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Default Kailee: Costume fantasy

Rubie's scored an extraordinary casting coup this year by enlisting the services of both Kelsey Olson and Kailee O'Sullivan--two of the most beautiful and popular models that the industry has ever known. Kelsey obtained the lion's share of interesting looks in this promotion, but Kailee appears in a number of fascinating costumes as well.

We have already discussed Miss O'Sullivan's most alluring outfit in our recent thread about the Noble Savage, so here is the rest of Kailee's work for Rubie's (or at least, as much of it as we have been able to unearth).

First up is a remarkably sensual pirate's costume. Here, Kailee adopts the rapacious expression that she employed in her jungle outfit--a carnal glance that plays off against her soft, delicate features, creating an extraordinary mixture of effects. The wide-open neckline of the blouse exposes a dizzying expanse of her person, making her seem bewitchingly vulnerable, even as her stance is self-assured. The sheer fabric of the blouse leaves visible the model's limbs, achieving the enticing see-through effect of Classical drapery, as exhibited in the paintings of John William Godward. The asymmetrical skirt reveals a tantalizing glimpse of her legs.

Click to enlarge

If only the Pirates of the Carribean films had featured a curvaceous buccaneeress such as this, instead of the skeletal Keira Knightly . . .

The supposedly seductive appeal of a French Maid outfit was never comprehensible to us until we discovered this exciting picture of Kailee so attired. It's all in how she presents it--so playful, yet, at the same time, with a dominating look in her eyes, communicating a sense that she is in full control of the situation (and knows it). The hairstyle is utterly enchanting, and highly appropriate for young Miss O'Sullivan--a ringleted, 19th-century, doll-like style. The white, lacy gloves that she wears increase her allure still further.

Click to enlarge

So fragile, yet so robust--Kailee successfully blends usually irreconcilable aesthetic qualities, creating a heady mixture indeed.

Fans have long wondered what Kailee would look like as a brunette, and the result is extraordinarily gorgeous, particularly because of her very fair complexion. The fact that Kailee is so buxom is what makes this outfit so attractive, and her stance emphasizes her luscious curves. (Plus-size models should always avoid the hunched-over pose favoured by straight-size models, whereby the chest is caved in, and instead adopt the flaunting pose that Kailee presents here.) The coy glimpse of leg is a seductive touch.

Click to enlarge

Notice Kailee's captivating expression. Despite the dark, passionate lipstick and the dramatic eyeshadow, Kailee's face looks almost babylike. Again, the blend of effects is intriguing--the racy outfit and the seductive stance, mixed with the soft, doll-like facial features and vulnerable, wide-eyed expression. Kailee is one of the most accomplished models in terms of technique, and she deploys her unique looks in a highly effective manner.

Click to enlarge

If the 1940s were history's worst decade politically (in that they witnessed the eradication of the Old World), the 1960s were history's worst decade culturally, due to their corrosive artistic and social influence. Nevertheless, much as one deplores the values of the time, one has to acknowledge Kailee's beauty in showing off these '60s fashions. This black top provides a generous display of her gorgeous decolletage, and the slit sleeves are an exciting way to show off a plus-size model's shapely arms.

Click to enlarge

In past images, Miss O'Sullivan's limbs have appeared regrettably thin for a plus-size model. However, in this picture, the abbreviated dress shows off a pair of legs that is softer and rounder, and therefore more attractive, than what Kailee has hitherto displayed.

Click to enlarge

A closer view also shows a trace of the most sensual of all facial features, a soft curve under the chin.

Click to enlarge

And now for something completely different . . .

It's remarkable how many male admirers of plus-size beauty are also aficionados of Star Wars, particularly of the original trilogy. Those fans will find their disparate interests converging in an unexpected manner when they see Kailee dressed in the garb of a George Lucas character:

Click to enlarge

No one could actually mistake the model for a Jedi knight. Her face is round and feminine, her waist is full, and her buxom curves are visible even through the costume's cloak. However, it is highly appropriate that Kailee has donned the garb of a Jedi rather than that of a Lord of the Sith. With their ferocity and aggressiveness, the Sith are quintessentially masculine beings, whereas the gentle, peaceful philosophy of the Jedi lends itself to femininity. Also, this outfit presents the model with a wonderful opportunity to accessorize, as her blue light sabre matches her eyes.

Click to enlarge

Also, fans may appreciate the special box in which this costume arrives, which looks for all the world like the packaging of a Kailee O'Sullivan action figure.

Click to enlarge

And finally, for a complete change of pace, here is Miss O'Sullivan in a clown outfit. When presenting such an outlandish costume, a model has no choice but to simply go for it, and Kailee certainly does.

Click to enlarge

Kailee offers her biggest, most girlish grin, and "smiles with her eyes." On any other model, this outfit would look comical, but Kailee somehow manages to make it look charming, even adorable--which is a testament to her talent.

Click to enlarge

* * *

Rubie's deserves a round of applause for its brilliant casting, and for selecting such exciting costumes for both Kelsey and Kailee. The models themselves exceeded their usual high standards, and created pure fantasy with their images--even without the benefit of romantic locations or settings. These outfits may not qualify as practical wardrobe, but, as with Torrid's costumes, they offer numerous styling ideas that could be incorporated into wearable fashion, as well as countless themes for potential plus-size photoshoots.

(Thanks once again to Cameron "Cammie" K. for discovering this exciting campaign. Without such alerts from our helpful readers, we would miss 90% of the images created by our favourite models.)

- Rubie's Costumes: sources

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