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Default Whitney returns to ANTM

Although Whitney Thompson's CoverGirl commercials only air once per week, the CW network offers several repeat broadcasts of each ANTM episode. Last week, this was a stroke of good fortune for Whitney's Canadian fans, for even though the initial broadcast of America's Next Top Model was plagued by technical difficulties, fans could tune in to one of the repeats to catch ANTM and see Whitney make a special guest appearance.

Whitney's scene began as a surprise for the current contestants, as they made their way to an upscale home in Bel-Air, only to find Jay Manuel sitting poolside, across from a distinctly feminine companion.

(It is always a pleasure to see plus-size models lounging indolently, in a sensual manner.)

Next, Whitney revealed herself to the girls, prompting enthusiastic cheers from all. Her golden hair shone in the sun, and her hairstyle was full and bouncy and feminine--entirely in keeping with her character.

The cameraman made a point of panning down to show the daring cut of her dress, which exhibited her buxom charms most effectively. The ruching of the fabric gave the dress a Greek-goddess quality, and the coral colour was very becoming on Whitney.

Part of the treat of watching a Whitney TV appearance is hearing her soft, girlish voice--one of the most charming voices of any woman who has ever appeared on television. She informed the contestants of the nature of their latest challenge--filming a CoverGirl commecial--and dramatically widened her eyes as she named the products that they would be promoting, and how they would accentuate the wearers' "big, bold" lashes.

In an especially charming moment, Whitney professed embarrassment as Mr. Manuel noted some of the difficulties that past contestants (Miss Thompson included) had with remembering their lines for their commercials.

But truth be told, it was immediately obvious to everyone that, try as they might, this season's contestants could never hope to equal Whitney as a CoverGirl spokesmodel, either in beauty or in delivery. Between her soft voice, her ease in front of the camera, and her curvy figure, she is the best model that the cosmetics company has ever had.

This particular still shows off what industry buffs might call Whitney's "all-American beauty," with her golden hair and round facial features. Actually, this is the ideally gorgeous look of a model of Northern European heritage.

A wider angle offered viewers a chance to form a better impression of Whitney's gorgeous dress--so flattering on a full figure.

And notice how delightfully girlish Whitney looked as the commercial's director was introduced, with her hands clasped in a childlike manner,

and the with the wind catching her dress and giving it movement.

As the cameras moved inside the house, viewers were treated to a seductive profile shot of Whitney.

As you watch the video clip, notice how the make-up artist initially ignores the contestant in the chair (who can blame him?) and instead compliments Whitney on her hairstyle--prompting a delightful moment of vanity on Miss Thompson's part, as she plays with her hair while gazing at herself in a nearby mirror.

The camera next follows Whitney as she introduces herself to another one of the contestants.

One of the girl's statements catches Whitney by surprise, providing the opportunity for a gorgeous close-up of Miss Thompson, and an ample display of her buxom curves.

Whitney's final moment in the episode is a cleverly-composed shot showing her in the centre of the frame, with her reflection appearing in the mirror to the left. Although Whitney is not as full as one might wish a plus-size model to be, her dress does reveal that her arms exhibit a lovely trace of shape.

Seeing Whitney on ANTM brought back a host of memories from Cycle 10--the cycle that she won--and injected some much-needed excitement into what has otherwise been a deadly dull season of the show, without even a single plus-size contestant. It reminded viewers just how good Cycle 10 actually was, in that, from start to finish, it was "The Whitney Show"--a series in which Miss Thompson was the undisputed star, dominating every episode, and even providing the majority of the narration.

Without Whitney, ANTM is a much poorer program, and the show definitely lucked out in finding a gorgeous, charismatic, and talented model to win the title last season.

You can view a complete video of Whitney on last week's episode of ANTM at the link provided below.

- Click here to watch video
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