her face in the water. She looked comfortable, and she was not afraid to smile."

She became a living work of art in these images, her face soft and cherubic, her hair flowing like that of a Rubens angel.

At moments, the pictures became quite daring, with her buxom charms only barely covered by the diaphanous gown.

No other model even came close to matching her performance in this shoot--because none possesses her full-featured beauty, or her posing brilliance.

With the dress clinging to Miss Thompson's soft figure like the "wet drapery" of a Classical sculpture, this was by far the most alluring photoshoot on ANTM to date.

No mermaid ever played with her hair in a more bewitching manner than Whitney did, while sporting this "wet look."

And as a final treat for her countless fans, once the photoshoot was over, Whitney joined another model in frolicking playfully in the water. Such images are the stuff of which dreams are made.

* * *

In one final domestic interlude before the week's judging, the camera caught Whitney looking gorgeous in scarlet--her golden hair styled in large, loose curls--as she read a message from Tyra Mail.

From the other angle, the camera caught a glimpse of her signature wardrobe style--the hint of a bare midriff.

Whitney's complete comfort with herself is no small part of her success in this competition--and accounts for her tremendous popularity.

But before approaching the panel, Whitney also revealed her serious side. In a confessional, she stated, "I just feel like failure's not an option, especially after go-sees. As much as it pisses me off, it's a motivation. It's, like, I can't go home."

This too is one of the reasons why Miss Thompson is so admired. She is not just "in it" for herself, but is valiantly attempting to advance the cause of size-celebration, and is doing what she can to encourage the industry to rediscover the timeless ideal of full-figured beauty.

* * *

As we have mentioned before, the final "panel" sections of ANTM episodes are invariably delightful because they show Whitney exhibiting a variety of captivating expressions, from the radiantly happy,

to the elegant and serious.

For this week's judging, Whitney donned the attractive top that she wore for her initial ANTM interview--an eye-catching camisole that effectively frames her buxom figure.

As ever, Whitney exhibited a special look of pride as she was called up for her photo commentary.

Notice how baby-soft and pretty her features look in this capture.

Tyra seems to be quite appreciative of Whitney--as well she should be--and at least part of the reason for this is because Whitney plays right along with her dramatic flourishes. Watch the video clip (below) to see what prompted the following gesture.

The judges were rightly thrilled by Whitney's photograph. Nigel Barker stated, "This is real fantasy to me. I look at this shot, and it takes me somewhere else," while the Elite scout observed that it "reminds me of a sonagram."

Paulina agreed, and said that in the photo, Whitney appears to be taking the "first breath" of life. (Note the slight rise of a slope toward the throat--the distinctive evidence of facial fullness, which is the most attractive physical trait of all.)

Runway coach J. Alexander added, "Now, that's a full-figured fetus. I love it,"

which prompted a chuckle from Whitney. (Note her facial beauty here too.)

Tyra commented, "Your film blew me so far away, darling," whereupon Whitney left the stage, giving a twirl of her magnificent tresses as she departed.

Later, in private discussion, the Elite agency scout said of Whitney: "I found her to be beautiful. She had a great personality. She'd be a great full-figured model." (Note her resemblance to Kailee in this picture.)

In another special "diva" exchange between Whitney and Tyra, the host gasped a "breath of life" as she passed Miss Thompson on to the next round--and Whitney jokingly matched Tyra's gesture.

The camera caught a glimpse of her fine figure as she approached to receive her picture.

"Good girl with a wink" is a phrase that effectively captures Whitney's naughty-but-nice persona.

And in one final glimpse of naughtiness, Whitney grimaced as a contestant whom she particularly dislikes was passed on to the next round as well.

We are thrilled that Whitney has come so far in this competition--already far surpassing the achievements of any plus-size contestant in the show's history--and we eagerly look forward to her continued progress.

- Click here to view video excerpts

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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.7

I thought it was ridiculous that they sent a plussize model on a go-see to a client that would never book a plussize girl. What was the point?

But how foolish on the designers part not to alter her aesthetic. The moment she saw Whitney in her dress, Pamella Roland should have realized that a plussize model could show it off better than any waif ever could. And such a pretty dress too.

But its wonderful to know that Whitney will be in Seventeen. If only she could win the whole contest! I know - it cant happen, which is terribly disappointing.

I agree that this was the best ANTM shoot yet, and I actually thought many of Whitneys smiling pictures were even better than the final one which they chose for the judging.

BTW, here is a HQ version of that final "full-figured fetus" pic. It IS beautiful - like a fantasy, as Nigel said.
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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.7

I also thought it was ridiculous and disheartening that they would send a plus-size model on a go-see to a client who wouldn't book a full-figured girl. In real life, a plus-size model would never be sent on that particular go-see.

Anyway I hope that Whitney continues to excel in this round of ANTM, as she is the main reason why I continue to watch thus far.
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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.7

I distinctly remember a girl many seasons ago who was battling anorexia, only to have a designer measure her thigh and say 13 inches is too much. I think that same designer expressed his disgust towards Tocarra. I liked Tocarra, but I prefer Whitney.

Most plus-size models have been kicked off for "losing confidence." I'm glad Whitney has too much to hide.
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