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Old 20th January 2009   #1
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Default Lindsey D. at Hips & Curves

Even though plus-size-model aficionados despise corsets of any kind (the most size-negative garment ever developed), we cannot help but post this stunning new picture of Lindsey D. at Hips & Curves.

Lindsey, fans will remember, won great acclaim as one of Torrid's 2008 model-search finalists. She was celebrated for her natural height (5'8), for her luscious size 18/20 figure, and for her fair features.

All of those characteristics contribute to the breathtakingly beauty of this image. Above all, it is the sumptuous fullness of Lindsey's figure that provokes wonder. No other model has better embodied the eponymous "hips" and "curves" of the company name, for Lindsey's figure possesses gorgeous, womanly proportions--soft and attractively untoned. H&C now joins Lane Bryant (with its recent images of the industry's other popular Lindsey, Lindsey G.) in highlighting the beauty of a model's full thighs. And of course, fans vividly remember from Lindsey's Torrid shoot how dramatically buxom she is--a feature that serves her well in this photo.

Equally a factor in Lindsey's beauty is the dazzling fairness of her complexion. The model possesses what Charlotte Bronte dubbed the "plump and pink and flaxen" attributes of the ideal English Rose. Her fair skin is luminous (reminiscent of the complexion of a newborn), and gives her a quality of softness and feminine delicacy that an artificially tanned skin-tone never could.

And whatever one may think of corsets, one feature of this garment is particularly attractive--the pink ribbons and trim, which perfectly complement the model's angelic complexion. Try to imagine Lindsey in a similar pose, but in a swimsuit instead, with identical pink details. Such an image would be heavenly.

If there has ever been a Rubens angel come to life, it is Lindsey. We earnestly hope to see her in more photos at H&C in the future--or at Torrid, or at any other retailer that realizes that a gorgeous, size 18/20 model can be far more effective at showcasing plus-size fashions than a faux-plus girl.

- Click to view image source
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Old 23rd January 2009   #2
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Default Re: Lindsey D. at Hips & Curves

Finally! A plussize model with an actual full figure. Im no fan of corsets (the human body is more beautiful when it shows a natural shape, not a twisted and confined distortion), but bravo to H&C for selecting a genuinely curvy model to showcase its apparel - especially for lingerie, when it is MOST important that plussize models be truly full-figured, not faux plus.

The industry should feature size-18/20 models more often, so long as they discover girls who are attractive as well (as Lindsey is).
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Old 24th January 2009   #3
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Default Re: Lindsey D. at Hips & Curves

In fact, it turns out that there is a fascinating story behind Lindsey's first appearance at Hips & Curves. As the company tells us:

[Lindsey] came in for a go-see and we thought she was so beautiful we ended up using her for the shot, no make-up or anything. She's adorable and sweet.

[When] she came in to meet us we were all struck by how gorgeous she was. We asked her to try something on (the corset) and she looked so gorgeous that we asked her if she would shoot it for the website. She is fantastic.

The "no make-up" comment is especially interesting. This means that her "English rose" complexion is her natural skin tone. It's the perfect look--a fair hue with a natural blush. Nothing could be more attractive.

H&C has now posted another photo of Lindsey from her go-see, this time in casual attire. What a beauty she is. Her figure is very soft and natural--buxom, but with an attractively curvy waist. One might suggest that she adopt a "swoop" hairstyle, la Chloe Agnew, rather than bangs, but that's a minor quibble, as the hair length is magnificent, and she should preserve that at all costs.

Lindsey is an absolute stunner, with one of the most appealing figures of any model today. (The beauty of size-18/20 proportions cannot be denied.) We earnestly wish her future modelling success.
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