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Old 27th May 2008   #1
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Default Kailee for Alfred Angelo

It's always a pleasure to see new work from Ford beauty Kailee O'Sullivan. The May/June issue of Brides magazine features Kailee in a bridesmaid ad for Alfred Angelo.

Fans of the model will immediately recognize the similarity of this page to Kailee's famous 2006 ad for David's Prom, in which Miss O'Sullivan similarly appeared amidst a group of underweight models, easily outshining them all with her soft, full-figured beauty.

Bridal images are always lovely, and Kailee is a natural for such themes. The outdoor setting, the model's wavy romantic tresses and gentle expresion, the pretty flowers in her hand--all contribute to a feeling of idyllic beauty.

Nothing quite compares to Kailee's recent campaign for David's Prom, which featured her in several videos showing off the company's dresses, for no still image can ever match video for exhibiting timeless beauty. However, the photo is most appealing, and leaves fans eagerly hoping to see more examples of Kailee showing off bridal fashions for Alfred Angelo.

* * *

Ford also recently posted a new tear sheet in Kailee's portfolio. The source of the image is unknown, but it's quite pretty, with the model sporting an adorable smile. Nice to see the word "curvy" in the corner, subtly reminding readers that the vision of loveliness before them is a plus-size model.

Kailee always benefits from her appealing 5'8 height. The public continues to hope for more diversity in the height of the industry's models.

- Click here to view ad full-size
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Old 28th May 2008   #2
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Default Re: Kailee for Alfred Angelo

So pretty! Kailee was born to be a bridal model. She completely upstages the anorexic girls on either side of her, who frankly look pitiful compared to her natural beauty.

And what a lovely dress, at least in terms of its cut- strapless & sleeveless, which is always the best style for curvy girls in formal gowns. If a bridesmaid showed up at a wedding looking as pretty as Kailee, the bride would be in serious danger of being left at the altar, as the groom would propose to Kailee on the spot.

She also appears in a new image at Fashion Bug:

This is probably their best picture of Kailee yet, since it shows at least a hint of her curves.
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Old 16th July 2008   #3
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Default Re: Kailee for Alfred Angelo

Kailee's shoot for Alfred Angelo has yielded at least one more image of which we are aware. The company's 2008 Bridesmaid catalogue features the following beautiful picture of Kailee completely outshining a pair of undernourished models. Notice how much fuller are the lines of her figure than theirs--that while they, in fact, have no figures, Kailee's body is luscious and womanly.

A nearer look shows how, even though the dress is unbound, Kailee's curvy figure still gives it shape, the fabric flowing like blue water over her hips. The cut at the bust is elegant yet alluring.

The close-up highlights the artfulness of her pose--coyly demure, and all the more attractive for the affected modesty. The auburn tresses flowing over the bare, porcelain skin add a sensual touch. Her complexion is ethereally fair, and her figure, while not dramatically full, is soft--which is ever the most important criterion of beauty. The flowers in the background seem to bloom especially for her. The lush garden setting adds to the idyllic charm of the image, as if it were a glimpse of the Elysian Fields, with Kailee the fairest of angels.

At the tender age of 18, Miss O'Sullivan's accomplishments already put the lifelong careers of most plus-size models to shame, and her beauty is beyond compare. Fans eagerly await her future work.

- Click here for larger scan
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Old 21st July 2008   #4
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Default Re: Kailee for Alfred Angelo

Gosh she way outshines the thin girls! Kailee is beautiful and perfect.
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