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Old 16th August 2008   #1
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Default Hips and Curves (lingerie)

Long-time visitors know that we are hesitant about posting sleepwear images on this site, as some readers--quite understandably--do not appreciate such content. We hope that these readers give the current thread a pass. Our interest here is promoting a new model and a size-positive company, both of which deserve a nod.

Hips and Curves is a West Coast lingerie e-tailer that frequently produces daring promotions featuring genuinely curvaceous models. What makes its latest campaign so memorable is that it remedies one of the most glaring deficiencies in the plus-size industry, the lack of Oriental plus-size models, by featuring an Asian-American beauty with a stunning figure.

Everything you need to know about why this campaign is so impressive is evident in this recent Hips and Curves cover page. The model (Silvia is her name) is buxom, to be sure, but notice that she also exhibits the full, rounded midriff of a Botticelli Venus. The photographer has allowed her to stand comfortably, to show off this attractive figure feature. Her pose, with the hand in her hair, is languid and sensual.

The product image for the featured garment shows the pose more clearly. Observe the overall softness of her figure, which has a very natural appearance, free of unattractive muscle "tone."

Another pose reveals her soft curves in a different manner. Notice that the model's smiling expressions are actually more compelling than her provocative gazes.

In this recent Hips and Curves e-mail flyer, the model appears playful and innocent, belying the racy nature of the product on display. The way in which her luxurious tresses tumble down her back is particularly sensual. And note an especially size-positive detail: the trace of texture along the model's back, which fortunately has not been airbrushed into plastic artificiality.

The ad's inset picture is very much worth seeing on its own, particularly for the lovely sight of the model's arms. Observe how they crease gently, as do the limbs of well-fed young infants. Innocent details such as this can be the most alluring figure features of all--and only plus-size models possess these attractive physical attributes.

This picture also appears on the current cover page.

Male readers will undoubtedly find the following image particularly appealing, as a celebration of the model's buxom charms. Notice that Silvia's curves are naturally shaped, in the tradition of Anita Ekberg, creating an entirely preferable silhouette to that of today's artificial-looking, silicone-disfigured models and actresses. (Coincidentally, Anita Ekberg's character in La Dolce Vita is named "Sylvia.") The detail of the model playing with her tresses is most appearling.

A relatively more modest picture is the following, which testifies to the model's ideal, pear-shaped proportions, while still acknowledging her buxom curves. The pink ribbon is an appealingly girlish touch. Again, having the model plunge her hands into her hair is an unfailing way to add a dash of high-temperature allure to an image.

Plus-size-beauty aficionados generally do not favour corsets, but this one thankfully embraces the model's figure closely but gently, without constricting it, and the delicate pink hue is quite attractive. The garment achieves a similar effect to that of a strapless, sleeveless evening gown, presenting a dizzying expanse of the model's soft neck and shoulder area. Once more, her long, flowing tresses add immeasurably to the image--further proof that all plus-size models must possess long hair, which harmonizes with their rich, opulent look.

And finally, although we cannot countenance the fabric of this dress, the image is nevertheless size-positive because it exhibits the model's most sensual figure feature: her rounded midriff, which pulls taut the fabric of the garment. The business with the collar is a clever touch, reminding the viewer that Silvia is not only a beauty, but a talent model as well.

We are delighted that Hips and Curves discovered a glamorous and genuinely full-figured Asian model, and shot her without minimizing her curves. Bravo to everyone involved for producing a size-positive campaign.

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Old 22nd August 2008   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Hips and Curves (lingerie)

As far as lingerie goes, I tend to prefer the Lane Bryant styles, which are less sensual and more innocent, generally offered in lively fruit colours.

On the other hand, this Hips and Curves model does have a gorgeous figure, with visible softness that makes her much more appealing than the usual faux-plus girls whom the industry chooses to model sleepwear.

The current Hips and Curves cover is even more daring:

I'll never be a fan of corsets, but I like the fact that this style doesn't look too constricting. You can still perceive the model's full waist and abdomen. Without a doubt, all of these items look much better on a girl with a full figure, like Silvia, than they would on a thinner, more androgynously "toned" model. (Her arms are like those of a marble sculpture - truly beautiful.)

Bravo to this company for some terrific photography.
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