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Old 12th January 2009   #1
M. Lopez
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Default Supermodels - Petra, Gemma

Since many of the most popular full-figured goddesses (Shannon Marie, Kate Dillon, Crystal Renn, etc.) began their careers as straight-size girls, it's the dream of every aficionado of timeless beauty to see more supermodels blossom into a shapelier form.

Unfortunately, most of today's "supermodels" have ugly/edgy looks, and while weight gain would definitely improve their appearance, they don't have much potential for beauty, even at a more natural size.

Here are two exceptions. Petra Nemcova (famous for her Pantene commercials) is actually quite pretty, and according to a new article, she has become fuller-figured:

Says the text:

Petra Nemcova's New Curves
09th Dec

Supermodel Petra Nemcova has showed off a new gorgeous curvy figure, ditched dieting and swimwear modelling.

The Czech beauty gained 11lb taking her to 10st and a size 12...

Petra has swapped modelling for charity work, focusing on her children's foundation Happy Hearts Fund. Friends believe this new outlook may have changed her attitude to food.

A friend said: "Her new focus has made her much more relaxed about her diet. Now she is away from the catwalk she eats what she wants and her natural curves are emerging. She couldn't be happier."

I have no doubt that she IS happier. What girl wouldn't be, if she finally allowed herself to really eat, after a lifetime of starving?

Of course, she's still extremely thin, but thankfully not as skeletal as she once was. It's still a long way from plus-size, but it's a step in the right direction.

The other model who has recently blossomed is Gemma Ward, and fortunately, she too is prettier than the standard waif, and could become attractive at a much fuller size.

The following picture was used for one of her Vogue UK covers. She resembles Kelsey Olson, a little:

Well, several paparazzi photos of the model recently appeared in an Australian newspaper. To your eyes and mine, she still looks thin. But to the anorexia-pushing modelling world, this is curvy. Assuming the pictures aren't merely photoshop fabrications, she does at least have a semblance of a waist.

The news stories about this development have been predictably mixed-message (or outright thin-supremacist), but the following quotation from one of the articles deserves to be reprinted:

"[Gemma] knows she did let herself go during the year, but she had fun doing it, just being herself and doing whatever she wanted,'' one friend, who did not want to be named, said.

Note the common thread between the stories - "She couldn't be happier," and "She had fun doing it." If only more women would look past diet-industry propaganda and see that happiness doesn't come from torturing yourself to look sinewy and haggard, but from relaxing and enjoying life (and food).

It would be wonderful if either of these supermodels ditched their starvation regimens permanently and became true plus-size models. They would help fashion transform itself into a much more positive art-form. A long shot, I know - but one can always hope.
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Old 22nd January 2009   #2
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Default What we need to remember as the general public

I am loving these photos. Personally I never thought much of Pani Nemcova (I speak Czech and loved the country) until this latest photo. Looks more like a normal girl to me, and how much nicer and softer and more feminine. And Gemma. WOW.

It's certain the commentary from the press has been negative and thin-supremacist, or these photos wouldn't exist (who would pay for them?). My biggest sadness, as the mother of a now-10-year-old Hungarian princess with just the right amount of healthy all over, is that what we see, as media consumers does not discuss the extreme sacrifice to health and the biological artifice involved. We are all led to believe that [underweight images are] the representation of 'normal', how normal girls and women should naturally look, when we all really know that there is nothing normal or healthy about working out three hours a day.

I preach to my daughter that biology will, in all cases, trump culture (and I'm a humanities major). I only wish more and more MEN would get the message out. We women can debate the subject ad nauseum, but until popular media reflect the attitudes of men biologically inclined towards women, we face an uphill battle.

This is why there is no TV in my house, incidentally.

Next time I see these 'weight-gain' photos, I hope they are even laudatory.
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