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Old 13th May 2008   #1
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Default Megan Garcia: Now with Wilhelmina!

A most exciting bit of news just arrived in our mailbox from photographer/model Sheniqua Gomez.

Ms. Gomez informs us:

"Gorgeous plus-size goddess Megan Garcia has recently been signed to Wilhelmina's ten20 division and I had the pleasure of testing her. I was pleased to see she is still a lovely size 18 and the agency has NOT asked her to diminish her beauty. As a matter of fact they love her at her true size.

"This is indeed news that should be celebrated by all!"
So true. All of Megan's fans are sure to be thrilled by this information--and especially by the fact that she is still a size 18.

Wilhelmina suffered a terrible setback recently by the departure of their top model Barbara Brickner, but Megan's entry into the ten20 ranks helps to mollify the loss.

Megan's presence at Wilhelmina creates a new triad of ten20 supermodels--Charlotte Coyle, Christina Schimdt, and Megan--to combat Ford's great trio of size-18 goddess Valerie Lefkowitz, Barbara Brickner, and Kailee O'Sullivan.

Ms. Gomez has very kindly provided us with a "sneak peek" of her new shoot with Megan. The image clearly shows the model's gorgeous, full facial features. We are delighted that the shoot took place outdoors, and styling fans will particularly appreciate her cute earrings. Note that Megan is now a brunette.

Sincerest congratulations go to Megan for signing with one of the top two plus-size agencies without losing an inch of her sumptuous curves, and to Wilhelmina for significantly augmenting the beauty quotient of its ten20 division.

And special thanks go to Ms. Gomez, both for the wonderful information, and for this sneak peek of her shoot with Megan.

- Megan Garcia gallery
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Old 14th May 2008   #2
M. Lopez
Senior Member
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Default Re: Megan Garcia: Now with Wilhelmina!

This is incredibly exciting news. I was always a tremendous admirer of Megan for being one of the all-too-few genuinely full-figured models who are gorgeous and successful. I still think her Figure cover is the best cover that that magazine has ever produced.

I love the alluring look in her eyes in that picture.

It's SO encouraging to hear that Wilhelmina signed her! I would have been so dismayed if they had required her to diminish herself into a faux-plus size, but the fact that they are cool with her being a size 18 is wonderful. Maybe there's hope for the industry after all!

I hope this means will be seeing much more of her in the future.

How nice that her photographer shared her picture. I hope she lets us see a fuller-length shot too. Megan has one of the best figures of any model in the industry.
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Old 14th May 2008   #3
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Default Re: Megan Garcia: Now with Wilhelmina!

Originally Posted by M. Lopez
I hope she lets us see a fuller-length shot too. Megan has one of the best figures of any model in the industry.

YES! Please! This looks like it was a great shoot. I've always looked forward to seeing more pictures of Megan. I hope the photographer got the opportunity to take some figure photos as well as headshots - mind you, that headshot is very pretty.

With Megan going to ten20, I supose Ford and Wilhelmina are now tied for goddesses on their boards. Now one of the two agencies should try to sign Kelsey for the "win" - that is, as long as they follow Wilhelmina's commendable policy and do NOT try to diminish her figure, but encourage her to retain her soft curves.
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Old 12th August 2008   #4
Join Date: July 2005
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Default Re: Megan Garcia: Now with Wilhelmina!

For months, fans have been breathlessly anticipating further results from Ms. Gomez's test shoot with the luscious Megan Garcia, and now, at last, another picture has emerged.

Looking at this masterpiece is like stepping into a dream world, so gorgeous is the sight that meets your eyes. Megan's figure is breathtaking--richer and fuller than ever--and the setting harmonizes perfectly with her well-fed appearance. The entire natural world seems to be in bloom around her, to correspond with the model's full-blown beauty. Her dress is opulently bejewelled, further harmonizing with her sumptuous charms. And of course, as it must be, the dress is sleeveless--to show off those soft, rounded arms which are one of the wonders of creation.

The mood is one of complete relaxation and leisure, and Megan's demeanour suggest a pampered, lavishly-indulged nature, someone who has freed herself from all restraint, and given herself over completely to ease and pleasure. One can almost perceive the heady, perfumed air, sweetened by the fragrant blossoms surrounding the model. There is a palpable impression of weight about the model's figure, a sensual heaviness that adds to the overall opulence of the image. She evokes the persona not of a princess but of an queen--majestic and regal--who has permitted the viewer this intimate moment to see her softer side. "Look at me," she seems to say, relishing being adored for her lavish beauty.

With the warm lighting, the picture is much reminiscent of a Renaissance painting, and Megan is equal to any Titian Venus in the splendour of her attractions. Ms. Gomez, the brilliant photographer responsible for this creation, seems to have transported the model to Heaven itself to shoot this image.

We eagerly look forward to more visions of wonder such as this, from what is easily one of the most gorgeous test series ever photographed.

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Old 12th August 2008   #5
Join Date: July 2005
Posts: 1,784
Default Re: Megan Garcia: Now with Wilhelmina!

After much exhortation, Ms. Gomez has released yet another exciting photograph from her test shoot with Megan--and oh, what an image it is.

Here the photographer faithfully shows off the model's luxurious proportions. Megan's buxom curves, her soft arms, her generous waist--every attribute is proudly, unstintingly displayed. Even her facial features appear decadently full. The wardrobe is feminine and fitted, but comfortable rather than constricting. The blossoms above her form a natural canopy, effectively crowning her as the loveliest of women. And notice the model's intense, smouldering gaze--as arresting as that of any supermodel.

A full-length version shows how the model's pose exhibits the womaly curve of her hips. And again we see how the lush setting (photographed in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens), contributes to the idyllic grace of the image.

This is quite simply what plus-size photography--and full-figured goddesses--should look like, and many a retailer would do well to follow this example.

- Click for larger image
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Old 13th August 2008   #6
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Default Re: Megan Garcia: Now with Wilhelmina!

I can't even put into words how thrilled I was when I first saw these pictures. I immediately showed them to all of my friends. I was getting so jealous of a friend in Spain because they have Biluzik, but wow, Megan is not only truly full-figured, but also GORGEOUS. The last shot, the full-length, is one of my all-time favorite photos of any plus-size model.

I've really missed seeing Megan. Her Figure cover and editorials were so exciting, but these may be the most beautiful pictures she's ever taken. I hope she'll be more visible now! I'd MUCH rather see an ad with her in it than some size-12 waif. So curvy, and so pretty- a perfect plus-size model.

Thank you to the photographer for sharing these. I hope she lets us see more.
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Old 13th August 2008   #7
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Join Date: July 2005
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Default Blossoming beauty

I agree that the final photo is the absolute masterpiece, because it truly shows off Megan's blossoming figure, in all of its voluptuous glory. Megan is resplendent, possessing a lavish, immoderate kind of beauty that is truly timeless.

I applaud the photographer too, not only for showing off Megan's womanly curves, but also for situating her in such a charming location. That was the only drawback of Megan's Figure editorials -- they were usually shot in bare studio settings. The lush greenery and cherry blossoms in these pictures suit her generous beauty much better.
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