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Default Re: Kelsey for Alfred Angelo

Anyone wishing to view Elysium, if only for a few blissful moments, need only peruse the new 2010 bridesmaid catalogue from Alfred Angelo.

This catalogue can be ordered from the link at the foot of this post. However, in a marvellous new development, AA has also published the book online, in a high-resolution format.

The catalogue features two of the bridesmaid images of Kelsey that we shared earlier in this thread. But no scan, however fine, can match the quality of a digital original, which is what the online catalogue provides.

The full-size image displays Miss Olson's fair complexion and golden tresses in perfect clarity. The dark-red gown contrasts richly with the verdant setting, making the model herself seem like a part of the natural world: a red blossom against a green rosebush. The flowers in the background show all of nature in a state of joyful bloom at the sight of the model's beauty--an ideal message to communicate as part of a wedding theme. The image is a masterpiece, and Kelsey has never looked lovelier.

The catalogue also contains a small version of the image showig Kelsey against an ocean backdrop, with the blue heavens soaring above.

Just for good measure, the book also features Kailee O'Sullivan's celebrated bridesmaid image from 2008 (reminding one just how stellar this company's booking policies have been).

We originally discussed this image here, but it too benefits from the digital resolution. You can see the enchanting roundness of Kailee's facial features, including the slight rise of a slope toward the throat. She looks utterly adorable.

Alfred Angelo deserves no end of praise for booking models who are gorgeous and genuinely curvaceous. There is something especially fitting about seeing these fair princesses in elegant dresses, photographed in idyllic locations. Both the attire and the settings better suit their timeless beauty than urban environments and "career" apparel ever could. They remind one of Chloe Agnew in her Celtic Woman gowns--living embodiments of a finer ideal of femininity, from a nobler era.

- View (or order) the Alfred Angelo catalogue

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