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Old 19th November 2008   #1
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Default Kailee for Simply Be

Kailee is modeling three collections for

I must say, she looks amazing (especially in the Enchanted collection!) and plus, as an added bonus they have videos of Kailee modeling the clothes on a catwalk. She looks positively lovely in motion.
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Old 20th November 2008   #2
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Default Re: Kailee for Simply Be

Oh, WOW. Effy, what an incredible discovery! Thank you.

I am completely blown away by this exciting campaign. Four major clothing lines, each coming with a full-length runway video showing Kailee modelling the fashions.

I have to say, Kailee looks more gorgeous here than ever before. Her luscious beauty is more evident in these thrilling videos than in any still photos.

Effy's link presents three Simply Be collections:


Silent Screen:


And don't miss another new collection for the holiday season, called Best Dressed:

Each one comes with a Kailee video. Click the speaker button while the video plays to engage audio accompanimnt- it enhances the experience.

These are by far the best product videos I've ever seen. No other current model besides Christina Schmidt is as exciting to watch in motion as Kailee is. Fans will swoon when they see all of the fascinating looks, glances, expressions, and movements that she does as she walks.

The videos are also very sensual. Kailee is quite buxom, and for once, the clothing celebrates this aspect of her lovely figure.

Simply Be has outdone itself with this campaign- and what a triumph for Kailee in every way.
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Old 25th November 2008   #3
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Default Re: Kailee for Simply Be

I have never seen videos used as effectively or extensively in a fashion campaign as in this case. Each of the Kailee videos is like a variation on her original Ford promotional video, which was a sparkling masterpiece. She even has the same hair colour here that she did in that clip, and it looks terrific on her.

Four full-length videos, or 32 individual clips. I love all of them, and have viewed them many times, both to see the cothing and to watch all of Kailees fascinating motions and expressions. She does things with her eyes that are so captivating that I cant even begin to describe them. You have to see them - sexy, flirty glances that drive men wild, I bet.

Here are some of my favourites:

Maxi Dress:
I love how it bares the shoulders and arms.

Jersey Poppy Print Dress
Watch the commotion in Kailees figure as she moves. Nice styling touch, the ribbon in her hair.

Silk Dip Dye Dress
A very alluring display of cleavage. Like many of the pieces, this looks like it was made especially for her body.

Jersey Longline Cardigan
I never guessed a cardigan could be so sexy. Its all about how it wraps close to her buxom curves.

Floral Print Kimono Dress
Even her legs look full here, which is not always the case.

Jersey Bell Sleeve Dress
Another amazing item for a voluptuous figure.

Sequin Tiered Dress
Especially deep decolletage.

Those are the best items in terms of how curve-accentuating they are. Many of the other videos show even more alluring expressions and glances, and in some cases, Simply Be lengthens the clips by showing certain sections in slow motion, so that the viewer catches the subtleties of Kailees performances. Simply Be obviously realized just how brilliant a star they have in Kailee, and made the most of it.
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Old 27th November 2008   #4
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kailee for Simply Be

The videos are so enchanting that it's easy to overlook the fact that there are some beautiful still images of Kailee at Simply Be as well.

This Jersey Rose Trim Tunic picture has very dramatic lighting.

She looks quite buxom in this Floral Print Kimono:

Lace always looks pretty on a fairy-tale beauty like Kailee. Such vivid eyes.

This Jersey Bow Dress picture shows off her curvy legs.

But no doubt about it, the videos steal the show.

The ones posted above are the best at revealing her figure, but here are a few that I enjoy for other reasons.

Watch the captivating glance that she throws at the camera when modelling this Trapeze Coat:

Her eyes have a thrillingly self-adoring, "I'm better than you" look in this Sequin Tunic vid:

Watch all of the slow-motion in this Jersey Tunic clip. I'll bet the Simply Be producer fell in love with her.

This Jersey Bow Dress video shows the same item as in the picture above, except that the bow stands out more against the red dress. It's a terrific detail.

This video has a distinctively English touch - Kailee models with a cane!

And this Floral Tea Dress clip is delightful. It's a very feminine piece - I love the sash - and watch how Kailee coyly brushes her hair awy from her face.

What a beautiful campaign, perfectly suited to this oh-so-pretty model.

Thank you, Effy, for discovering it.
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Old 16th December 2008   #5
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Default Re: Kailee for Simply Be

Originally Posted by MelanieW
Jersey Poppy Print Dress
Watch the commotion in Kailees figure as she moves. Nice styling touch, the ribbon in her hair.

Simply Be now has a number of more creative pictures of Kailee in several of these outfits. For example, here's the new picture for the poppy dress:

The most gorgeous of the new pictures is this photo for the Prom Dress. WOW. Kailee looks soooo beautiful here - and she knows it too. When you first see this dress you think "Ohmigod, it's strapess" but no, that's a nude fabric. Still absolutely gorgeous though, and it is sleeveless.

Here's what everybody really wants to see though - the VIDEO for the prom dress:

The product page:

One more new creative photo - "Dress with Macrame Detail," this is called:

And the most important thing - the video:

Product page:

I can't stop watching these Simply Be videos. They're just amazing. Kailee is amazing.
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