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Default Liis Windischmann's Figure

The new issue of Figure has just appeared on newsstands, and, as is often the case with this magazine, it is distinguished by one exceptionally fine editorial that deserves to be called Mode-worthy.

This month, the model in the feature editorial is long-time fan favourite Liis Windischmann, and her layout contains what is surely the most sensual and size-positive image of her career.

And here it is.

Click to enlarge

What makes this photo so gorgeous and alluring, of course, is the unobstructed view that it gives of Liis's most attractive feature: her soft, full, 37" waist. This may well be the most unapologetic celebration of a curvy midriff that we have ever seen. The model's fitted peasant blouse (what an excellent styling choice!) closely embraces her figure, defining her every lovely contour. Liis gazes at the camera with a bold glance of invitation, indicating her awareness that her womanly charms are on display, and that no one can resist her. In the picture's narrative, the goddess has just looked up from her leisurely reading to notice the viewer looking in her direction, and doesn't mind the gaze--indeed, she relishes the attention, as it flatters her vanity.

The peasant skirt makes the ideal compliment to the blouse, and the accessories add interest. Even the setting is cleverly chosen--a café, subliminally enhancing the model's allure by signalling that she has no compunction about indulging herself.

* * *

As if underscoring the last point, note the brilliant caption that accompanies the following page in the magazine: "Seconds, please." One must applaud Figure for accompanying an image of a well-fed model with such a daring, transgressive text. There can be no mistake about the implication: the model's beauty (the text suggests) is directly attributable to sweet self-indulgence. It hints that her opulent look is matched by an appetitive nature, a willingness to abandon herself to her desires.

Click to enlarge

The product description, which can be read in the larger scan (viewable by clicking the above image) picks up the theme:

"Sweet lace at a shirt's trim and a beaded necklace are the perfect toppings to a delicious, low-cut style."

The text wickedly equates the appeal of the wardrobe with the most decadent, irresistible, calorie-rich desserts. The association is highly appropriate, for with the addition of the vintage necklace complimenting Liis's rich, sumptuous beauty, the impression is that of a goddess who never restrains herself, and partakes freely of the best that life has to offer.

* * *

Another tear from the editorial presents Liis in an attractive fashion, with the light illuminating her soft figure from the side.

Click to enlarge

A closer view shows how this image highlights Liis's second-most-gorgeous feature (after her curvy waist)--her full neck and shoulder area. Note how the model's clavicle is completely submerged in soft fullness, and observe the curve at her side.

From the model's poses to the accompanying captions, this editorial is suffused with the Mode spirit.

* * *

The following page is a rather more standard clothing presentation,

Click to enlarge

but a closer look shows that the attraction of this image derives from how effectively it showcases the beauty of the model's facial features. Liis has always had one of the most stunning faces of any plus-size model, a round, full visage that always exhibits a well-fed look, a sense of opulence and indulgence. Just a trace is visible of Liis's most sensual facial feature, the "slight rise" of a "slope towards the throat," but here we see the most attractive hairstyle in the editorial--a voluminous do with a trace of "measured messiness" that frames and enhances the beauty of the model's face, and imparts a tactile desire to the viewer.

The model's slightly parted lips top off the sensual effect.

* * *

The final page in the editorial is the least successful, owing in no small part to the unappealing print of the dress.

Click to enlarge

However, even this photograph has an alluring quality, as the fitted dress defines the model's figure in such a way as to suggest its fullness, particularly the soft swell of the waist.

* * *

Kudos to Figure and to Liis for a top-notch editorial, and particularly for the first image posted above, which is one of the magazine's finest pictures to date, and qualifies as one of the all-time-great presentations of feminine beauty. What a pity that it wasn't chosen as the magazine's cover.

Figure is not the equal of Mode, and may never be, but at least most issues include a single editorial that exemplifies size-celebration. Perhaps in the future, if we are all fortunate, such triumphs may become the norm, and not the exception.

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Default Re: Liis Windischmann's Figure

Originally Posted by HSG
What makes this photo so gorgeous and alluring, of course, is the unobstructed view that it gives of Liis's most attractive feature: her soft, full, 37" waist. This may well be the most unapologetic celebration of a curvy midriff that we have ever seen.

I agree- this is definitely the nicest picture in the issue. For once, you can actually see Liis's true figure. She has a tummy- and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's one of the things that makes her beautiful.

Now, if someone were to create a calendar with images like these- with images showing that the models actually do have plus-looking features- it would be a best-seller.

I wish this were the beginning of a trend in full-figure photography of shooting the models so as to highlight all of their natural curves.

Nevertheless, Figure still leaves me cold in some ways, because it isn't as pro-plus (or youth-oriented) as Mode was. There is still too much of a so-called "health" element (which is just one step away from diet propaganda). But I'll grant that it definitely produces its share of curvy images, and since that's something that no other magazine (except occasionally Seventeen) is doing, that's worth a lot.

I also thought that the model in "The Neck's Big Thing" editorial could be very pretty, if she had longer hair.

Oh, and how interesting to see a Figure ad for the Lane Bryant Catalog with a plus-size model. To its shame, Charming Shoppes has failed to introduce plus-size models into the Lane Bryant Catalog since its takeover of the brand. The catalog still features straight-size (not even faux-plus) models, as it did under Brylane, so I refuse to buy from it.

I would like to think that the Lane Bryant Catalog ad in Figure means that the catalog itself will start featuring true plus-size models in the future...but I doubt it. Charming Shoppes is really missing an opportunity there.
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M. Lopez
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Default Re: Liis Windischmann's Figure

The rest of the layout is so-so (although I do love the "Seconds, please" caption), but the first image, with Liis's tummy showing, is stunning.

I consider it a follow-up to one of my favorite threads on this forum, the "All curves are gorgeous" post about plus-size models showing off full waists and curvy abdomens:

Too many women are self-conscious about having rounded midriffs, which is why pictures like this new one, of Liis, are so important. They help dispel women's insecurities, and show them that having a soft figure is not just "okay," but positively beautiful - even alluring.
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