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Old 2nd November 2008   #1
M. Lopez
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Default Barbara: Reitmans, Winter 2008

After a somewhat lacklustre fall campaign clothing-wise, it's wonderful to see Reitmans create a really gorgeous holiday collection featuring Barbara Brickner.

Barbara looks gorgeous in these pictures, largely because she's wearing her hair very long now. In fact, I think this is the longest hairstyle I've ever seen on her, and she definitely makes the most of it.

I love this photo, in which she's playing with her tresses. It's a very vain pose, which I adore. Not crazy about the slacks, but the sleeveless top is very pretty.

Many of the pictures are admirably size-positive. Here you get a sense of the fullness of the model's midsection.

Barbara looks very buxom here. Great eye-catching fit.

She always looks so comfortable with her full figure. Again, you can see a curvy waist and abdomen. Nice neckline on the top, which has a satin trim. It would be nice to see it without the cardigan.

There are several more photos at the Reitmans site (which I've linked). I'll post one more here - a picture I love because it accentuates the hips. And just look at how loooong Barbara's tresses are. They cascade in such a pretty way, completely transforming her beauty.

I hope she keeps the length for future shoots.

All in all, a great campaign from probably the most longstanding and successful client/model pairing in the industry.
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Old 6th November 2008   #2
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Default Re: Barbara: Reitmans, Winter 2008

The first picture is my favourite, both for wardrobe and for the great pose, but I love the blouse in this image as well. Barbara is quite daring for opening it up this way- she looks classy and sexy. The longer hairstyle looks amazing. Terrific expression too.

She also appeared in a recent online ad from Reitmans:

And many of the pictures can be seen larger in the new weekly e-flyer:
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Old 23rd November 2008   #3
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Default Re: Barbara: Reitmans, Winter 2008

I think Barbara is really enjoying her new romantic hairstyle. She's "working it" in these pictures as never before. These are some of the prettiest photos of Barbara in several seasons.

Reitmans has now added two more images, two new holiday looks. This shot reminds me of Andrea Horblitt. I love how the tresses spill over her shoulder. Very pretty.

This blouse looks gorgeous on a buxom figure like Barbara's, and I like the colour:

Check the links, above, for the whole collection, and to see the new e-fyler.
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Old 29th November 2008   #4
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Default Re: Barbara: Reitmans, Winter 2008

In addition to viewing the current Encore gallery at the Reitmans site, fans of Mrs. Brickner should definitely peruse the online flyer as well. One page includes the first artistic (as opposed to strictly catalogue) photo from Reitmans in several seasons--a return to a motif that was always very popular in Barbara's Encore campaigns, a shot of the model being adored by a GQ-type male admirer.

Barbara looks seductively full and curvaceous in this sleeveless top, and, as other readers have noted, the longer hair significantly augments her allure. The persona that she creates in this image is extremely appealing--a well-fed goddess enjoying the good life to which her beauty entitles her. Long-time admirers of the Encore campaigns will notice that Barbara has traded in her previous GQ for a younger model--as is only right, since her generous self-indulgence has given her perpetual youth, and enables her to enslave the heart of any man she wishes. She looks every bit as seductive here as she did in any of her Mode editorials; possibly more so. The top suggests the decadent proportions of the figure beneath. And notice that the male admirer embraces her tenderly by the waist--perhaps the most sensual physical feature on a lusciously-proportioned goddess.

How encouraging to see a new burst of creativity from Reitmans, whose campaigns are always distinguished by the finest model choices, but reach yet-more-stellar heights when they also incorporate intriguing themes or settings.

Click image to view larger.

Click to enlarge

- Reitmans e-flyer

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Old 14th December 2008   #5
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Default Re: Barbara: Reitmans, Winter 2008

Reitmans also features Barbara's image in rotation on its cover page:

Gorgeous picture for the cover. Reitmans always comes out with an attractive holiday line, and Barbara is the perfect model to show it off.

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